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All is quiet until the dogs smell their UPS driver on his way....

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Nice relaxing day enjoying the sun until the dogs smell the UPS driver heading our way and the madness begins. The love between the dogs and their best buddy is beyond words. UPS rocks! Boxers, cute dogs, Toby wants to be in a UPS commercial, love, dogs, cute animal videos, the love of a dog, best friends, dogs rule, best dogs ever! "For licensing/commercial usage, please contact licensing@rumble.com."
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Text Comments (93)
Herbie’s Girl (9 days ago)
My dog HATES the sound of UPS trucks.
Serve Yahawah (14 days ago)
She delivering in chuck taylors she might as well have on 👠 you need comfortable shoes i deliver for Amazon Lmao she got chucks on feet gone look like marshmallow when shift over 😂
Luis Alonzo (30 days ago)
Its all fun and games until the dogs bites you and then you put it down, right there in front of their owners. 😄😄😄
1 fly NY guy (1 month ago)
A happy video for a change..
Robin Saba (2 months ago)
They didn’t smell him stupid!they heard the truck!
Robin Saba (1 month ago)
Sorry!that was a mean thing to write,I can tell you love your dogs and take really good care of them!God Bless you!
Lori Ravelli (1 month ago)
Robin Saba 😕
Jason Crane (2 months ago)
Those dogs are adorable
Faheem A (3 months ago)
What did he deliver
Faheem A (2 months ago)
Haha great , thanks for the reply
Lori Ravelli (2 months ago)
Omaha steaks.... for the dogs😁
Robert Clements (5 months ago)
Bless it all
gary bogolin (6 months ago)
I'm not sure a smell had anything to do with it. Truck was in view and blew the horn before they reacted. I love dogs and they are a lot smarter than people know.
Alex Lao (6 months ago)
(I don’t own a dog) so the dogs think their friends are visiting or something...?
Chris K (11 months ago)
Delightful! Consider filming in landscape mode. Thanks
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 year ago)
I can't believe that moron wearing browns and Coverse All Stars. Millennial idiots at their finest. LOL!
Jana Orlova (1 year ago)
Hi! I’m Jana from ShowHeroes, we love this footage and would like to use it to produce a video. Of course, we will definitely credit you for your work. What do you think? Do get in touch via jana.orlova@showheroes.com and I could go over the details with you there! Best, Jana
SpectorTippy (1 year ago)
Adorable wiggle butt boxers and spoiled to the hilt. They are beautiful and I'll bet they're huggers
Chuck Taylor (1 year ago)
that dog collar looks a bit tight
gary63693 (1 year ago)
This seems strange. This sort of behaviour is not normal for UPS. Normally, they throw your parcels around. This is fake news and been reported. Thank you
Kevybear (1 year ago)
Ye say fuck you fedex
Ignez Maciel (1 year ago)
So nice ❤️
Rhaspun (1 year ago)
The dogs recognize vehicle sounds. The dogs I’ve had over years always knew i was coming home once i got within a block of the house.
June (2 years ago)
My dog used to follow the mailman. He would escort him all over town and when the mailman would finish he would tell my dog to go home and he would run straight home.
صقر العرب (1 year ago)
June Really
Patshhi4 (1 year ago)
June, that is great! He kept the mailman company.
Aga Plawska (2 years ago)
Zadne psy nie moga byc na lancuchu to jest karalne nie wiecie o tym bede mosiala to zglosic.
Anthony Condegni (2 years ago)
I used to like the dogs on my route til I was viciously mauled by some flea bitten mongrel that was supposed to lick me to death instead I was given 7 stitches and PTSD...now 3 yrs later I have to attend therapy every Saturday and im not sure if I can ever be the same..:-(
AmericanPride1234 (2 years ago)
Boy, the male boxer sure has ridgeback look. 11-21-17
Carolyn Mihelcic (2 years ago)
Such good Baby's...
Donnell Martin (2 years ago)
My ex brother n law is a ups driver. When he started he always carried dog bones with him. It took me a minute to understand why, he laughed at me and said it's to keep the dogs busy so he could get to the front door. Ok, I felt really stupid cause I didn't think of this, I was a paper girl back in the day, dodged my fair share of dogs!!!!
remembering jazziedog (2 years ago)
oh i love Boxers I've got two myself nice of your UPS people to give them treats
Hon Ney (2 years ago)
The mailman on our neighborhood did this and he was torn to pieces
Rinzlers Revenge (2 years ago)
Dog treats are a sure fire way to make some permanent 4 legged friends when your job requires you to set foot on people's property!
PantsofVance (1 year ago)
Heh, sure they wouldn't
SpectorTippy (1 year ago)
PantsofVance. A person with a dog could trace a dog's poisoning back to the delivery person. Those employees aren't going to jeopardize their jobs by doing something that stupid.
PantsofVance (1 year ago)
SpectorTippy that has nothing to do with feeding a person's dog
SpectorTippy (1 year ago)
PantsofVance. If you are a postal employee, FedEx driver or UPS driver, you have permission to step foot on a person's property.
PantsofVance (1 year ago)
No way I would do that without explicit permission. People would probably think you are trying to poison them or some shit.
Meela234 (2 years ago)
They are on a leash because they have responsible owners! Some of ya'll act like they are bound and gagged.
John L (2 years ago)
That's funny.
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Thanks for the positive comments about my dogs being "tethered" outside...my dogs are only outside with us and enjoy every second of it. They can not be out without a leash because we lived on a giant property with no fence that was situated between 2 very busy streets. Besides the wildlife that came thru the yard as well as the cars zipping up the street the dogs had to be tied up for their safety. They are laying on dog beds in the yard and we are right there with them...if you have stupid comments about the dogs being tied up...keep them to yourself! My dogs live a great life and are spoiled beyond belief!
Faheem A (3 months ago)
What was that he delivered
M. S. (5 months ago)
The world is full of haters. If you take care of your dogs & watch them .. then ignore the haters. Your dogs look like they are well taken care of and are happy. What more could you want out of life.
SpectorTippy (1 year ago)
Lori Ravelli. It's obvious that you love your pup's. You protect their lives and that can never be abuse. Good mom!
Scooby Doo (2 years ago)
Great looking dogs. And that UPS Driver is Roger. I have known him for years. Great guy.
The Tip (2 years ago)
Smart to have treats.
Random Acts of Video (2 years ago)
I think they probably heard the UPS truck first.
Stuart Brooks (2 years ago)
Boodieman72, Yep. They know the sound of the truck. You can see dogs do that all the time when they hear their mom's or dad's car coming down the street long before they get to the house.
ROTAXD (2 years ago)
Sombody got an insulin delivery.
Medicinal Mcgillicuddy (2 years ago)
awesome folks
Darin- USMC B- 85-93 (2 years ago)
My local ups driver started giving the dogs treats about a year or so ago , I had noticed the dogs were very happy to see him, my daschunds would actually jump up in the truck before he was getting out, to greet him. Smart to carry snacks for dogs , dogs associate them as friends as opposed to a foes.
Serve Yahawah (14 days ago)
So i need to bargain to not get bite to do my job ok where is the reimbursement program
723lion (2 years ago)
what a loving family and neighborhood. a neighborhood without fence, thats something u dont seee everyday
CaptainUSA (2 years ago)
No I see that everyday coz my house and neighbors are without fence.
J is Scoobysmom (2 years ago)
Dogs just "know" dog people, I've had dogs in crowds, on leashes, look panicked & then run towards me, because I'm looking at them & not the people 😉 they KNOW who's gonna open their arms for loving leaps & kisses
Pete Smith (2 years ago)
Why are your dogs tied up??????????
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
I know right! I love my dog but when she is outside, she is on a long leash I don't trust my dog running around outside with no leash
ROTAXD (2 years ago)
Pete Smith why do you retards keep asking why the dogs are tied up ? It's called a leash law.
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Pete Smith because we do not have a fenced yard...the dogs like to run and play without going into the street and get hit by a car. They are not out tied up by themselves and they are outside with us right next to them. Stop judging!
Mara Lee (2 years ago)
I want to know why are you tethering your dog? and why hasn't someone reported that to Animal control? if he runs off when the UPS truck pulls up maybe you should keep him inside or in the back yard. My friends dog broke her neck when she was tethered and ran off after deer. That's why I ask.
madi (2 years ago)
would you rather her dogs run out onto the street and get hit by a car? lmfao
Patty Lanenga (2 years ago)
Mara Tirado Many states have rules about tethering a dog. In the video, the dog is being cared for by diligent owners that did not want to see anything happen to their dog. They are not breaking any rules laid out by law enforcement regarding tethering a dog. Instead of making ridiculous comments about something you know absolutely nothing about why don't you look up the laws by each state and you will see that this woman is not breaking any of them. If your friends dog died from breaking it's neck it sounds to me that your friend was probably breaking the law in the way they tethered their own dog.
Stutter of the House (2 years ago)
You need to learn the definition of tethering. These dog's aren't tied up to ANYTHING but their owners hands. You can't have dog's running loose regardless, there is a leash law. And the law states it goes for cats as well.
Finn Blu (2 years ago)
Mara Tirado dr...doom
Mara Lee (2 years ago)
ROTAXD a LEASH is not a tether. Apple's vs. Oranges...genius
Premium WHITEcracker (2 years ago)
Boxers are the best dogs ever. I have had the blessing of sire "Bird"-14yrs, bitch "Brittany"-9yrs, and their daughter from a second litter i had to keep because her markings were identical to her dads, "Birdie"-11.5yrs. I bred Birdie with a buddies Bull Mastiff and she had 7 males and 4 females on one litter. My son kept one that amazingly had his mother's and g-paw's markings. My folks kept two, "Cochise and Cherokee", and my brother kept the biggest pup named Calija 144lb. gentle giant. ALL were remarkable with children and too smart for their own paws at times. Thank you for sharing these two gorgeous examples of the breed. Watching their posture and personalities brought me back in time.
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Premium WHITEcracker ...my newest boxer is a mix with a cane corso mastiff...she looks like a boxer with a squarer head like a mastiff. Great great dog!! Boxers rule!!❤️🐾
Christin S. (2 years ago)
Ha! You can tell the true dog lovers doing a profession like this when they have dog treats in their pockets, and teaches the second person. "This is how you really greet dogs." I love it! 😍
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Our amazing UPS driver never came to our house without treats for the dogs... they have an amazing bond! The pups and our driver Roger!!❤️🐾❤️🐾
Shaun Duffy (2 years ago)
they ordered a pallet of milk bones on their owners credit card & they're waiting to rush the truck!!
SpectorTippy (5 months ago)
@Ian Mangham. You have made very strange statements. I give money to my UPS driver so he doesn't have to bear the cost of giving treats to my small community of dogs. They love to hear the UPS trucks approach and then they run out to greet the treat giver. As I mentioned earlier, it's good for the socialization of the dogs as well.
SpectorTippy (5 months ago)
@Ian Mangham. People should bear some of the responsibility in the expense other animals pleasure.
SpectorTippy (1 year ago)
Shaun Duffy. Actually, if my dogs were given treats from people who frequently deliver mail and packages, I would give them some money to help out their costs. It gives the dogs a real pleasure and it's good socialization.
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Check out the other videos I posted....my dogs love love love their buddy! He looks for the truck all day long! If it has been a while since I received a package he would stop by just to visit his buddies and bring them treats! The best UPS driver ever!!!
Unita Kashyap (2 years ago)
Lori Ravelli awww dear that's beautiful
Kathleen Tyson (2 years ago)
My sons tiny little dog HATES the UPS truck and he doesn't know why,we were on the phone once while he and the dog were in the front yard and the UPS driver drove up,the dog went NUTS!!!! This was such a cute post ..thanx.
Rox Ales (2 years ago)
Good boys!
Maryjane Green (2 years ago)
My pittie knows when the mail truck is on the street. He waits at the window. Some get barked at, some don't, even though he's not allowed to bark at delivery people. All else is fair game.
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
He smells his favorite ups driver from blocks away....it was like that everyday!
User Truck (2 years ago)
He probably heard the engine. They know different engine sounds
Mondo1Bongo (1 month ago)
Their smell is stronger than anything, my poodle could smell the veterinarian’s office half way there, and start Trembling!! and kissing me, like mommy please... mommy please! 😞
Wes Hopkins (7 months ago)
my two know ups from usps fedx hounds you know
Ganu Rocks (1 year ago)
Ali Bomaye yea they definitely know the sound of our trucks ..the danger comes when they don’t immediately hear us & the driver thinks there’s no dog outside
BIGHEAD2155 YT ツ (2 years ago)
Asneh Singh (2 years ago)
people r so nice
Lori Ravelli (2 years ago)
Sure...what does that entail?
Caters Clips (2 years ago)
Hi, my name is Katy and I am a reporter for international press agency Caters News (www.catersnews.com). I would like to talk to you about doing a story on this video so if you could get back to on katygill@catersnews.com that would be great. Thank you