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Selena Gomez Debuts NEW Look At NYFW & Explains Why She's Been So MIA

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews SelGo hits up New York Fashion Week and debuts a brand new look! - Spoiler alert – Selena looked absolutely gorg showing off a new hair style while sitting front row at the Coach show. Selena who hasn’t been spotted at an event since December when she was showing off that cute blonde do, showed up to Coach’s runway presentation sporting long natural locks and some super cute bangs. Very natural looking, if you ask me and I love it! After the show wrapped, Sel headed back stage and hopped on her IG stories to give fans a glimpse into the backstage area at the Coach show, but she really used that moment to share a special message with her followers: 'Just know that the lack of absence of social media is not a lack of my love. I'm working on a bunch of stuff, and I will love of you guys so soon I promise.' I love her so much. She also teased some fun stuff she has in the works with Coach saying 'Also, last thing. I might get in some trouble for saying this, but I'm doing some really, really cool stuff with Coach that, uh, that's coming!' SO exciting! And we’re so glad that megastar is doing so well after reportedly entering a 2-week treatment program in New York for anxiety and depression for which I say good for her! I love that she’s such a great example of self-care. So guys, weigh in and share your love for Selena Gomez’s new look – you can do that down in the comments section and then click here to get the latest deets on Jelena – who FYI looked like they had the best staycation ever in Laguna recently! Thanks for hanging guys and happy Valentines Day! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis I”ll catch you later! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/JoslynDavis
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Text Comments (174)
Debi B (18 hours ago)
Love Selena's beautiful brown hair!!
Kashish (1 day ago)
I loved her blond hair. I wish she stuck with it. Reminds me of her old song.
Lil' J (1 day ago)
Kashish yah she should of did at least one mv with the blonde hair
Marisa Mendoza (3 days ago)
Selena quintanilla hair look
Shreya Chandra (4 days ago)
Jealous people are hating. Duh😏
Haяuкa™ (5 days ago)
omg!! It's just like the old Disney style!!
Chason Wright (5 days ago)
I really miss talking back to her and Justin and not even just the music, what happened to season 2?
Chason Wright (5 days ago)
What’s Selena doing now?
Maria Hansen (5 days ago)
she looks stupid with  bangs...
Monica Garza (5 days ago)
Subribe me please everybody:)
리라 (5 days ago)
Brie The Princess (5 days ago)
Her weave looks terrible lol but she's still cute
TheLABound123 (5 days ago)
Bye wig
Mary O'brien (5 days ago)
What does MIA mean?
Laurennn (5 days ago)
Just me getting Alex Russo vibes? 😍❤️
Ian Campbell (5 days ago)
She looks better as a blonde!
Rupa Limbu (5 days ago)
Sumaima Syeda (5 days ago)
She looks so pretty .
Jay Parmar (5 days ago)
Looks like camila's hairstyle.
chi sanday (5 days ago)
Long natural weave lets not fuck with people now
deniz kazanann (6 days ago)
No one cares and if she thinks that her new look will make me like her again after working with a rapist..nope
Mor Tor (6 days ago)
Omg she is so pretty and cute 😍😍
lilly rinn (6 days ago)
i love her
Jeril Joseph (6 days ago)
Selena Gomez can basically rock any hairstyle. My queen!!!
Alex Matias (6 days ago)
Love her beauty and personality
Vinay Kumar (6 days ago)
She looks gorgeous.
Clay Brice (6 days ago)
Selena has got a good look.
Fan Trailers (6 days ago)
She transforms from SSJ to SSJGSG.
Mashya Mumin (6 days ago)
She looks gorgeous as always,but why the heck are people hating on her??
Noyonika Patel (6 days ago)
How did her hair grow so fast.... 😤
Noyonika Patel (5 days ago)
Mandy R they shouldn't have said 'long natural hair' 😂
Mandy R (5 days ago)
Noyonika Patel it’s called extensions lol
Jeane Liebenberg (6 days ago)
Selena ❤
Vellssy Ingki (6 days ago)
She looks beautiful and cute
Jennifer Bello (6 days ago)
She looks like debby ryan
Maya Wandell (6 days ago)
She's so beautiful<3 And stay healthy Selena, physically and mentally<3
MonochromeThunder (6 days ago)
babyaloud (6 days ago)
it’s hair extensions lol
Lil' J (1 day ago)
babyaloud weave *
RIRI RIRI (6 days ago)
I miss her black hair but Selena slays everything. I heart her sooo much!
Slash ASMR (6 days ago)
Those bangs ain’t flattering ... she ain’t 12😂
Piinkstar17 (6 days ago)
"lack of absence" um girl what?!
Sky (3 days ago)
Wbk she’s illiterate.
Azza Mustafa (5 days ago)
Piinkstar17 Haha omg you're right I didn't notice that
Piinkstar17 (5 days ago)
my point was that sentence is not grammatically correct lol. You cant have a lack of absence. Absence implies lack. it's redundant/double negative. the way she worded it implies she's been present lol
Azza Mustafa (5 days ago)
Piinkstar17 she hasnt been active on insta and stuff
Gustavo Lol (6 days ago)
Poppy was there :)
Tori C (6 days ago)
God i love her its not even funny ughhhh
Megan Izzy (6 days ago)
It’s not a new look she’s worn bangs before and it’s a wig
Hemraj Parris (6 days ago)
She looks so cute in her bangs
Chantia Lewis (6 days ago)
She looks like Alex Russo !!
Violette Ray (6 days ago)
Clip in fringe
Coreyn Marie (6 days ago)
Omg thank goodness the blonde is gone
Random Disney (6 days ago)
I am so glad Selena is coming back into the spot light!! I missed her i can't handle another month without a catchy toon from her!
Anthoney Ferrell (6 days ago)
Giving me Alex Russo vibes :) Wizards Reboot????
RyanTurner (6 days ago)
"Im sorry the old Selena is coming to the phone rn"
Leanie Borgi (6 days ago)
Totalhoser (6 days ago)
Fake bangs tho
Music&Fun (6 days ago)
she looks more prettier like this
Butdidyoudiethough (6 days ago)
Thank god , I didn’t really like the blonde
Patricia M. (6 days ago)
preferred the short blonde much more
Amelia Holland (6 days ago)
She beautiful as always
Sandra Wind (6 days ago)
So cute as always ❤️❤️
asad ali (6 days ago)
Can anyone remind me why she is famous?
Sky (3 days ago)
Posting photos on Intagram.
michael jarnagin (5 days ago)
Because she’s an actress, singer, and model....
Maya Wandell (6 days ago)
Bc everyone made her famous duh. She won't be famous if people just stop talking about her.
BeautifuLinsanity (6 days ago)
asad ali Because she's pretty
Jon De Iconuc (6 days ago)
Ugh.. Enough is enough stop and leave her alone why she is so this and that. Let her be because she has the freedom.
Twunk (6 days ago)
Is she actively trying to fuck her hair up?
Lauren Caverly (6 days ago)
She’s so cute 😍😍😍 How can you not love her ❤️❤️
Ryusk Key (6 days ago)
I just want her album :v
Harut Hovhannisyan (6 days ago)
She looks like Camila or?😳
Sky (6 days ago)
“Lack of absence” Is she illiterate...
Gypsy Ellla (3 days ago)
oh sorry i was just talking to the person who replied to u ^^
Sky (4 days ago)
Gypsy Ellla What?
Gypsy Ellla (4 days ago)
He was talking about the host not Selena, you dont say "lack of absence it doesnt mean anything
Sky (6 days ago)
End Game So I’m guessing you are too? Lack of absence literally means always being there, which is the polar opposite of what she and you meant...
Barbara Cassady (6 days ago)
She looks GREAT!!!
Tifani (6 days ago)
this is not a new look she's worn bangs before. WHY IS THIS NEWS?
jalen tyler (6 days ago)
She'll be mine, no matter what hair style she has
Sparkle 16aj (6 days ago)
Damn she looks like a teenager
Beth T (6 days ago)
'Long natural locks' She had shoulder length hair only 2 months ago, that hair deffo ent natural.
Beth T (6 days ago)
Lol how was I being a drama queen? My comment was in regards to the fact that the presenter referred to them as natural, nothing against Selena. And the term Locks can be used in reference to natural hair aswell, it isn't a term only ever used for fake hair.
Jenycia Love (6 days ago)
Beth T do you not know what locks are she’s saying that the locks look natural
End Game (6 days ago)
Beth T it isn't she even said on one her Instagram stories, "look at my weave". Also even if it isn't, stop being such a drama queen about it.
Horicert (6 days ago)
She needs to go to rehab for a lot longer than two weeks. Total mess.
Gaswanni (5 days ago)
Horicert I guess you need to go to rehav
Seher park (6 days ago)
Paula Abelenda (6 days ago)
Horicert She is glowing, looking fresh and happy. I think she is fine.
Chi (6 days ago)
Just tell me when SG2 drops and when 13RW season 2 drops
Tanu Chaudhary (6 days ago)
She says soon but her soon means fucking 10 years.🤦🏻‍♀️
Fahimah Ghazali (6 days ago)
So the wig is ugly but she cute tho
Cerys Williams (6 days ago)
SuperChiko4000 (6 days ago)
This is amazing
Alma Mrkovic (6 days ago)
lol why people hate on her so much?there is so much worser celebs than her,n y'all just don't care and you bring women down?like thats fucked up,i'm not a big fan of hers but she seems so sweet n honestly her song aren't that bad at all
idunno (4 days ago)
Alma Mrkovic Worser?
Blue Jaguar (5 days ago)
Feminist alert 🚨
Laurennn (5 days ago)
Gigi K (5 days ago)
Alma Mrkovic AGREE
Ryan Carmicle (6 days ago)
Damn Selena a millionaire can’t they get her a better wig 😅
SG2 IS COMING (5 days ago)
The bangs are on her real hair. She's wearing extensions.
Saxon (5 days ago)
Ikr dont wanna be negative but dayum she needs a new hair stylist. Selena suits the color/length/ a fringe.. but nothing can cover the fact someone slapped a terrible wig or some clip on fringe and probably got paid more than i do in a month...
Khanyisa Biko (6 days ago)
Fingers Crossed Over obviously a wig though
Fingers Crossed Over (6 days ago)
Ryan Carmicle they said “natural locks”
Don't hate on me ......but she is kind of overrated!!?
Lil' J (1 day ago)
Nathan Dauk ohhhh I see you
Nathan Dauk (5 days ago)
KittyKat Kid You can’t really talk lmao Camila is one of the most overrated artists out there. Havana is literally just a rip off of Same Old Love and it’s her only hit. Don’t get brave
BeautifuLinsanity (6 days ago)
No she is immensely overrated, the only thing she's sorta good at is acting.
asad ali (6 days ago)
Sky (6 days ago)
Literally. The only people that would hate you for saying the truth are delusional Selenatoes that actually believe Selena can sing or has any music talent... We should pray for them 😂
Willie Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Oh Yeah!
Tanisha Hillary Bedroom Music (6 days ago)
Shes so cute with bangs
Daisy G. (6 days ago)
Not saying it's bad, I just liked her hair before
Dania Said (6 days ago)
Its a wig she is wearing for coach but she has short hair now
KittyKat Kid (6 days ago)
Looking like a whole ass mess
Lil' J (1 day ago)
Selenator Forever hiii
Jeane Liebenberg (6 days ago)
Dania Said lmao,and Camila is overrated😂
Annie H. (6 days ago)
Alma Mrkovic thank you, we needed that 👏🏼
Seher park (6 days ago)
I mean ain't saying camila is good looking and looks like a rat but oh wel
Selenator Forever (6 days ago)
KittyKat Kid oh like you? You mean
KittyKat Kid (6 days ago)
That *weave* *tho* 😳💀
KittyKat Kid (6 days ago)
She looks... *different* surgery maybe?
amanda (5 days ago)
Shalini RB who cares a lot of people use anime as a pic it doesn't matter but why be ugly to someone sharing an opinion?
DS EDITS (5 days ago)
KittyKat Kid there’s a difference between a weave and surgery lmao
Peace (6 days ago)
amanda yesss she or whoever that is look like a clone. Stiff and synthetic looking in the face.
Piink (6 days ago)
You deadass commented on this like 10 times and you hate her but clicked on the video you're obsessed 😂
Rihannadiva diva (6 days ago)
Nah, she’s just aging badly sis 😂😂💀
Eva Enriquez (6 days ago)
Horrible bangs on that wig
Audrey The Ausllyologist (6 days ago)
Selena Gomez legit looks like Selena Quintanilla with her new hairstyle
Seher park (6 days ago)
Audrey The Ausllyologist (6 days ago)
I won't
Dania Said (6 days ago)
Audrey The Ausllyologist that dude is a hater don't bother her girl❤️
Audrey The Ausllyologist (6 days ago)
I'm not. I mean it in a positive conotation. I love Selena Q just as much as Selena G. K? K :)
KittyKat Kid (6 days ago)
Audrey The Ausllyologist eww no don't disrespect Selena Q like that
Joanna Smolec (6 days ago)
Here early
мíυ ìяυмα (6 days ago)
Album making 👀
sosmartitskippedcollegephone e (6 days ago)
I thought the picture is fake
Justiп Biebeг (6 days ago)
♥♥Selena Gomez♥♥
AASMR (6 days ago)
Zahirah Vineyard (6 days ago)
Wait I just realize something did her album came out yet??
NoName (5 days ago)
MatthewIsHere me too
MatthewIsHere (6 days ago)
I wish it did
Zahirah Vineyard (6 days ago)
Jasmine Dominguez oh ok, thanks
Jasmine Dominguez (6 days ago)
Zahirah Vineyard no it hasn’t
bbyjc (6 days ago)
love her
Jesus Christ (6 days ago)
will she be able to sing better with justin s jizz stuck in her throat
Taurus Brit (6 days ago)
She looks so cute! 😍
DEAN'sWife (6 days ago)
Those bangs though 🤐
Looming Magic 123 (6 days ago)
Tyrangelo (6 days ago)
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