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How Voice Picking Slashes Warehouse Costs

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BCP's Accord Voice WMS is a fully voice enabled Warehouse Management System, proven to slash total warehouse costs by up to 5% and to provide a pay back in as little as 6 months. Voice technology is available across all of the Accord warehouse management software modules, including Order Picking (Voice Picking), Goods Receiving, Stock taking, Put Away and Picking Face replenishment. Visit for more information and a pay back calculator.
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Text Comments (7)
Joe's Garage (3 years ago)
We use hands free rf scanners currently and will be testing voice picking in October. I was curious about the use and saw this video. pretty stoked about it now.
Y Yosh (3 years ago)
lighting pick , RF guns, voice pick. how well is each of them being used in the world....
Mohammed Sarwar (3 years ago)
Mr. P (3 years ago)
I use this at work, very good system
Remy Martin (4 years ago)
I use this, it works great!
roman chii (7 years ago)
no more prescanning
CkVega (8 years ago)