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US Senate the new target for Russian hackers

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Russian-linked hacking group 'Fancy Bear' now said to be targeting lawmakers after U.S. sanctions were not lifted; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.
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Text Comments (63)
Ric Sta (3 months ago)
Since nothing makes sense anymore, here is my attempt at putting it all together by "copying & pasting" my previous comments to a variety of related topics: REALISTIC perspective is that Donald J Trump is not, nor ever was or shall be a politician. His comments on a variety of issues may undoubtedly be perceived by many as harsh and uncompromising. (re.dump trump) PSYCHOLOGICAL perspective may imply that name calling & bullying are typical traits of one's own misguided attempts at remedying previous inequities. Perhaps Hillary Diane Rodham was projecting her own dissatisfaction with William Jefferson Clinton by vehemently stating that by definition Putin has no soul. Appropriately Putin's reply to such was that a World Leader should be guided by reason of the mind, rather than emotion. (re. russian interference in election) PHILOSOPHICAL perspective may imply that politics itself may be inherently evil as One individual attempts to satisfy the insatiable desires of All. Campaign promises are made to All, yet inevitably Some do not benefit much or at all. Perhaps this paradox may be systemic of our misunderstanding of what it is to be human. I quote the Dalai Lama “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived." (re. right way to do wrong... wrong way to do right... or none of the above). Makes sense now??? Yes, No, Maybe??? The choice is yours to make... as they used to say... the more you know...
Vickie O. (3 months ago)
Well maybe the Senate and Congress should clean those skeletons out themselves BEFORE Russia does.
Leonard Wong (3 months ago)
Who is paying them? ..... Don't assume its Russia. Investigate further. COuld be someone who benefits from a US Russia conflict. Then again..... could be them...but the fact that they are spotted so easily....... you have to wonder..... which lawmakers did they target??
T. H (3 months ago)
All I will say is vault 7.
Carol Ann (3 months ago)
What a load of crap. This is pure BS....Probably funded by Dems and Never Trumpers. FIB has rogue agents and CIA know how to put foreign fingerprints on their dirty work. I believe little from MSM. Even Fox.
The Alternate-News Network (3 months ago)
Doesn't make sense... Seth Rich is the one that downloaded and turned everything over to Wikileaks!
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Just wait, when the Democrats lose the 2018 elections they will blame their on Russia. Democrats are so stupid!
Richard Laub (3 months ago)
There is no Russian problem according to the Republicans and the President. lol
Richard Laub (3 months ago)
No one leads me by the nose. These are my opinions not the media's. Your an idiot. The Russians have been trying to destroy us since WW2. They hate how successful and happy we are. Have you ever been there? It sucks. Media is controlled by the government, goods and food in short supply, mafia type gangs control the streets and the night. Not America. Opinions count here. I may not like yours but you are FREE to express it without being put in jail or sent to a reprogramming camp. Of course the Russians hacked us. I do not care about the election results. I'm more concerned that a Russian fucker can get my money, my secrets, take out the National Power Grid, fuck up planes in the sky, or any of a number of things that will fuck up my day and those of my fellow Americans. Some people want to talk about collusion, I'm not one of them because that shit is stopping lawmakers from keeping us safe. Don't be an idiot, read between the lines and see that our country is under attack everyday. If you think that the Russians helped Trump and that's good for America, and they like Republicans, they hate us all and are trying to divide us and idiots are helping that along. We don't need a border wall, Mexico will never attack us. We need better cyber security and to minimize the effects of social media and it's fake news and fake Americans that are really not Americans at all but agents of foreign countries. I know you know that Rupert Murdoch is the main owner of Fox News, do you know the other guy? He's Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and he is co-owner of an Arab (Muslim) cable news outlet in Arab countries. He is also a co-owner of Fox new, sky news and others with Murdoch. This automatically makes me wary of anything Fox news reports and I for one do not trust Muslims whatsoever.
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Richard Laub There is no Russian problem. Russia is going to do anything to us. You had bought into misleading propaganda.
spasev (3 months ago)
Vividly (3 months ago)
Since when is it ok to be racist against Russian people now? Not talking about fox, but in general. It's literally like: oh shit, the hackers Russian! RUSSIA IS TRYING TO FUCK OVER THE US! Sounds very, eerily similar to what you call descrimination and racism. Want me to put it into better perspective? Holy shit, the hackers black! Fucking African people trying to undermine the United States! Doesn't sound too good, does it? And i wonder which idiots on the news constantly do it like its an ok thing? hahaha
Lear King of Albion (3 months ago)
After what Rep. Wasserman-Shultz did with her server and technicians in the House, why is this any worse? It may have been interesting to spend 5 precious minutes looking at the difference between inside job and outside job. Yet, this comparison here is as skipped between the “Mean Bear” or whatever stupid official nickname that makes everything no doubt real and the Seth Rich activities for which he was probably murder. Another comparison of inside job vs. outside job. These stories of hacking are written lite fairy tales, and pieces are missing. “No time for insight, gotta go to commercial!” And then I look out the window, at whatever city I am in...
CQD SOS (3 months ago)
Oh, here we go again! More "Russia done it" bullshit! This is why Washington and the media are so hated. CIA give you a call Bret? More deep state propaganda to peddle? Y'all are full o' shite! More "controlled opposition" Bret. Who wants to bet Bret and Shepard Smith are butt-buddies? "Fancy Bear" is probably Shep's pet name for Bret.
Steve Hashtag (3 months ago)
Im a conservative who used to support conservative values. We have a President who supports Child Molestation...did you all forget that?
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Steve Hashtag Living in a Fantasy land.
Nie-chan (3 months ago)
Steve Hashtag The problem is that these "values" were bent to fit the narrative of the person representing them.
Doctor Fantastic (3 months ago)
FAKE NEWS! Fox is Deep State just like all the other MSM scumbag, STOP FALLING FOR THE SAME LIES OVER AND OVER AGAIN YOU FOOLS.
AlfredoBodega (3 months ago)
Wait a minute -stop legitimizing Democrat B.S. claims. "Russian hacking" of the DNC servers has never been proven. The DNC refused to let the FBI examine their servers despite repeated requests. Several forensic computer experts concluded the volume of information had to be downloaded locally. Refer to H.A. Goodman's mini books on Amazon. Catherine, I'm very disappointed by your lapse in integrity!
Cassidy Preston (3 months ago)
Those darn Ruskis up to it again. Didn't they learn their lesson after the 2016 election?
War N Peace (3 months ago)
What about Debbie wasserman Shultz and the awan brothers
Dmitriy Zakamennykh (3 months ago)
Fake News again... Didn't expect it from Fox News... Sad.
Synnox (3 months ago)
Dmitriy Zakamennykh Just because you disagree doesnt make it fake
Mike R. (3 months ago)
B-b-but I thought Putin was a good guy?
STORMY NATERO (3 months ago)
Russian Homecat (3 months ago)
So if Dems lose they will blame it on Russia. Got it!
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
This is nothing more than a push to go to war with Russia. We've been fooled before to go to war with countries over crap they allegedly did and it later turned out it was a bunch of Bull shit. Remember the fake Golf of Tonkin incident? Remember the fake weapons and Mass destruction in Iraq? America, please don't be fooled again. Putin is not a nice guy and he is not to be trusted. However, he didn't hack into our elections. Say no to increasing tensions with Russia!!
Electric Puha (3 months ago)
When Vault Seven shows US intelligence can ghost attacks from anywhere, feigning attacks and "punishing" Russia with further punitive actions or sanctions is a dog act. There are no limits for the maggots running US intelligence.
nunyobiznez (3 months ago)
Who would have ever thought that the lack of sanctions could give someone an uncontrollable urge to start hacking.
monkeygraborange (3 months ago)
"US Senate the new target for Russian hackers" So fucking what? They won't find anything there, since the goddamned Senate is useless. The most they'll find is their insider trading to make themselves richer.
ScoutFighter #1 (3 months ago)
Well I hope everyone knows where to put the blame! Fucking democrats giving away all our information. Obama was aware of this supposedly but did nothing. Personally I think this is a smoke screen once again
Dread Pirate Lenny (3 months ago)
If any of you watched actual news, you'd know Putin ordered his people to do the same thing they did to us last time, because it worked! Our democracy is under attack, and if you nutjobs won't stop blaming all your problems on "the left" and get serious about this, we may not have a country much longer.
Carol Ann (3 months ago)
Shut up McCain
Ms Rutabaga (3 months ago)
Dread Pirate Lenny you consume too much propaganda. and in case you haven't noticed, we're not a democracy. we're a democratic republic but that's in question. not because of any outside force, but because we are now controlled by a corporatacracy.
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Dread Pirate Lenny Putin didn't hack the DNC. Even if he did how is that an attack on our Democracy? All he did was expose how corrupt the DNC was. I
Home Runner (3 months ago)
Fancy Bear might have the cure for “shithole” countries?
John Henry Reaves (3 months ago)
Maybe Vlad and his Techies can knock out a couple dozen leading Democrats from office ...
daUser666 (3 months ago)
Why not go and fuck yourself?
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Just wait Wikileaks will publish emails making Senate canidates look bad and Russia will be blamed for it.
Lloyd Powell (3 months ago)
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Julian Assange has stated repeatedly that he never received those emails from Russian sources. This is Fake News.
Dark Circles (3 months ago)
Are you freaking kidding?! Why is fox pushing this propaganda?!
Dark Circles (3 months ago)
Ms Rutabaga The boost is due to less regulations. Trump has been working with corporations from the start. Now hopefully the lower taxes will draw more corporations to America, however China set their tax rate to 0% to beat our new lower rate of 20%.
Dark Circles (3 months ago)
Ms Rutabaga No America has been in undeclared wars since 2001. 911 was what gave the government the over reach to skirt around congress and go to war whenever they want. I believe the increase in military spending didn't happen until March 2017.
Ms Rutabaga (3 months ago)
Dark Circles it's definitely part of it. defense stocks are going higher and higher. there's much debate as to how well the real economy is doing. wall street is doing well, main street not so much. and any growth is leveraged and US savings rates are extremely low. and we can thank the stock markets meteoric rise on the central banks who have pushed it into bubble territory.
Dark Circles (3 months ago)
This report about Russia hacking the DNC has been proven false. Assange confirmed Seth Rich as the leak and said it did not come from Russia. The data transfer was to fast to be a hack. The leak came from inside the DNC.
Dark Circles (3 months ago)
Ms Rutabaga You can put your worries to rest because that is not what has boosted the economy at all.
Joel Spring (3 months ago)
Funny thing is it looks like it's Republicans who are apparently being targeted. This is nonsense Russia never hacked the DNC. His own was Seth Rich.
A Hobbit (3 months ago)
Why not, the Iranians have been hacking congress with their own passwords thanks to the democrats, The Ruskies might figure they are missing something.
monkeygraborange (3 months ago)
Thank Debbie Was-Ramen Schultz and the Awan brothers for that!
Namalthus (3 months ago)
we don't need Russia to undermine our Democracy....and why would they do anything...when I look at CNN and media in general...Russia doesn't need to do a thing, they have their popcorn and laughing at the USA . Even if Russia add propaganda, it would be like 1% of what the USA do to themselves Clinton got hacked because she was outside of the government server protection... CIA hacking tools were hacked because they were storing them on a cloud....outside of government server protection... so you can blame other for the mistake of our politician, agent but placing a cherry on a turd doesn't make it a sundae...
fondoftheduh (3 months ago)
what?? you mean the emails taken by Seth Rich?
Cawn Voidgod (3 months ago)
Wiki leaks merely revealed the truth, people are so fucking stupid.
Cawn Voidgod (3 months ago)
fondoftheduh which he gave to Julian assange who was working with US operatives