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Top 5 wendy's Commercials

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PLEASE READ: there are many Wendy commercials i love but think these 5 are really good NOTE: i really wanted the 99 cents crispy chicken nuggets commercial,it was really good but i could,nt find it anywhere but if you do than thank you.
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Text Comments (117)
No More Honor Killings (29 days ago)
Step aside
Tyrantresister (2 months ago)
Good job choosing the 5 worst Wendy's commercials!
ImTheRealCamper (3 months ago)
Wendy's is tripping
Thejmp187 (5 months ago)
Bacon and blue. Omg. I love that damn sandwich so much when i go there i sub out american for the blue cheese crumbles most times since they dont make sandwich currently .
Lisa Simpson (6 months ago)
Ranch tooth! Where is he
ArgentOrangeOK (9 months ago)
Metroid intro. Nice.
6828Lu (10 months ago)
Parts is parts! Swimwear! Where's the beef? Those are the best Wendy's commercials ever.
PlushWorld Meow (1 year ago)
HAWT JUICY BURGAR (I know grammar)
Boom Slang (1 year ago)
haha #1 made me laugh
PeRfEccTeO No No Good Good Succ Succ Zucc Zucc (1 year ago)
Where the hell is their damn defining moment? As number 1?
Evan Jones (1 year ago)
No Parts is Parts? WHERE"S THE BEEF?
gerry (1 year ago)
"The 5 Best" and not one has the cute red head girl in it ? I don't think so!
Patrick Maruniak (1 year ago)
What's funny about this is Double Stacks are way more than 99 cents now. In fact I think they're like double the price now if I'm not mistaken
Anyone _ (1 year ago)
Yeah no way. These commercials aren't half as good as the iconic 'Wheres the beef.' You got this all wrong
djmocha7 (1 year ago)
I was hoping I'd see the "What, you think you're better than me?" one. Not sure if anyone remembers that one
Winduct (1 year ago)
Ahahahahaha, no.1 is beautiful.
evander jose sutama (2 years ago)
R.I.P. Guy who hit the water cooler
Bleached Bleach (2 years ago)
False advertising
Merel K. (2 years ago)
*H O T J U I C Y B U R G E R*
Myster key (2 years ago)
Square beef
Mirella Vega Diaz (2 years ago)
I want wendy to roast me
Brad Sipes (2 years ago)
Nope, these aren't close to "Where's the beef?", "Parts is parts, chicken is chicken", and the Russian thingy.
Rory (2 years ago)
wow i recognize that intro, metroid prime 3 corruption stepping out of your ship
William Brown (2 years ago)
where's the pookie bear ringtone commercial. That song is so catchy!
Marvin Thiessen (3 years ago)
This is a failure. The 2 FUNNIEST Wendy's commercials are the old lady "Where's the Beef"? and the Russian "Day Vear, Evening Vear, & Swim-vear". Look 'em up.
Dolphin Dreamer (8 months ago)
Yeah those are the best. And the iceberg one
turinreza (1 year ago)
no Parts is Parts?
S Harrison (1 year ago)
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Talya Garger (3 years ago)
this commercial needs to come back because its funny right now because of the walking dead
RHETT BELL (3 years ago)
wheres the beef??
MzGumby02 (3 years ago)
The number four was the only burger I would eat as a kid with cheese on it. I remember how the burger had a sweet taste to it, and how the burger was wrapped in foil. My mom would take me to Wendy's are martial arts practice. What a great memory from that commercial. The good ol' bacon classic. :)
Leahcim Caasi (3 years ago)
That guy in the first commercial? His name is Schiff, Thomas, a paranoid schizophrenic, former patient at Arkham and the kind of mind the Joker attracts, what do you expect to learn from him!?
Scott McCloud (3 years ago)
Uh, no. Whar's the beef!
Earthsam Productions (3 years ago)
Wendy's is BETTER than McDonald's... McD's makes me sick, I hope Wendy's doesn't...
DandelionzGacha (8 months ago)
I've never had Wendy's, I'm British.
Erricckk Romero (1 year ago)
Wendy's is gross ass fuck
Earthsam Productions (3 years ago)
Yes. But I sorta like McD's though.
BoredTheQuickscoper - RenGaming (3 years ago)
BoredTheQuickscoper - RenGaming (3 years ago)
Are you mr20thcwnturysaminc?
4jktl (4 years ago)
What about where's the beef from 1984?
Prometheus Spanky (4 years ago)
99 cent double stack? That shit doubled in price in just a few years. Beef is hella expensive now. It won't be long before we're like the Indians and worshipping those motherfucking cows.
esmokebaby (1 year ago)
William Brown i wouldnt trust lab grown meat
esmokebaby (1 year ago)
Where's the value?
Anika (2 years ago)
'we're like the indians and worshipping those motherfucking cows.' Seriously? Aren't you ashamed of yourself of disrespecting the third most followed religion in the world? You want to eat meat, it's up to you. You don't want to eat meat, it's up to you. But don't be idiotic and bash someone's belief and religion. It's disgusting.
William Brown (2 years ago)
@Prometheus Spanky like, calories? Cuz if that is the case, fish should be fine. I have a friend who is a pescatarian...and she's skinny af. But I've been thinking about doing the same thing...for the same reason...but the problem is I don't like most seafood...especially healthy stuff like fish.
Prometheus Spanky (2 years ago)
@William Brown it was for health reasons.
Beast6228 (5 years ago)
These commercials are lame, the ones in the 80's were much funnier and better. 
setokaiba991 (5 years ago)
I miss these kind of commercials. I'd prefer these commercials over the newer one's they currently have.
Disneyland Paris Couple (5 years ago)
omg so asome if i go to america i only want wendy's since they dont have here by me :(
Fitz A (5 years ago)
what happened to the communist fashion show?  or clara peller barely driving with her 2 old friends sliding side to side in the backseat of her car?  these 5 were funny,  but the clara peller ones are classics!   
Dea .D (5 years ago)
The 4th one should have been second
lin2k4 (5 years ago)
That guy kinda looks like Steve Buscemi
Babi Tre (5 years ago)
Wheer's The Beef?
WENDYSsucksdick (5 years ago)
Myster key (2 years ago)
and we hopefully wendy is Roasting you soon.
wilhd123 (5 years ago)
wait Wendy makes food?
natoninemil firepower (5 years ago)
2nd commercial MINECRAFT
Is (5 years ago)
Dude from Prisoners WTF
Kasiijk (5 years ago)
Yay Wendys+Bloc Party
Sherry Hannah (5 years ago)
please is not needed
Daniel (6 years ago)
of course do you think i just google such nonsence
RJSchex (6 years ago)
The #4 commercial obviously comes from Canada. At the end (1:43), notice that the apostrophe in the Wendy's logo is replaced by a maple leaf.
gruvmaja (6 years ago)
as a swede, i feel like wendy's stole pippi longstocking's hair
legendary lizard (6 years ago)
I hate wendys (their Burgers r horrible) I only only went to this video to tell people wt I think
extreamdaredevil01 (6 years ago)
wrong video haha shes ugly
extreamdaredevil01 (6 years ago)
shes has 98% fappers
Theshark15z (6 years ago)
What's with the Metroid Fanfare??
Myster key (2 years ago)
SuperSonicKazooie (6 years ago)
Can someone please help me find all the "Do what tastes right" and "That's right!" commercials?
nightmuffin937 (6 years ago)
Do you giys remember the animated one with the little circle shaped guys that keep on saying "Meek meek meek meek" and theres this big Square shaped giy looking sarcastically say "Im soo hot (touches butt) Ssssss, Juicy, look at all this beef." Yeah lik that one is my favorite commercial from Wendy's and its like somwhere in the mid-2000s.
Joe Joey (6 years ago)
wheres the beef
M S (6 years ago)
What happened to the geeky Asian guy who's in other versions of the first commercial?
Rafia B. (6 years ago)
"Thankyou for "wathcing." LOL
landjmull (6 years ago)
You left out the ' where's the beef? ' commercial!
ThunderAppeal (6 years ago)
Whoever put this together is a moron because you forgot the one with the russian fashion show.
Cat Jordan (6 years ago)
The two Siberian dudes with the frozen beef ads are better than any of these..
Jason McNair (6 years ago)
Where's the beef?
Gordon (6 years ago)
Great! Thx
Katie Hazel (7 years ago)
BOB. MY OFFICE. NOW. Did anyone else think of the Incredibles?
Reganne (7 years ago)
Like if you deserve a hot, juicy burger. (:
Aldine Urmatam (1 year ago)
Wendys truck accident cavite area
bamitsbryan1 (7 years ago)
funniest video was number 1!! GO GRANNY!!! hahahaha
Alessandro7432 (7 years ago)
wendy's forever!!!!
shax (7 years ago)
The Burger @2:24 was made for Nicole Richie back then ;)
Sassy28311 (7 years ago)
lol at 1:24
hueyisanut (7 years ago)
it didn't have my fav frosty comerchial! :"(
yousefrzq (7 years ago)
this adversting show americans as wrongly abscessed with food!
Sciencedude87 (7 years ago)
I hate you, now I want Wendys...
Mariotravel209 (7 years ago)
this is making me hungry :D
MrLaytes (7 years ago)
Creative & funny ads ;-)
Jeremy Hoxie (7 years ago)
So why did I just watch the top 5 wendy's commercials....
SJ Shark Wannabe (7 years ago)
#2 is definitely my #1, it started my love of Wendy's :)
sexyhotrockinninja (8 years ago)
OMG I know this is so off topic, but right now, WENDY'S IS SO FUCKED UP TO THE POINT where Arby's employees are taking wendy's employees jobs, even though Wendy's just sold Arby's, how fucked up is that?????
SuperSonicKazooie (8 years ago)
I remember those old "Do what tastes right!" and "It's better here!" commercials, they bring me memories!
Ricky Gonzalez (8 years ago)
Pain Pain (8 years ago)
I like number 2
manurock4ever (8 years ago)
Dawn Boyer (8 years ago)
My fave is the 2.99 commercial.
JUNEBUG754 (8 years ago)
me and my friends wanted to get some subway one day go into wendys and yell EAT FRESH!!
exosandman (8 years ago)
NotActive (8 years ago)
anyone know wat the old ad was called that had the multiple personality thing on it ? CHILLI, FRIES, CHILLI, FRIES, BAKED POTATO, SIDE SALAD ?
Kidvid Ohare (8 years ago)
I love Wendys commercials mate. Especially the "My 99!" one. Me and Fred sang the song on the way to practice. -EB
bryan june lim (8 years ago)
hahaha other guys
mikefan09 (8 years ago)
love the fine print, they really think their customers r bright huh
BYoshi19 (8 years ago)
i like their old slogan
Penfoldoutdoors (8 years ago)
does anyone know if Carmen Electra is in the new natural cut french fries with sea salt commercial for wendy's?
Alpha (8 years ago)
Raven Ho (8 years ago)
these one is good too! very nice jingle /watch?v=VtfOgOd4CIE
KidTeZ1 (8 years ago)
@Bonitadedenver69 whats the name of that song?!! i want it as my ringtonee!! can sumone help me?
animeninja2 (8 years ago)
@Bonitadedenver69 i made this video a long time ago,before that commercial aired
NeonAera (9 years ago)
Oh, and he got his burger back LOL
NeonAera (9 years ago)
Mugger: Whoo Heee! Thanks!! Driver: Larry...! I Lol'd
AkatsukiMurderer (9 years ago)
lmao! xD