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UPS driver throwing a fit

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UPS driver throwing fit in Waikiki Hawaii For any licensing requests please contact licensing@break.com
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pokerboss108 (19 days ago)
Shits not funny . These delivery jobs are fucking stressful
Luke Kendrick (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for this guy. I'm a UPS driver too and I know just how he feels
Nunya Bidness (2 months ago)
We’ve all had a day like this
Chad Bellbowa (2 months ago)
Nooo my fish tank 🥺
underby (3 months ago)
fedex does the same shit.
BrabusTunedSTI - (4 months ago)
Im a UPS driver and if you all think this is bad go check out the amazon drivers lol
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Jack - omg amazon drivers are pedestrians! Super unsafe. Unmarked delivery vehicles, street clothes, they can’t figure out how to deliver a package to save their lives
Diezel C.P (4 months ago)
I work for canpar and the company is a fucken joke. We have the ups contract where I live and we make half what ups does. Stressful job bullshit pay, I hate when customers don’t pay their shit online then we gotta track them down, pain in the ass.
mikey huerta (4 months ago)
Welcome to peak season.
Mike Quyl (5 months ago)
Dude my crockpot!!!!
Aaron White (5 months ago)
They are obviously empty, dumbass
Brantley (6 months ago)
Do all Hawaiians talk like their slightly retarded?
KoRn circal (8 months ago)
please take care of our products 3 hour orientation never working for them again in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One & only (8 months ago)
I feel you brother,I know how you feel just to find one little package they missed place it..warehouse peoples? Fck yall..
David Janeiro (9 months ago)
fedex isn't any better. Nothing tipped over you can see shits still on the shelves which would have fell off if he swung the turn and everything fell over. He probably can't find a package because idiots loaded his truck. Plus its first come first serve so he's not in the way, the fedex trailer can wait or you can get your shit another day. God I hate idiots like this making the video.
Zach Wachs (11 months ago)
So many people that have no idea how hard that job is.
Michael Uribe (8 days ago)
It's not that hard I had 195 stops 320 packages you guys are pussies
Chad Glamuzina (2 months ago)
Amen, man. I lasted all but 10 days (including Valentine’s Day when my on-road treated me as more of a helper than a trainee) it’s no joke.
Erika In Indy (7 months ago)
I just started as helper. It is rough!
Zach Wachs (10 months ago)
I just got hired with FedEx ground as a driver. Needless to say I never stick around to see any customers unless the package requires a signature.
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (10 months ago)
Yep. I'm a driver and I can tell you first hand about how many "expert" customers we have that have literally no idea what just a single day consists of. I was covering a really tough route one day and got to a stop at a little after 12 where the guy that knows it usually gets there a little before 11. They have a pickup time of 4:10 pm. The guy comes out and says "Yeah I love when you guys decide not to deliver until pickup time..." and I said "the keys are in it and here's my board if you want to go and run it I will gladly let you". He shut up. Quick. I always say everybody would trade pay checks with us but very few would trade jobs. I never get smart with customers but that day I was just at the end of my rope.
Wendy M. Williamson (1 year ago)
I never ship anything breakable.
Andrew Griffith (1 year ago)
Like they say don't eat in a kitchen you work in, same here. I worked at UPS for awhile, you think this is bad see how the packages are handled inside the warehouse...
Cool JeansBro (7 months ago)
Andrew Griffith sad thing is that even the supervisors don’t give a shit about damaging packages
conservative personnel (1 year ago)
epic clip.. that caption tho
chris s (1 year ago)
When she says no
Dear Vrenezi (1 year ago)
99% its a bulk stop
Cherokee Gotti (1 year ago)
I️ truly can understand his frustration. Especially at peak season 😓. If preload doesn’t do a good job it fucks up your day
Riley Martin (1 year ago)
I think its time you stop drug testing your drivers for THC. This guy needs some.
Nunya Bidness (2 months ago)
Riley Martin 😂
Gale97 (1 year ago)
When no one from a company thinks its in their job description to come help the ups guy... These drivers have a hard day. But hands down the preload, is the hardest position out of them all. You load 3 trucks and in 4 hours. Office folk thinks it looks good on paper to have 300+ packages in each truck, but they don't think about the size of the packages. I loaded a mini fridge bigger than a washing machine
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Gale97 and some asshole on the 3rd floor ordered it 😂😂😂😭
ali renfro (1 year ago)
He is obviously not adhering to the 17 second rule 😆
Uber Man Tampa (1 year ago)
He was like "NOPE!" NOT TODAY!
42luke roblox (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who does not care that they treat packages like this? We never got anything mailed broken before and I don't care! And if something breaks you can probably get them to refund you!
David (1 year ago)
You're a fucking idiot
David (1 year ago)
42luke roblox You have fucking down syndrome, shut the fuck up!
RageTV (1 year ago)
I'm sure its aggravating when you've got over 200 stops to complete everyday and you have a loader who doesn't give a shit and just randomly loads your truck, doesn't mark anything and just leaves you to find what you need. Its a waste of time.
Dovon Mac (1 year ago)
He should be arrest d for that shit
Icy Fan (1 year ago)
What Mexican keeps running his mouth?
Mark Browne (2 years ago)
The problem these days is, delivery drivers are a constant need because more and more people are doing their shopping online and they end up employing people who think they can do the job, but then realise they can't do it - and this is why we get bad delivery drivers like this moron and broken parcels.
Zachary Taylor (2 years ago)
I'm go out on a limb and say he's looking for a next day air the loader didn't put up front.
GLEVUM REX (7 months ago)
what's an air?
Zubair Desai (2 years ago)
just making his job harder for himself
AlienFan (2 years ago)
The person taking the video and his friends are assholes who can laugh all they want because they have no idea how hard the job is especially when you get a shitty load. Have some more appreciation. The driver shouldn't have been throwing like that though.
Amber Bramhall (2 years ago)
i would have called his work place immediately, not just stand and laugh
Pete Smith (2 years ago)
Adds and videos,lost me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
edgar galvan (2 years ago)
belive me I us to work for FedEx and they do exactly the same especially in the station. they throw packages like if they are playing basketball
Ty O'Regan (2 years ago)
Ten bucks says the person who loaded his package car had no idea what they were doing. Probably mixed in the air with all the other packages or something like that. No excuse though.
Scotty Gray (2 years ago)
He just went postal.
SocialdDem (1 year ago)
Scotty Gray Parcel*
b (2 years ago)
he deserves a bonus
Intolerant American (2 years ago)
when management tells you to unload your truck to find an air
Lorddoritos1 (1 year ago)
Intolerant American yup that and also they added another building or area to his route.
MrJacdem (2 years ago)
Say no to the throw!!!
R odriguez (2 years ago)
LOL a preloader is getting fired
Hayden Rose (2 years ago)
Believe me, The packages get Treated much worse Inside the facility. Too many packages not enough employees
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Mom's YouTube be glad you got the bonus bro lol they still owe everyone back pay from August 1st 2018 (currently March 2019) and our centers bonuses were only for seasonal people who did half the production of the regular people..............
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Hayden Rose it’s more about pressure to meet corporate numbers
Mom's YouTube (6 months ago)
@Cool JeansBro we got a $150 peak bonus but that ended when peak was over. They just now raised us to $13hr because of the contract. No bonus for peak this year. And I still don't have insurance after 15 months.
Dylan Smith (6 months ago)
Cool JeansBro (7 months ago)
Sir Chunkmuffin McFloofybottom yeah $10.35 an hour and a $200 retention bonus for good attendance for the first year.
Hei Hei (2 years ago)
Not that I condone it, but the poor guy was probably looking for a tiny Amazon package buried among all that bulk lol.
dratliff3487 (2 years ago)
He had to find one package and im betting the loader didn't put it where it belonged. That looks like a 14 hour day right there
316lawdog (2 years ago)
if you're not ups you're little people.
King Reef (2 years ago)
beautiful.too much shit in the truck
tractorboy31 (2 years ago)
now i know i left my pen in here someplace. doggone it well i guess i better empty my trk to find it quickly
Jacob Bridges (2 years ago)
he shouldnt be throwing packages. thats unacceptable. but trust me. you dont know the stress we have on that job. its tough work and the boss is always on our case to be faster.
Chad Glamuzina (2 months ago)
Yup. If you don’t have the job/route DOWN by Day 5 on your packet, you can just forget it.
John Grepo (2 years ago)
Jacob Bridges , that's correct
tankmaster1018 (2 years ago)
Just got back from working today for UPS. Yeah, this is what happens during Christmas. We had 401 stops today and almost 600 packages. Which is why they hire driver helpers like me to assist the drivers. I know this looks bad in the video but first off, your packages take 10 times the amount of abuse on the conveyer and loading system so if it wasn't broken then, nothing this guy did would break it. Second off, drivers throw packages around on the inside of the truck regularly because it would take too much time to individually pick them up and walk them to the proper place. All those little delays add up to hours over schedule and then you have to wake up 5 hours later and do it again. And last, whoever loaded this guy's truck is a fucking idiot. This is absolutely unacceptable to load a truck like this and expect a single driver to be able to handle it. This guy probably got home past midnight with a load like this! Still, thats a big fuck up on his part throwing shit around in front of people. Trust me, everyone at UPS has seen this video and every other incident 50 or so times. They DRILL it into you to never act like this but some people don't follow that obviously!
Liam Cox (7 months ago)
how the hell do you fit 401 stops in a truck...most i have ever had was 220
Cool JeansBro (7 months ago)
- OMAR M idk if you tried yet they’re always hiring especially because of peak season. Just interview they’ll put you through cornerstone class and train you for about a week. Simple as that but if like to have time off this job isn’t for you.
garistang (2 years ago)
this is what happens at every parcel hub, ups, fedex, usps and ontrack
AWD V8 (2 years ago)
This is typical of how parcels are handled in the UPS facility I did fleet service at. Every night parcels were "Transferred" from one truck to another exactly like this. EVERY transfer.
CASCARET That's right ! (2 years ago)
Fucking snitch!
Greg (2 years ago)
We can safely assume this guy lost his job after this LOL
Killjoy (1 year ago)
Greg want to bet? I'll bet you my house he didn't LMAO. Hope you like paying monthly
Ty O'Regan (2 years ago)
Greg you'll never have a greater hatred towards an inanimate object until you start working at ups. Been in the local sort for three years and I hated every single package that came down the chute.
Greg (2 years ago)
people get paid $30+ to kick around boxes? Sign me up! LMAO
callofdutyguy9 (2 years ago)
Gregory Hendrickson yeah right, This is a slap on the wrist at most, I work for UPS, I know how this shit works.
Joe Boulay (2 years ago)
Gregory Hendrickson bet you $100 he didn't lol
AYEM8 (2 years ago)
That's a lot of boxes from that van lol
Jorge Pizarro (2 years ago)
I work for ups. I'm sure he had his reasons. I bet 95% they were all miss loads
Tarkesh 021 (2 years ago)
After he dumped all that out he took a 15 min break, he make about $350 perday
Andy Pappas (2 years ago)
yup that's what we make a day
Courtney Muse (2 years ago)
I'm driving for UPS. This is not normal. 99% chance he got fired. I love UPS. amazing life now.
Greg (2 years ago)
That's why I loved my job in the Navy. I was a glorified paper pusher ;-)
Raman Kainth (2 years ago)
You probably sit in the office or do nothing. That's why you enjoy it. Try being a driver for a day.
Mex1canPapi1 (2 years ago)
fedex is better
Mex1canPapi1 (2 years ago)
J j601 (3 years ago)
sliccflip (3 years ago)
I bet it's the loader who pissed this guy off. Putting 5 to 6 miss loads and putting packages in shelves they don't belong lol
Logan Naslund (1 month ago)
sliccflip that’s exatly what I was thinking lol “this guy doesn’t know how to load for shit “ rages hard
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Side Swipe I understand what and why you say that, but it makes you sound like you’ve been working inside the building too long. Time to move on if you haven’t already or been forced to... or promoted away to another area....lol
underby (3 months ago)
its great you do your best and i like that but its the loaders job but isn't it their job to put it where its supposed to be regardless of tip or not?
SenselessTuning (5 months ago)
Mariyan Tsvetanov none of that is broken. There’s no force behind that. Most packages are really light. Even the larger packages are usually pretty light.
Side Swipe (8 months ago)
Most you are right but it's not all the preloader's fault. Most preloaders come straight off the street, barely taught how to load these trucks, then get stuck loading 3-4 trucks at one time and at the end of the shift they barely made $60 whereas the driver has made more than that in their 1st 3 hours of work. Therefore some might look at it like they better check their truck before they leave if it bothers them that much. Besides they get paid enough anyway.
Jack Agnew (3 years ago)
This is their normal behaviour, how do you think your shit gets to your house so quick...?
Daniel Head (2 years ago)
Yea, I'm sure a little ass kid like you is familiar with the business practices of UPS.
Leo Theo (2 years ago)
Jack Agnew gets to your house so quick?Had the truck been sorted properly he wouldn't have taken the time to throw shit out the truck. Then the time he spent resorting could have been spent delivering.
Andy Pappas (2 years ago)
Normal behavior? Really Get a clue.
D Shif (3 years ago)
I work for UPS and to those whoe are saying we are broke assholes, max pay is about 36 bucks an hour. The average driver makes $80,000 to 100,000 a year. The company takes care of us financially because this job is a profession. This one asshole in the video does not mean we are all like that
Brantley (6 months ago)
you only need three functioning brain cells to work at ups
TheDay Cometh (1 year ago)
DATGAME GUY 😂 Still in denial huh? I just mentioned UPS FT drivers make the same pay nationwide, cost of living is irrelevant. Its so obvious you're jealous and mad 😂 You wrote and think things through like a child. Don't hate on UPS "bread trucks" because they make more than you....haha
Mark Markem (1 year ago)
Mysterious One and your a dumbass that doesn’t understand the cost of living of course your gonna make 100k in Cali cus that ain’t shit.. hell my 200k house is worth like 750k in Cali. Dipshjt
TheDay Cometh (1 year ago)
DATGAME GUY Whatever. You're just mad and can't accept facts. Have a nice day.
Mark Markem (1 year ago)
Mysterious One actually I do know as I know about 20 ups freight guys and the bread truck guys do not make that much outside of Cali so stop lying to people
Desiree Marshall (3 years ago)
I've worked ups and now I'm a Fedex driver in the Boston area , we make more than the average office or retail job so you idiots saying he's broke I doubt it .ups is union and they're drivers are taken care of .. They have about 130 stops a day on average .. 8 hours at 15 stops an hour is only 120 stops .. Let alone how many pieces could be going to each stop , none of you know what this guys day is like
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Desiree Marshall lmao I’m over 130 stops and still a trainee. Get your horses up lil bitch Fedex
David Vong (1 year ago)
JackedJoker I work at UPS as a loader/unloader and it depends on how much the driver is getting a day, some days are heavy and some are light. It also depends on the person loading the driver's car if it's an experienced loader then they will organize it by shelf number neatly if it's a new person loading then it gets messy and at the speed at what the supervisors want is not met and they just get backed up until the end where all the driver's supervisors want them out on the road so they just rush and throw everything in and it's disorganized so that's where the driver comes in and looks at the load like it's crappy so it gets frustrating. But this driver must have a short temper to be caught on camera like this.
kush god (1 year ago)
wrong fedex are the loseres with 120 stops ups as 150+
JackedJoker (2 years ago)
Desiree Marshall I work for DHL and while we don't have as many stops as UPS or FedEx, I do know that organization is key. I've had a max of 75 stops since I started but I started work at 7 and was done by 5 and our routes cover a much larger area than FedEx and UPS. So I do have an idea of what this guy might be going through but this kind of action is ridiculous. I go to some places everyday so I always try and take better care of their freight which causes everyone's freight to be taken care of. If he would lose his attitude and organize better then maybe this shit wouldn't happen.
Michael (3 years ago)
It's good to see that they're so dissatisfied with life. Keep delivering those packages however you want. Customers can always return their merchandise for a replacement, thereby making y'all work twice as hard — and you won't get paid more for it! =]
Killjoy (1 year ago)
Michael you obviously don't know how we get paid lmao. Also most of us are not miserable with that $30 an hour with union protection :)
SBass Jam (1 year ago)
Actually, they will be paid more for it. They're paid by the hour. It may even lead to more driver jobs.
AlienFan (2 years ago)
AlienFan (2 years ago)
Agreed. Anotyer entitled customer who thinks they are in charge hahaha if only they knew what goes on behind closed doors hahaha
RzVids (2 years ago)
Michael You don't make them work twice as hard :), it's the same job everyday.
Chao Chen (3 years ago)
are you fucking serious, why do they not give any fucks
jdisco1 (2 years ago)
Exactly right. The customers complaining about every little thing doesn't help much either.
Kev xv (3 years ago)
UPS drivers make pretty good money tbh. It has nothing to do with customers, I think it has more to do with how they're treated by superiors.
K3LLI3 (3 years ago)
bcuz they are broke assholes that r pissed at people who have the money to buy things and they don't. They are busted losers.
Guy Francis Buscemi (3 years ago)
He's wrong ..but you yutzes who have never done that job..shouldn't comment..I've done ups and fed ex for 35 years
RIP Capo😢🙏 (3 years ago)
FedEx would never treat me like this
Rahjee the Rager (1 year ago)
RIP Capo😢🙏 That's what you think. They're just as worse.
MsLalaUsagi (3 years ago)
That's fucking insane. So that's what happens when people order a laptop and it turns out to be a lemon xD I hope this doesn't happen to mine :/
AlienFan (2 years ago)
Or instead of being lazy you could go to the store and buy your labtop. Same goes with who are too lazy to go to the supermarket to get dog food. Heres some really good advice: if you dont't want your labtop or tv smashed dont order it online.
Stone Gulliksen (2 years ago)
MsLalaUsagi on the real tho the actually hubs are where most packages get fucked up man. the toss em like crazy to keep the pace.
MsLalaUsagi (2 years ago)
@Andy Pappas Who the fuck are you talking to? I never called anyone a "fucktard", though if I was going to, it would be you. Fucktard.
Andy Pappas (2 years ago)
Hey moron shit gets damaged thru the shipping process. Have you ever worked in a UPS building? I would like you to call a driver a fucktard to their face.
K3LLI3 (3 years ago)
yup and it's disgusting! Happened to me but I was one step ahead and got him on tape and took ups to court! I WON! lol Always take out a camera as soon as u see or know when ur package comes to you! This needs to stop and these videos are actually getting these fucktards fired and held responsible for items damaged.
Radio Ardilla (3 years ago)
The real crime here is the moron who shot this video vertically. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to turn your camera on it's side to shoot properly!
Errl Scout (2 years ago)
you're over analyzing it i think.
Leo Theo (2 years ago)
Radio Ardilla looks fine full screen on my phone full-screen.
MissMakame (3 years ago)
So I looked it up when I first noticed some videos on youtube appear like this. And no rage here, I spoke up because you were so adamant about referencing "the real crime" when posting your insult, in an attempt to say something clever, when it was absolutely unnecessary and irrelevant to the video. But I guess ur one of those assholes that just always HAS to say something...and always responds to someone who called them on their shit with more insults. Oh, and I also spoke up because of the "ohana" thing. You talking shit about one of my people, assuming he's too stupid to rotate his phone. So I had to let u know YOU were the moron. Soooo........ Go on, bruh, come back at me with more insults....u always gotta say something right? Let's have it, fire more my way...you're more than welcome to waste your time trying to insult someone that isn't offended by blatant useless insults that in no way affects how their day goes.... LMAO...But insult away, please....amuse yourself if u feel compelled to. Bust out the clever ones if u can. You have a nice day now. Take care. Try not to hurt yourself thinking too much. HAHAHAHA <3 Aloha.
MissMakame (3 years ago)
+Radio Ardilla: LOL, I was just about to add on something about don't use an excuse like u don't know because u don't have an iphone, because NEITHER DO I. I only know this because this kind of shot even LOOKS like it's an editing issue....that's not a natural shot even IF someone films something vertically.
MissMakame (3 years ago)
+Radio Ardilla : Highest form of ignorance is talking shit about something you know nothing about. iPhones do this when it's uploaded to youtube via a 3rd party app without converting the size first. The phone WAS rotated, this video was on the local news. It WAS shot horizontally, but because of the conversion glitch, instead of the black borders here, you can see rest of the area being filmed, but it appears blurred. So no, the real crime here, is your fucking ignorance. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to refrain from commenting when he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Moron.