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Harley's 1886 Antique Family Clock

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Emerson Collie (5 months ago)
I always enjoyed looking at this Antique clock, every time I visited. If only this clock could talk. Oh the stories it would tell. It's only 27 years younger than Big Ben.
Trance88 (5 months ago)
Wow! That is such a cool family heirloom! Great job on the restoration. What would be really cool is if there was a way to restore the original face.
AMDRADEONRUBY (5 months ago)
I have a Grandfather clock from 1908.. In storage because i'm afraid of them.... And i hate toilet with the cistern mounted on the wall with a big long pipe. Help me doc please lol.
jaykay18 (5 months ago)
Very nice heirloom. Completely mechanical, no power needed. I think if China tried to copy that clock and sold it, the image you see in cartoons where all the springs and gears pop out of the face of the clock would happen in real life!
themaritimegirl (5 months ago)
Every human being who was alive when this clock was built has since died. That is amazing.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (5 months ago)
Ironically and morbidly, I have thought the same thing :-)
TheCoolmaster100 (5 months ago)
Very nice clock! It looks like an Ansonia clock made in New York. My Father inherited one from my Nanna in 2007. I believe it was my great or great great Nannas clock. My Dads Ansonia is from between the 1900s & 1920s. I can tell its an Ansonia since it has all the hallmarks of one, from the face design, chime mechanism & the distinctive buzzy chime of the chime. It is certainly a awesome family heirloom. My Fathers model has the original glass on the front with the stencil ornate graphics. Later I might consider sending you an email with photos of my Dads clock.
kraig 88 (5 months ago)
Oh wait a sec, it was two months ago. My bad. Hehe 😁 It's a 1986 Emerson VCR
Lake Nipissing (5 months ago)
5:39 . . . An extremely important announcement!
kraig 88 (5 months ago)
Hey Harley, did you get my picture of my 1986 Emerson VCR four months ago?
dynatrak (5 months ago)
Hi Harley, check out timesaversdotcom, and look up kitchen clock glass. You might find something close, or an exact reproduction. I got a correct replacement glass for mine for $12 plus shipping. I did have to get mine trimmed by a local glass shop though, but it made a huge difference in how the clock looks. Awesome clock, and history behind it. How awesome to be in the family since new! The fart didn't seem to affect the performance of the clock!
dynatrak (5 months ago)
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (5 months ago)
Hey thanks! I'll check it out. And it didn't, although the cats were not amused.
Noah Brody (5 months ago)
Here is a question about that dent that you said you didn't know how it got there. Could it have just come with the clock when it was built?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (5 months ago)
My great-grandmother told my grandmother that she didn't know what happened, but that the dent wasn't there originally.
ToryTheFanMan (5 months ago)
Very nice! Always nice to have something thats been in the family that long. Sadly in my case all my family airloms were lost in the fire..:( But im happy you have a family airlome
Paul W (5 months ago)
My maternal grandfather collected clocks, and told me quite a bit about these old clocks.
force311999 (5 months ago)
if you still have the glass you can have it copied at radiodaze or other printing place on to new glass to restore the back painting it looks like the edge of the face would be hidden by the paint work when the door is closed
craigsclocks (5 months ago)
Hey guy :). I believe these are called (Ginger Bread Clocks) and you may find the maker of the clock movement on the movement itself. I am guessing Ingraham but not 100% sure. I have two of these and one that is in white and some call it The kitchen clock because some people would have them in the kitchen. I can say that back in the day you could tell the wealth status just by the clock in the home. The wealthy had large grand clocks and fancy materials and of course the poor had very small and plain clock and usually only one in the house. I also have found that in some cases it could have had two makers such as the movement and then the case.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info! Sorry, I thought I replied earlier.
Eskie Wolf (5 months ago)
Very nice! And unlike today's "antique retro reproduction" junk, that clock is sure to last another 132 years. BTW, nice dragon sculptures.