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That's Logistics by Dick Destiny

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The UPS logistics song recast for recent events from the war on terror. Images: Inspire magazine. Toner cartridge bomb, underwear bomb, al Qaeda.
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Text Comments (3)
blackandgold978 (5 years ago)
Well done. I wish these carriers would better vet their customers from the Middle East.........
MrDickDestiny (6 years ago)
Every time the corporate jingle music air on tv, another wonderful bunch of hits.
bonzeblayk (6 years ago)
Wow, Mr. Destiny, I hear a HIT! … now what you need is a singer… I'm thinking maybe David Lee Roth… and some babes for the video. Yeah, babes, packing some serious … logistics. (i think i oughta try harder to get my Auld l'Anxiety bandmates to go for making our performance of my song "O.D.E. to Iran" available… if only for my BRILLIANT impromptu intro to Dave's solo? "FEATURING … Major General Secord on the Discordion!" NOW THAT'S LOGISTICS!)