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Fed Ex Stolen Idea

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Funny Federal Express commercial.
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Jackie (5 months ago)
Corporate America right there. Worthless people go up because of who they know.
misterfunnybones (8 months ago)
Also doubles as a commercial for "The Ineffectual Middle Management Suck Ups." (IMMS - Almost Live! 1984-1999)
inca guaya (9 months ago)
Thank you I've been looking for this commercial for years!
Ed Patterson (1 year ago)
joseph burtulato (1 year ago)
Ups called, they want all of their ideas back.
john Andrade (1 year ago)
I am going to do this on my crew
Butcher Seven Actual (2 years ago)
So very, very true! I've seen it happen before my very eyes.
leroyy rogers (2 years ago)
The boss is the council member from Star Trek TNG: The Inner Light
Jesse Valencia (2 years ago)
Only loser steal ideas because they can't come up with their own business plan.
Jesse Valencia (2 years ago)
Yeah I bet that is what happened!
Isaiah Jackson (2 years ago)
I can SO relate to this.
joseph burtulato (2 years ago)
I searched brownnosers and this video came up.
F23A4 Accord (3 years ago)
Love the ass kisser in the background saying "....makes all the difference!", referring to boss' hand gesture.
bfshinn (3 years ago)
This commercial is already 8 years old!!! Aaaaaa. Time is going by too quickly!
Petty Patty (4 years ago)
OMG! I've been looking all over for this freaking hilarious commercial! I'd remembered it just a little bit differently, from *where* he sat, *who* he sat next to and *what* gesture the boss actually made. LOL! Thank you for uploading the awesome memory!
joseph burtulato (4 years ago)
Good thing for MBAs
ApocaIypse666 (4 years ago)
What a total ripoff n a total douche
Neeraj Lagwankar (5 years ago)
Its epic!!!!
zyzzx00 (5 years ago)
A commercial that covers everything wrong with the American work place in 30 seconds.... Love it !
MrStinksss (5 years ago)
tmvrocks (5 years ago)
No, I did this...
thepoint08 (6 years ago)
This happens all the time in any layered organization.... Mt. Blowhard in charge, or nearly so, huffs and puffs, and garners the wow moment, while the guy just doing his/her job thought of it 3 days earlier, and brought it up at cofee time !!!!!
Jablev88 (7 years ago)
Green shirt= Ron Paul. Boss guy= Every other candidate. Other employees=faux news fans.
pinoypangit (7 years ago)
We got a guy like that here at work. Thank Gd he's not the boss.
Econ Ecoff (1 year ago)
You worked for Trump?
sgtredbluered (7 years ago)
This is the "Way It Is" in Corporate America. Truth is the essence of wit.
mikezzknight (7 years ago)
how about we stop buying bud light for every one of these meetings?
yosef Habib Hafiz (7 years ago)
@amartinjoe my fucking god, i hate ppl like tht, should call him pumba,
amartinjoe (7 years ago)
yup! I have a boss like that. fucking prick!!
TimeMaster (8 years ago)
so true and freaking true :) don't give your idea out what ever happen
Fauxry (8 years ago)
lol even chucklevision doz that
David Rosenblatt (8 years ago)
THIS IS JEFF MCARTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Midshipman (8 years ago)
Forced labor I think they call it.
Barney Fyfe (8 years ago)
What f**king original ideas has Fedex EVER had?? The answer is None, because all they know how to do is copy everything UPS does.
polvoazul (8 years ago)
@mrmostarr How the hell do you measure percentages of communication? I trully dont believe that 7% of our communication is on the words, or else how could literature be so meaningfull?
murphy13295 (8 years ago)
and haven't most employees lower on the food change experienced something similar, exactly what makes this commercial hit home
Hunter Mann (8 years ago)
@NilezII The people at this meeting are...actors.
Hunter Mann (8 years ago)
The ironic thing is that it's common on the filming of a TV commercial that one of the film crew members comes up with the great variation on the original script and the ad agency gets the praise and perks. Boo! Example: It wasn't the ad agency that came up with the famous Where's The Beef? line. (Joe Sedelmeyer is a genius!)
NilezII (8 years ago)
The people at this meeting are pretending to be "sophisticated", but they're actually a bunch of monkeys who respond better to body language than to WORDS. If they had written in the suggestions, the first guy would have gotten the credit.
404040c (8 years ago)
StanOfGB (8 years ago)
Hey Corporate fiends, does this really happen?
Cha Ching (8 years ago)
He's the BOSS!!
David Glazer (9 years ago)
I love this commercial!! It shows what corporate America has become. I work in that same environment!
David Glazer (9 years ago)
I love this commercial!! It shows what corporate America has become. I work in that same environment!
Steve Kuker (9 years ago)
I just had a similar expeirence this week at work, this is priceless.
Sarah Pearson (9 years ago)
one of my favorite commercials!! yeah, thats right. i have more than one.
abrahamWCE (9 years ago)
the good thing is that when he desires to kill the boss, the boss cannot copy his idea because he will be dead...
G Primus (9 years ago)
i quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ULOOKN (10 years ago)
Kangsan Kim (10 years ago)
lol he even admitted it and got more credit
RWA82 (10 years ago)
Best ever...this is my life. Ive been looking for this commercial for years!!!
xYouxGotx0wnedx (10 years ago)
acting was good lol
Gwenlj (10 years ago)
adolfoliverpubes ROFLMAO SALESHOLS?????
Hunter Heft (10 years ago)
hahaha u suck
pikabko1 (10 years ago)
Fed Ex is the worst. They through my package over the 3 story building. My ASUS motherboard was destroyed. I filed damage report. Fed Ex paid ASUS not me. Fed Ex told me. they break things all the time. Like its ok to break computers all fucking day long. ASUS did not pay me. I reported to ASUS 100 times. nothing was done. I will cancel all Fed Ex delivery from now on. Consumer warning. how you love you computer screen? in a billion bits. NO PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED! I hate Fed Express!SHIT
mrboomerbass (10 years ago)
2nd best commercial ever to free credit report . com selling fish to tourists in tee shirts.
Three Honks (11 years ago)
Awesome! I looked for this one a while back and didn't find it. Thanks for posting!
stickman4u (11 years ago)
I use this commercial to show my wife what her employees do when she says something. They all wait to hear her opinion and then agree with whatever she says just because she is the boss. Moral of the story, don't listen to "yes men."
anilomd (11 years ago)
Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing it during the commercial breaks while watching the CNBC financial shows about two years ago.
MikeDavino (11 years ago)
Great commercial. I use that same hand gesture that the boss uses in the commercial.
CharlesTK421 (11 years ago)
I love this commercial!
xamos26 (11 years ago)
not just fav...BEST, EVER.
bahamasc (11 years ago)
LOL my fav fedex commercial.