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How Africa is Becoming China's China

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Text Comments (30791)
Lomma Norbert (13 minutes ago)
I don know why everybody is thinking of helping Africa... we don need u mufuckers we good...we were here before all u n now u want to show us how to live... I wonder why these creatures don’t want to keep their money n leave us alone. Stay in the first world n live us alone . Why the fuck did these white devils come to africa
onee (55 minutes ago)
Please also make one about "How Africa is Becoming America's America".
tvb nut (1 hour ago)
Thank god africa is China’s China and not America’s Vietnam or Middle East or Detroit or Puerto Rico......
Fin Loo (5 hours ago)
China creates peace and wealth.America brings war and killing.
Gastone .W. Gastone (10 hours ago)
The Economic interest of Africa lies with China not the west. By aligning herself to China ,Africa has grown more than the time the West were calling the shorts here.
經期隊長 (11 hours ago)
Next video How South America is Becoming USA's USA.
泽宁 陈 (16 hours ago)
It's very sensible to have a cooperative exchange between China and African countries, and we help them build infrastructure, not just give them money. I want the people of Africa to get better, from China.
Boshu Liu (18 hours ago)
European and American sale the people in Africa as items. US start wars In Middle East. China invest Africa for railway system, basic infrastructure. And the west said it is a threat. lol
TheBluePC 5 (20 hours ago)
China has 7 govt :p
Ten Phen (1 day ago)
It looks like a two strong medium fish fighting to eat big fat sleepy fish.
bran van beusekom (1 day ago)
John Sally vladtv
Alexander Ekrot (1 day ago)
Whats the source for the 2.7 fewer infrastructure projects argument?
Takoyaki (1 day ago)
It's called free market bitch
周乐 (1 day ago)
We Chinese love peace.make love ,no war. the relationship among countries could be more harmony other than what western world's relationship------ competition and war
joseph eniola (1 day ago)
And now the Chinese are practicing racism in Africa with segregated train cars on the Railway they built, giving servant jobs to Africans with degrees and mistreating Africans in their own home. China is no friend of Africa & anti - blackness is a world wide affair. In a couple decades the Chinese will be the ruling elite class in African countries & these gullible African Leaders are letting it happen to fatten their pockets.
allybean (2 days ago)
When this is over you will have to give the devil what's due.
Triple Ace (2 days ago)
So it was add for machined learning company.
Big Tony (2 days ago)
Next Time Micronesia is becoming Africa’s Africa
Mulavin Cen (2 days ago)
If Africa nation Agree by accepted much money to build Africa from China and the changing gives half Africa lsland to China like Hongkong to Brithish why not ? These all bule rules , used to take away others country nation by using money , don't you ? All can be bought using money , even USA .
yimboy (2 days ago)
The West vs China in Africa 1) The West treats Africans as slave & laborer, while China treats them as equal symbiotic trading partners 2) The West send solders to colonize & steal, while China send businessman to provide capital, invest & trade 3) The West enslave millions via the slave trade, while China provide jobs to millions via industrialization 4) The West force extract mineral & plantation, while China provide knowledge & infrastructures to mine natural resource 5) The West support arms sales for African civil wars while China develops agriculture, factories, roads, railways etc 6) The West left Africa in poverty after years of colonization, while China progress & develops without colonization
Chenguang Ma (2 days ago)
evil and selfish people don't belive kindness and love exists in other's heart.
hongbo hou (3 days ago)
well, this video is made by the offspring of colonizers
Sarah Yang (3 days ago)
Why can't China help out the countries that need helping and get something in return when the US has police monitored other countries for decades and caused mostly destruction? I call bs
Red Alert (3 days ago)
When Chinese women come to Africa they will learn what huge dick looks like, because they sure don't know at home.
沐光之城 (3 days ago)
Ok!beach!I admit that slave-smuggling was our crimes to be blamed ! 😏
军事单机手游 (4 days ago)
Niko Chevinson (4 days ago)
It's funny how Republic of China and Ancient Rome has similar generalised motif; getting money by infrastructure building...
markus Snyman (4 days ago)
Africa is becoming China.... Good
Patrick Chen (4 days ago)
Becaues western countries literally just don't invest in Africa. Chinese investment meets no competition there (no blaming China for debt traps is not competition)
Shane J (4 days ago)
Loving all the pseudo-intellectual idiots on here demonizing the west. Who do you think buys China's shit? Just research.
Chronic Katowi (4 days ago)
So basically China is trying to get Africa on their side
Vincent Guan (5 days ago)
The new definition of a threat: Invest for African countries. Help African countries to build infrastructure. lol, Attacking other countries is not a threat anymore.
Foxy 1525 (5 days ago)
China plays Tropico with Africa, nice. XD
victor yuan (5 days ago)
brainwash for USA, they are afraid they can not slave african any more.
Incognito MuziQ (5 days ago)
Scorpio Engine (6 days ago)
How Germany is becoming France’s Belgium’s Belgium’s France’s Russia’s Ireland’s Italy’s Alabama
徐喆 (6 days ago)
First,I have to remind some of you guys, It's a kind of cooperation, not charity activities, of course it's not free. Second, developing by infrastructure is Chinese experence used in the last 40 years. And it works! Third,looking back at what happened in China 100 years ago, what some of so called democratic states did in China. At least, we send our engineer and our kindness. Not opium and army! Some guys always with worst intention but never do any donation, shame on you!
golong son (6 days ago)
White mans view is for white mans interest. Bs narrative. Nothing to do with reality
Eun Byul (6 days ago)
People have used pseudoscience as a excuse to say that Latinos and especially Africans have low IQ while Asians have the highest. Now we have, quote on quote *high IQ’d individuals* choosing to form a business relationship with Africans instead.... Of course the West is going to see this as a threat! What so called “superior being” would want to be dominated by a possible Asian and African coalition? Oh well...things change. Deal with it.
Eun Byul (5 days ago)
Asians R Gods Chosen 上帝 is God of Bible I can’t even take you serious just from looking at your username, you sound like a white pretending to be my race. You’re not even worth the waste of breath...next!
hot wheels TBM (7 days ago)
As a African I really really prefer China than US ..
Max Aggropop (7 days ago)
they are buying allies. as in marshall plan?
mahmoody (9 days ago)
china didn't really have any relations with egypt, actually we have chinese sales men working in here but that is it.
Omar Moh (9 days ago)
Do not trust china in africa
AmandaMenghe (9 days ago)
Why Africa betters off from China instead of America: The Chinese government tried to think from Africa's prospective, while the logic and mind of USA government doesn't sympathize with any other country in the world.
Pandaplutten (9 days ago)
What? China is not investing in Africa pro bono (for free)???
tao fei (9 days ago)
yes, they with the highest bidder, any problem?
jeff G (9 days ago)
In 1972 It was African countries that supported PR China for the seat in the UN when China was extremely poor. Chinese people are grateful to them and want to be reciprocal! That’s it!
Dr.Jacky Lam (9 days ago)
Basically we loans America the most,but it helps nothing. what's the different between the great US and poor Africa?
Dr.Jacky Lam (9 days ago)
great so the Africa people are rich now I
Q Ivan (10 days ago)
China help Africa grow up,US help mid east dead.
Hamza (10 days ago)
In mother Russia, China is Africa's Africa.
honghui xu (10 days ago)
A few decades ago, the whole Afica was colony of the west, nowadays, the west says China are taking over Africa......how irony it is.....shameless on the them......like a kid with a ful mouth of jealousy!
Yêu Dân Tộc (10 days ago)
Why US & EU don't focus Africa Cause they don't have oil, no oil no human right and freedom bomb. I think Africa people lucky more than Middle East. At least they have home
honghui xu (10 days ago)
No one stop u doing the same thing, and no one force anyone to do anything, all comes from your jealousy, Child.......
Stephen Xen (10 days ago)
Ancient Africa belongs to Ancient China
josh adams (10 days ago)
west like angel,but they can bomb your country so china is bad country because she want her money back
Becky Britin (10 days ago)
Please see best of Africa 😍❤️🌲💛as built by Africans ! Watch the VLOG below : " YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS IS TANZANIA "
Becky Britin (10 days ago)
Cape Town 😍❤️🌲💛 South Africa🇿🇦 ,world's prettiest City ? Watch the VLOG below : " CAPE TOWN VACATION TRAVEL GUIDE / Expedia " !
Becky Britin (10 days ago)
Please Watch this vlog🦓💎💟💥👕😻💛💗💜💙 : "KATANKA ! A GHANA made CAR . First automobile showroom " .Native born ..
Fuck the World (10 days ago)
Title makes me uncomfortable.
Runze Deng (10 days ago)
Clearly, China's help to Africa has the same aim as what America did to Japan, Korea and other its ali contries.
Jordan Hamann (11 days ago)
So china is buying africa, not african allies?
yongjun yang (11 days ago)
The United States wants China to disappear from the earth, so that the United States can sit firmly at the boss’s position.
hzhang1228 (11 days ago)
China doesn't care about human rights? the only thing that grants rights in this world is wealth. give a poor man voting power grants as much freedom as giving him BS. ideology has no value other than rallying the masses. if an evil communist, plutocratic nation lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty then maybe they are not so evil. my dad used to work for a Chinese (evil) nationally owned (evil evil) company that built roads in developing nations like Nepal and Iraq (evil evil evil) some of these roads are probably bombed to hell now (freedom!) but really it is which view point you take. democracy just means majority over minority. but it just seems the people who advocate democracy the most has the majority of the world at its knees. hmmm. China spends money looking for personal gain?! unbelievable!
Silver Man (11 days ago)
China will wipe out Africans in the future, they have no white guilt or liberalism mindset, they're ruthless and will do what it takes to keep themselves on top lol My fellow Africans are so myopic, enjoy your death sentence fools!
Vatsala काली Jhaveri (11 days ago)
Why would they bother? Exterminating all Africans would be a monstrous waste of time and resources. And millions of Chinese would die in the process, unless they used nukes. And then what would they gain? Irradiated deserts? Come on, man, think a little.
Jared Foos (11 days ago)
Trying to industrialize Africa? Good. Luck.
Gary Conner (10 days ago)
Jared Foos jealous
Xia Charlton (11 days ago)
Can add English subtitle?
Xia Charlton (11 days ago)
You all should know in China there are also a lot ppl live in poverty! Kids suffering every day , why the CCP so generous to Africa , much more generous than for their own people!
Losrel Co (11 days ago)
"MUCH MORE" , beg you pardon?
Vyacheslav Brodov (12 days ago)
Minerals and oils? Russia is full of it...its all in politics, get rid of corruption first and you won't need China helping otherwise nothing will change.
A Ibrahim (12 days ago)
@UCXJ56Kcpw8I4MsQCxBQC_dQ Fuck off! They were manipulating Africa for decades "after leaving" and they still do just not as evil. Google: Patrice Lumumba. This is Africa "after they left " in a nutshell.
Miguil Harris (12 days ago)
We love you china
Отель Лубянка (12 days ago)
American: i need money and political benefit,let invade with them China: i need money and political benifit,let's trade with them Imagine if u r a leather of an African country,one of the powerful country want to get benifit by fight with u and another powerful country want to get benifit by trade with u and u also can get benifit by that trading,what's ur choice? Thats the reason why Africa becoming China's China not American's America
mike yang (12 days ago)
economic interests exchange for political interests 没啥毛病吧哈哈
Haoxian Lu (12 days ago)
So what seems to be the problem? It’s better than just taking things by force and breeding rebels to keep chaos in the land for better control right? I mean, making allies through investment and good will is hard to do. Can you imagine other superpowers not retaliate you some form or another when you vote against them? Dude, this is the “communist country” that the western world try’s to claim is complete evil letting votes against slide. Are you kidding me? Just 2.something project less and you’re bitching about it? Imagine someone betraying the us and the shitstorm that will rain on that country. I don’t know man, what the Chinese is doing seem pretty fair.
Akshay Sakhale (12 days ago)
America usa doing the same like china. USA making it's military base in Iraq,saudi arabia,qatar, UAE,syria Well 16th century european colonisation country's was 1 britain( was controling india,pakistan,myanmar,bangladesh,south africa,egypt,iraq) 2 france(algeria,libya, Morocco) 3spain(argentina, Mexico, venezuela,Columbia, Peru etc) 4 Portuguese ( brazil) 5 dutch (?) 6 germany (east Rhodesia) 7 italy (Ethiopia,Somalia) And now 21st century colonisation by is 1 USA( control over iraq, afganistan,syria half) 2 Russia (control over syria half,iran) 3 china(control over pakistan,africa,sri lanka, Maldives,and taking over Taiwan and south china sea) 4 Britain (UK)(afganistan)
Akshay Sakhale (12 days ago)
Why we can't call this as annexation of nations by china
Johannes Q (12 days ago)
China is buying allies? Is this really what you think? Helping others costs a lot of money. If people in Africa saw the progress they made with China’s help including money, they embrace China and chose to be its allies.
Nico Monetti (12 days ago)
Johnny Q (13 days ago)
Which is far better than Africa being the West's pet charity case.
Izaki Galaxy (13 days ago)
White countries : sells black ppls to America and the colony to work for them as slaves.Raiding all their resources.Trading and treating them like animals. China : Helping black countries to built bridges,houses,anythings that they can use.Teaching them the farming techniques,lending them the farming machines.Sending soldiers to protect innocent ppls from the warlords.Let them use Chinese medical resources by free.Even if u doing great seeking for opportunities,they will help ur business. *WHO'S THE EVIL ONE?* *AND WHO IS THE ONE SELLING THEM AK47 INSTEAD OF WATER MACHINES SO THAT THEY CAN GROW THEIR OWN CROPS*
MegaZeroX7 (13 days ago)
In these comments you can see the racists come out of the woodwork. :(
nshadow888 (13 days ago)
Westerner last century come to Asia and Africa, with their Iron fist and gun powder, killing innocent, slavery and dig all resource away. Luckily this century, China come to help. Thanks China. Fuck westerner. Go away westerner.
FangChao Zhang (13 days ago)
Bassnt Prasad (13 days ago)
China is making its own grave in Africa
victree1 (13 days ago)
The western media are just jealous.
nyamekye371 (14 days ago)
No more shit Europeans colonialism
iiiRymondiii M (14 days ago)
Africa bows no one, every country in the world has the right to develop their economy as fast as possible.
Giraffe Me (14 days ago)
greed is the root of the many problems we’re facing today, especially the environmental crisis and destruction of local communities. that China does not overtly plunder and kill in plain sight does not justify its actions. evil is evil, and greed is evil.
Leo Lee (14 days ago)
its ok africa trade with u western countries. if it turns to china... you know what will happen, western media
Avoid This Compmay (14 days ago)
China should Forgive all of the debt with no strings attached. yoursalso.com/country/
Austin Wu (14 days ago)
Simple question, would you blame the banks for lending money to you at a rate that you and the bank both agreed on?
Stoned Guy (14 days ago)
Yes! We are fucking rich Chinese 🤣 Don’t be jealous unless you come to China, and I will treat you a big meal for sure!
立阿 (14 days ago)
It's impossible to help black man be rich ,they are so lazy
jappie jappo (14 days ago)
We trained Indonesian troops then Indonesia kicked out all those shameless arrogant colonialists and slavers of Dutch and brits decades ago. China can do it, train Africa so they will counter colonize, enslave Europe! It’s good for our civilization we don’t need those retarded species of Europe indeed.
jappie jappo (14 days ago)
Go China, make Africa strong so it will revenge arrogant west for us in very near future. Also China, conquer North America and Australia so they can’t harass us anymore.
tyjghjghhh (15 days ago)
the white man in this video omit the fact, that white man in africa colonizing back in the days....... WAS NOT INVITED to Africa......... THEY CAME by themselves, for themselves. they came...... they killed, they raped, they pillage, AND on top of all that humiliation for 500 years, they enslaved the blacks of Africa........... now only did white man take resources for free back to white western europe to make their nations rich, white man get to rape black women for free, white man get to enslave fathers and brothers to work for free, collecting african resources, minerals, back to white europe.... the asian, chinese came invited, without none of these things........... what they built, you have to pay back at low low interest with high risk of default, that is something white businesses and banks will NEVER EVER DO, risk their money in default............. only crazy asians willing to take their chance and gamble on their money. in short, the video created by this white trash group, is as twisted, racist fuck as their ancestors who raped africa and parts of asia......... aka french indo china.
tyjghjghhh (15 days ago)
I have NEVER EVER met a white man in my life that gave me stuff for FREE out of kindness........... so why does the white man think the chinese will go to africa, spend $100 billion dollars to build african nations free roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, hydro dams, airport, trains, buses, cars, telecommunication towers, water filtration, food crops farm equipment.............. all to give to the african people, and then say,, we chinese thank you africans for allowing us to give it all to you for free, enjoy your life now, we chinese are going back to china, where there is still 20% piss poor village chinese somewhere dying...... i am sure the white man thinks he is giving africans free shit all the time............. aka rape, pillage the nation, then throw in a bone for some blacks to fight over it. you got to love how white man twist and turn words and news story and history, facts, to fit their narratives and propaganda brain washing towards humans across the planet...... never have i met a good, decent white man.... NEVER...... they always got some secret agenda they want something from you........ but yet, funny how the white man points fingers at other nations, while doing the opposite.
qianyuntao (15 days ago)
Bruce Lee (15 days ago)
Chinese are the most arrogant and two faced ethnic group in Asia in the end Africans will get screwed doing business with the Chinese is very dangerous you have to be as sneaky and conniving as they are be ready for the back stab it will come.
khem-azrael Vevo (15 days ago)
Y'all don't understand that Chinese just can't stop build buildings an there is no space left it China so they start building Africa witch is right they not just taking pictures of the poor to make $