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How Africa is Becoming China's China

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Text Comments (18450)
Cyphrum ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ (10 minutes ago)
Africans cheering as they are being neo-colonized by China... forever a puppet continent.
王强 (57 minutes ago)
China and Africa, friendship lasts forever
Hyun Kyo (1 hour ago)
China is parasite, tbh.
M Y (1 hour ago)
China is a rat. America, russia is no better. Evil people are the ruling power today
Peter Byrne (1 hour ago)
You don't mention China's debt trap (can't pay the loan, well we like that port or whatnot) nor that so called private Chinese companies have political appointed secretaries that report directly to the CCP, in other words, state controlled.
Steven Dong (1 hour ago)
How dare you China, doing business with Afircans! You are cruel colonists who wanted to dominate Africa!!! Look at us, we are way better! We shipped the Africans to the Amercian soil, we make sure they work really hard everyday so they won't be corrupted by money
KALAI ARASAN (1 hour ago)
Great achievement. we would have to give awards to them
Matrix End (2 hours ago)
The all World needs China services. Specially the Pacific. Nz, aus, fiji, Samoa etc...
Matrix End (2 hours ago)
China is helping many country's. Why people so jealous that China become a strong economy. Wake up people. lets give China some credit for how hard they work. Over many years.
The Batman (4 hours ago)
People always say ooohhhh "China is up to something wrong" or "China is bad", but they make deals that are a win-win for both sides.
SOSHELP王 (5 hours ago)
SOSHELP王 (5 hours ago)
SOSHELP王 (5 hours ago)
Vj Vijenthiran (6 hours ago)
Vi vve
Nick Schmitt (9 hours ago)
West & China's involvement in Africa: Two bads don't make a right. Just because West did bad things in Africa, doesn't mean China's doing good things. They're both bad.
嘿嘿嘿 (11 hours ago)
Everyone who doesn't stand with US is evil. Others in this video are just repeating it again and again.
SEAN PENN (12 hours ago)
I only see benefits to local people when roads, factories are built. Africa needs development to advance it's economy and living standards. China is here providing money and expertise without harming their sovereignty. Built infrastructure first, then business will come, people will have money. What did the western countries do over the years besides robing their minerals and intervening local affairs? Whites help Whites, Colored people help colored people. Racism will not go away, and the Chinese will be your best friend.
jbrisby (12 hours ago)
The US should try to beat them at their own game. Let China exhaust itself trying to match us.
DNice5865 (16 hours ago)
I don't trust voices like these
SGT 101STABN (16 hours ago)
They need more land they are destroying too much of Chinese land, they will destroy Africa and turn it into a place to make even more cheaper products.
Santiago Chen (17 hours ago)
Boom this is china now
Luis (17 hours ago)
Lol kenya against but they got a train from china so this vid makes no sense
Ecthelion III (18 hours ago)
8:28 "A small loan of 12 billion dollars"
Manoj Tiwari (18 hours ago)
can any african dare to live in china with massive racism 0% black and no open media whereas india does not have any racism but like african brothers we indiansalso suffer racism in USA and europe . western media exaggerated negatives of our conutry india and africa ,china is like russia , see pic of our current president and chinese president
Putin Emperor (18 hours ago)
As a Chinese, I want to say that Africa will always be the Africa of Africans. I don't know for what purpose you make such absurd remarks.
CN战忽局小分队队长 (19 hours ago)
China's policy is clear that Africa needs us, and our cooperation with the African government is clear. Don't always be conspiracy theories.
Alexander Gil (19 hours ago)
you know that is the same with United States and LatinAmerica-Venezuela?? they have so much influence in latin american countries that they can tell them not to help Venezuela just because the US dont like Venezuela
alanOHALAN (20 hours ago)
White racism will never stop....don't you see why the West is in decline? They can never stop being racists.
Tijs Perdaems (20 hours ago)
Funny, isn't it. When the Western nations help Africa by building things or sending money, it's "supporting Third World countries". When somebody else does it, it's called "buying allies". Not to say I disagree with you, but still.
ross721983 (20 hours ago)
All you africans that are praising china, why dont you go there for a better life instead of coming to europe. Lets see how you would get treated there and how the chinese will welcome you all
Anthony Abrefa (21 hours ago)
Is good for African. China is far better than Europe and American
NuNu Ding-Lam (22 hours ago)
(1) misleading about the China history, (2) about Africa, US and EU never intend helping Africa except squeeze out their natural resource, or tiny projects by IMF with high interests. China helping them with transportation network, so they can sustain their own economy. in return China need the new market and not control by the US and EU. maybe should make another video "How the world become USA US for last decade
The Ting (23 hours ago)
These african, Pakistani and Middle Eastern people praising what China is doing in Africa are ignorants to say the least, I respect and always had some form of admiration for China, but saying "Muh evil europeans, muh destruction, muh slaves, China gooood" is not only wrong, but it means you know absolutely nothing about how the economy and neo-colonialism works. China is not helping your countries because China is a good and altruist country, they are building infrastructures and investing in poor countries creating debts or giving loans that cannot be payed by that country, thus creating a strong influence over the country. For every road built a chinese military base in Africa is born, they could care absolutely less about your countries, they just want to expand. The same works for the USA and in Europe mostly France, they invest and then create military bases to expand their influence, simple as that. Even the early european colonialism was seen as something good by the natives, they brought houses, infrastructures, food, water etc, but everything comes with a price, no country will ever help you without having something in return, and in this case you are literally selling your sovereignty to the chinese. If you cannot create wealth on your own, prepare to always bow to someone else. Basically every single big infrustructure in your countries is either owned by China or the West.
Jack SYNN (1 day ago)
real African moved to us years ago,
EB Bekele (1 day ago)
Very biased video. I'm from Ethiopia and what this clip promoted was fear that China is taking over the world's resources which the west heavily depends on and that it's against Africans interest to partner up with China. I recently moved back to my native land from the US and have firsthand witnessed how Ethiopia has improved by partnering with China. It's a very different time where one doesn't feel exploited by a foreigner. The Chinese that come to partner with us don't bring western attitude of superiority or savior complex. They blend in with the locals and adapt local customs instead of trying to change our religion or language. I am very aware that China is not doing this for free but as compared to the west past history, I'd happily invest/partner with Chinese government. God bless Africa.
Manoj Tiwari (1 day ago)
China end the supremacy of arrogant us
Hybby z (1 day ago)
So who will Africa's China be, after Africa truly becomes China's China? 🤔
Rob Brokaw (1 day ago)
does that mean America is now Africa's Africa?
nick (1 day ago)
Time to check China's influence in Africa. We have to unseat corrupt leaders who are rushing to take loans from China who have no intention of paying back selling away the continent. Chinese should be seen as co conspirators in giving loans to African leaders that lacks legitimacy and should be prepared to forfeit loans given to criminals.
Mohamed Tarek (1 day ago)
Thank you China
Scribe of Cogrills Mill (1 day ago)
WOW, so sad that China actually cares about Africa. They are bringing jobs and new technology to the continent. The "fact" that african workers operate under horrible conditions are western lies and propoganda. I salute the brave Chinese heroes. In fact you may call them liberators after hundred years of western tyranny
Andrew Cleary (1 day ago)
You keep saying Billion when you mean Trillion?
Marvin Martinez (1 day ago)
Wait, who is going to stop China from expanding more into Africa? Doesn't by now the majority of influenced countries owe China money now? Either pay up or sit down and deal with this the through proper procedure and not by force. Now that I think about it. It is kinda worrisome how they are expanding very quickly.
sebastian bonface (1 day ago)
We prefer Chinese aid to European aid. Wicked Europeans.
MeldThe Steel (1 day ago)
Comments filled with Chinese propaganda
justin william salter (1 day ago)
chinese funded white genocide holding south africa hostage eh mr ping pong
KS (1 day ago)
White people are worst. They treated African as slave. For many hundreds years, they didn't build a single thing in Africa. A truly parasite.
Leader Never Follow (1 day ago)
MRWorldGuy no we gon invade your country for revenge
MRWorldGuy (1 day ago)
+KS Karma for what? Actually helping Africans to stop being such savages? Africans should thankful that Europeans came and gave them INFRASTRUCTURE! :)
KS (1 day ago)
All the African should migrate legal or illegal to western countries. Doing that way will slowly occupy the country. That's called karma.
현실 세계 (1 day ago)
MAKE AFRICA GREAT AGAIN.... THESE WEST WHITE RACIST SPREAD CIVIL WAR IN AFRICA NOW THEY ARE CRYING WHEN SOME ONE START THEIR BUSINESS AND FACTORIES in Africa..... WE ALL KNOW HOW EUROPE USED BLACK AFRICAN AS LABOUR IN EUROPE... SO PLEASE STOP THESE KIND OF PROPAGANDA AGAINST CHINA China is doing business... Not like white west human who throwing money to spread civil war in Africa... America and Europe only want war so that they get blood diamonds. Gold and cheap oil..... Now china trying to improve something these white racist start crying...... White only want their dominance for that they can do anything... Why west companies start making things in Africa....
Leader Never Follow (1 day ago)
현실 세계 true ! Karma is coming for the white
현실 세계 (1 day ago)
At least china is better then selfish white west human who are busy. In gold rush and blood diamonds..... China helps human race more then any countries...... They are making technology which can be used by 90% human which are from poor countries.... West making things for only rich humans....... Actually west hate specially American hate when someone grow...
Eishi Tsukasa (1 day ago)
현실 세계 yeah than after a couple of years, puts fucking debts on them and then demands more fucking money. Also you’re name is in Korean so you should support the West, they’re protecting you from north k and if you’re from north k, stop being brainwashed by Kim jong un
Tom Clancy (1 day ago)
With china's poor human rights record in and around their country you're expecting me to believe they're doing all these lovely things for strangers while they make their own suffer?
Njuguna Njuguna (1 day ago)
I live in Kenya. Our government is doing great work with the Chinese loans. But the problem now comes in terms of loan payment. With the countrys annual budget escalating year by year, the typical jobless Kenyan is finding it hard to survive. Corruption among the government officials is rampant. The Kenyan government as of now has no opposition. Things are unfolding fast and I really hope we do good for our own benefit. I loved your video btw.
Haha MissMiss (1 day ago)
What ungrateful...America has done sooo much for Africa...😴
MRWorldGuy (1 day ago)
And why should the West give a shit about Africa?
Ferdous Alam (1 day ago)
This video maker will be fucked off!!! Typical western propaganda!!!
Teh Chromusims Buddys (1 day ago)
In other words, China’s being smart and “selfless” while having a hidden agenda while the US is just like “ay you wanna allies? I won’t give you as much aid as China would but hey, friends is all you need right?”
Shea McCleary (1 day ago)
Damn you China
Jan Florynz Demonteverde (1 day ago)
I thought they are muslim now.
Sharnie (1 day ago)
More American propaganda? PEOPLE WANT CHINA TO TAKE OVER IF THEY WANT! GET OVER IT Dumb Americans.
Nournoby Khan (2 days ago)
Chaina already quit garments factory.becuase they want to trandfer it africa..for low wage Labour live there.actually they know how to do business
Craig Mitchell (2 days ago)
China's colonial China..
retardrobo (2 days ago)
Racist vid. Again showing afrikanske as poor people
legal eagle (2 days ago)
China fate will be sealed once another country leader stop china belt and road projects due to debt traps which everyone in the world is watching closely. The end is near for china
Gregory Ramsey (2 days ago)
China would be taking away the animals of the earth. Where all the animals @? Africa should be great but animals are important.
ForAmerican (2 days ago)
Correction. China is not buying Africa. China is building Africa. The loan is incredibly risky, but China can manage it. That's the difference between China and the US. The US knows how to send army. China knows how to make the emerging economy works.
Gendry Baratheon (2 days ago)
The American leadership needs to start realizing that China is the single enemy of democracy globally and the American government needs to do everything in its power to curb Chinese global domination otherwise authoritarianism will rear its ugly head in the same way it did in the 20th century and Earth will travel down a dark path indeed.
marvelv212 (2 days ago)
Stupid propaganda video. Stupid title too. Africa will always belong to Africans. China is not a colonist like the west. China is world economy. Follow China you will make money.
Jerry Moody (2 days ago)
China will kill you. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_China
mabood1212 (2 days ago)
"They have no government, no economy, no military, no technology. Even the famed ruins of Zimbawae is nothing more than a bunch of unfinished rocks piled on top of one another." - the view of almost every Chinese on Sub Saharan Africa and its people.
Jim White (2 days ago)
It's funny, in the US White liberals people are bending over backwards for Black people over the stupidest most insignificant things but the one who is really helping the Black people that need help the most is China. What's even more ironic is that here in the US, Chinese or even Asians are stereotyped as hating Black people, which they might actually might, who knows.
cili padi (2 days ago)
China buying the world...
Roses Blue (2 days ago)
try to understand Chinese culture first before criticizing.
twelvemast (2 days ago)
It is the the mindset of these people who make this kind of video which misjudge China and the relation between China and Africa make them become loser.
legal eagle (2 days ago)
china fate will be sealed once another country leader stand out and tell china to stop work on the belt and road project because of unfair debts trap in front of the world . The lmage of china = the evil large country bringing harm to other small countries.
Denilson J. da Silva (2 days ago)
How Europe and the US have settled and ended Africa and now they prefer China that makes friendly arrangements! USA: YOUR IMPERALISM SMELLS GENOCIDE !! Play more Bombs in schools, maybe you'll destroy the African country before it becomes a great ally of China! to smell
Bruno Kunda (3 days ago)
I thought China was China's Chna. What?
Ana Michela (3 days ago)
meanwhile Africa doesn't need or want this shit. See the world needs Africa more than we need them. We have everything to survive. We are struggling because of these silly small money matters. No one cares about the black African!
arslan1184 (3 days ago)
Western propagaunda...china is the only superpoer who will never interfere in the political affairs of other countries..they alawys respect the law of other countries
Magz Sara (2 days ago)
The Chinese have been mining in Africa for decades.. they don't need to get involved in politics.. They mine, leave it for a few years knowing the Africans won't touch it and then they harvest.
raptor (3 days ago)
Well aren’t we proud to support China in australia, it’s very smart for our government being dumb as dog shit to actually do something right and will pay off later on compared the states, as Australia is China’s biggest trading partner
Voodoo3397 (3 days ago)
This is a 10/10 quality video, but honestly though, this western propaganda against the chinese has got to stop. Comparing their one belt policy to colonialism is fucking insulting and highly ignorant. As someone whose grandparents grew up in dutch and japanese colonial rule in Indonesia (then called the dutch east indies), comparing what the chinese are doing in developing countries around the world, Indonesia included, to the barbaric colonial empires is an insult to our collective intelligence. Until China could top the Belgian king Leopold in terms of body count, or the 1943 Bengal famine committed by the british, call China's 'investments' anything but colonial rule.
ty Hardy (3 days ago)
7:50 you're welcome
KURU (3 days ago)
*scrolls down to comments for informative discussion* " w h i t e p e o p l e c o l o n i a l i s m C h i n e s e i s b e t t e r t h a n E u r o p e a n" I forget that some Youtubers think every video they comment on is an invite to be a know-it-all
Magz Sara (2 days ago)
Hopefully this will make sense to someone, alas not me.
Davies Barry (3 days ago)
there are some interesting comments about how Africans have been exploited by foreign powers but no very few comments on how African governments have exploited their own people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Official_Development_Assistance_received
Davies Barry (3 days ago)
scorpionbeware (3 days ago)
If US or Europe does it then its Globalisation but if China does it then its Colonisation haha!!
Arthur Giles (3 days ago)
Africa will always be in the Stone Age unless someone controls and thinks for them.  Good luck China, you won't get any thanks but you may get a short success period.
C Charm (3 days ago)
usa is a neo black supremacists country a real africas africa
Cardinal (3 days ago)
You don't simply help a country unless you want something larger back. There is no such thing as "simply helping" in the political stage.
Gerberger (3 days ago)
This video is wrong on many points. China for example is not "pumping huge amounts of money" into Africa. China is LOANING them huge amounts of money which is used to pay *Chinese* workers for infrastructure projects. Meaning, that China is paying itself and Africa gets the debt. China CREATES money for itself and at the same time gains political power over other countries with this tactic. China is buying Africa and Africa itself is giving China the money to do so. This just shows how stupid Africans are. Without all those useless bleeding hearths in the West we could have done the same <.<
Tom (3 days ago)
West is jealous and afraid, to soon France will no longer make any income from Africans countries such as Guinea Equatoria and other...
Movies onlinestreaming (3 days ago)
no jew controlls chinese banks better learn muricans
Dane LaFollette (3 days ago)
ur a nut
SAD TRUTH (3 days ago)
West in africa: liberation and development?? China in africa: colonism and exploitation?? hypocrisy at its best?!
Leon Grobler (3 days ago)
Africa has got lots of fish, yummmyyy...and Chinese love fish..untill all fish are gone, like what is almost happening now in China.
blakespower (3 days ago)
I really think Africans are lazy if they can make them work hard more power to them!
J y (3 days ago)
China no 1🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
blakespower (3 days ago)
number 1 at what? pollution? population? using all the earths natural resources and making endangered animals extinct?
Stephen Wang (3 days ago)
why the western world did not want to fund African countries? certainly they can play the same game. They are totally bankrupt. argue against  this statement.
Sanjushka B.B. (3 days ago)
<3 peace and love to all good people in all colours on Earth <3
Spadey Say (4 days ago)
Western countries are in panic mode. Seeing their hegemonic control over much of the world slipping from their hands and right in front of their eyes is too much for them to bear. What more when the tilt is towards Asia, a place and its peoples where they once looked down upon, invaded, humiliated, murdered with impunity; its land raped and looted for centuries by them. Those times are over. Perhaps a taste of their own medicine will help keep them reminded forever of their own inhumanity.
Austin (3 days ago)
Specifically who are you talking about?
panayotis panayotis (4 days ago)
But China is in Africa with trade and development ! No Neo colonization and ARMS. China build the Great Wall to keep foreigners out and NEVER had a imperialistic war in 7000 years ! (in 220 years of USA's existence 200 are in wars )
Pan-European National Conservative (3 days ago)
panayotis panayotis China was an empire and even today repressed ethnic groups within its borders. They are an imperial power and were built of imperialism since the state of Qin.
containedhurricane (4 days ago)
When one starts to dominate, the others will emerge. The world is always in balance. Good or bad depends on your standard. Economy war is better than ideology war, that has been plaguing humans for centuries.
Yuxuan Liu (4 days ago)
Africa belongs to africans, not to US or to other countries. The point of view in this video sux.
keshav bansal (4 days ago)
good investment by china