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How Africa is Becoming China's China

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Text Comments (22856)
P J (1 hour ago)
China is trying to make africa their colony by debt trap just like east india company did
古怪 (2 hours ago)
我们在非洲修路投资搞建设,你们在BOOM BOOM BOOM~~~
Millennials have tattoos but zero character (2 hours ago)
Chinese are selling you toxic products ,spy on you and hate your culture . Those fascists want to gobble up the globe lock, stock, barrel and your pets 🍖🐩🐈🌓darkness is falling
Alex Mikhailichenko (3 hours ago)
Chinese government sucks but at least they don't bring African people as slaves into Chinese cotton farm.
mucha gusta (3 hours ago)
well they are not killing, bombing people. unlike the democratic, civilized western countries.
Tim Leothard (4 hours ago)
china has lost against britain ;)
Tywin Alexander Cesare Danaë de Borgía (5 hours ago)
Don't like the Chinese Dictatorship. You know why? Cause where I'm originally from (the Philippines) THEY'RE VIOLATING MY COUNTRY AND OTHERS SOVEREIGNTIES!!(in the form of the South China Sea).
Tywin Alexander Cesare Danaë de Borgía (5 hours ago)
Does no one know what neocolonialism is? What about offensive and defensive realism? China and Russia are both authoritarian (close to totalitarian) dictatorships who uses a "Sharp Power" foreign policy characterised by their "regime" which also includes using propaganda and neocolonialism in the form of the Belt and Road initiative & the promised "no strings attached" Chinese investment.
wonderful (6 hours ago)
china should go look at detroit....their invesment will turn into just like detroit. american can bring them out of jungle but failed to bring the jungle out of them.... africa will fill with homies and ghetto...gangs and hasslers.
Leaning languages (7 hours ago)
As a Brazillian, I do believe the Brazil Tried to dominate africa and was doing well... If wasnt because of the ways we did it (anti democratic ways, as feeding angolano dictacture)
Leaning languages (7 hours ago)
Ziyang Guan (8 hours ago)
Americunts are bombing around the world, while China is building for a better world.
D (8 hours ago)
Get them out of there!!!! they are not there to help Africa there are there for their Owen good
、台独死妈i反华死爸!专灭狗! (9 hours ago)
Jun Cecil (9 hours ago)
it was UK or anglo colonising under-developed countries and exploited their resources, and dumped them behind. When china is doing well now and helping others, China is doing it wrong. Western media. Nice.
desmond Omo (9 hours ago)
If gadaffi was still alive and working so hard to create that Africa currency Africa will be prosperous and free but our so called selfish corrupt leaders are selling our future our kids future dam short sighted sons of bitches
Kevin Dai (10 hours ago)
I just want to say: no one forced you to borrow money!!!! Chinese didn't come to Africa by force!!! Western countries did, okay?
Aporupa Purkayastha (11 hours ago)
China doing the same thing they will help you but Africa have to pay a lot later
Adnane Khirchi (12 hours ago)
Africa is like a tennis ball, tossed from one colonizer to another
Pixel Bytes (14 hours ago)
Inevitability (16 hours ago)
EPIC FAIL ... 01:22 ... that's not South Africa :facepalm:
Manas Das (16 hours ago)
USA is so jealous
woknded fan (16 hours ago)
Western European countries did this in the 1800s and 1900s. Now, the Europeans are colonists. China doing this now, but will be colonists in the 2100s. Africa will be paying back these loans by giving land to China, and China will colonize on those lands. There will be Chinese military troops to provide security for Chinese colonists, and China has 4 times the troops than any of the western countries.
Samuel Liebermann (18 hours ago)
In the list of countries with offshore military bases Israel is shown. Where are Israel's bases you mentioned?
Noop Nop (18 hours ago)
its interesting that some people spent a tons of time to leave a tons of comments.
chwee hai qing philip (18 hours ago)
Usa government is furious , that China is not creating slaves, and is not dropping bombs, but is helping the people of africa , so the usa government, started pushing out lots of anti China videos, to try to stop China , from helping the people of africa.
chwee hai qing philip (19 hours ago)
The usa government, is getting really furious, that China is helping the people in developing countries, to have a brighter future. Usa government is getting green eyes .
BengiAndSnuggles (19 hours ago)
Wow, so in china, status to own property then marry, buying for a house is super super exspensive, many cannot afford, some renting. There are ghost towns, many many apartments, many buildings, and no people to live in them, WHY? AFRICA NEED TO UNDERSTAND, china COME TO GET YOUR LAND FOR THEMSELVES, YOUR MINERALS, AND WHATEVER ELSE THEY CAN! AFRICA! IT IS NOT FOR YOUR GOOD, ONLY chinas!
Yoyo Dergaz (19 hours ago)
-Algeria In the field of industrial, urban and some military weapon = China -Algeria In the field of military weapons = Russia from 1962. Now algeria are much better then before,really algeria coming up In all fields and ((long life to algeria)) 💚❤
Daniel M (20 hours ago)
Let's be honest: nowadays china gets more shit done than the West. Yes, they still have to improve a lot in some ways, but it is just a matter of time before they reach the same level as some Western countries or even surpass it.
T K (20 hours ago)
As an African i did not like what China is doing my country for example is under military dictatorship and China is there helping these people milk our country of minerals that do not benefit us as a country you can't build a bridge then take tonnes and tonnes of raw diamonds for years that is nonsense
cc hysp (21 hours ago)
Western’s remarks are ugly and lies 。make slaughter and plunder to Africa and Asia .Shame on you
9vv nan (22 hours ago)
Of course, you "can" view it as a kind of "soft power" even "colonization", then you have to admit that you some Westerns do the same to both Asia and Africa, even South America. Just like several years ago, companies in your country wanted cheaper labors, so they came to China, and then Nike and others left because of rising salaries, without thinking much of Chinese workers. It seems quite funny, if you have your standard, then you just use the same standard to judge yourselves. Plz be objective.
StevO x (22 hours ago)
So in other words Karma is bitting the USA in the pussy
matthew collins (23 hours ago)
Canada is becoming the usa's usa
Carlos Cruz (1 day ago)
China super super. Potencia Mundial. A nivel Mundial En todos Los aspectos. Grandiosa China...
Kwin wang (1 day ago)
Africa is Africa!Africa is not USA’ Africa or china‘ Africa。USA should not hurt the world!
Lobokobo (1 day ago)
But why aren't you showing pics of African cities, like Lagos, Nairobi, Jo'Burg etc. Why do you dwell on rural areas and poverty?
Dog Dog (1 day ago)
china is plays win win
Felix HU (1 day ago)
When China use local labor, some would say they are take advantage of cheap labor. When China not use local labor, some would say China is not helping local employment. Those media shall die with their malicious intention and jealousy.
Felix HU (1 day ago)
This piece of crap video got so many views and likes. No wonder youtube is blocked in China, there are tons of malicious videos and the audience aren't smart at all.
Jue Chen (1 day ago)
Someone should step out doing something.
Aji Pramudya (1 day ago)
The chinese giving the jew headache😆
R E (1 day ago)
It’s a debt trap under the guise of China trying to do good will. The African countries can’t pay back the high interest loans and they become debt salves and China takes their resources. China is a warmonging group that is trying for world domination but they do it sneaky... through economic slaveery. Just watch.
Lucas Tsai (1 day ago)
At least we didn't sell anyone or killed anyone. Lol
Lucas Tsai (1 day ago)
yeah yeah sure. everything is going to be chinese.
we Edwards (1 day ago)
And so it begins...
陳自行 (1 day ago)
Do It (1 day ago)
China is investing in Africa, taking great risks. It is paying market prices to buy its resources China needs. It is paying for the labor cost at current rate. It gives low interest or no interest loans to Africa. All African countries retain their autonomy and integrity. China does not supply military support to one warring faction nor the other. China does not sent troops to make a favorable deal. China try to get the deal done with low or no interest loans. If the country fails to pay back the loans, deals can be made with other forms of payments like paying by resources, leasing out ports or infrastructure management, and share the profit. In other cases, if the country really has no other way to pay the loan, then the loan is forgiven. Why would that be "debt trap" or "colonialism"?
cocaine boss (1 day ago)
What a retarted title
sulphur aeon (1 day ago)
And than after few decades China will transform Africans into robots and send them to defeat West. You will see!
BrianStorm (1 day ago)
yes! we are doing what white folks did except slavery~
silversurfergw (1 day ago)
You mean China is importing cheap resources from Africa and paying with printed Yuan?
Wang Li (1 day ago)
This is a fake news.EU and West own more in Africa.China only own 20%
Classical Conservative Republican (1 day ago)
Wang Li Europe and America don’t own even as much as that.
Wang Li (1 day ago)
The west don't have to act like a big brother of Africa.Africa is for Africa.You don't need to teach them.
I'm bored (2 days ago)
*The FBI wants to know your location*
chen li (2 days ago)
Tony Wu (2 days ago)
So what US done in Africa for many years? Was US help African to build infragstructure?
Bryan (2 days ago)
I urge many countries that are forced into China to seek early independence.
How To channel (2 days ago)
the comments are filled with annoying africans
Mango Amigo (2 days ago)
Westerners get jealous for not doing sh*t to Africa anymore
Tappy Toes (2 days ago)
Malik Louis Ny (2 days ago)
The west has only exploited African and the Africans at large for a lifetime. They have devaluated the whole continent by calling a dark Poor shithole so they can buy our Land at a cheaper cost and push us to The slums. The Chinese on the other hand are offering trade opportunities
Siphelele Sokhela (2 days ago)
So China wants to become the new America using Africa while using different tactics. Let be honest, It great to help and am not against that development for Africa should be a priority, but then again the leadership is selling Africa. Honestly, we don't need help we just need our African leaders to do justice for their people and stop being greedy. That the problem we are facing as Africa. Africa needs to govern Africa it as simple as that. all these countries want back up and power while using another. It good to help with an open heart yes, but is that what is happening here? The world is cruel everyone knows that it the house of cards. African countries should know their worth and the leadership once again should embrace that in their own people. Look at Dubai for example, 15 years ago this country was unknown today it the worlds most exotic places to be. But the mental shift was implemented by people from Dubai, meaning no one will make you what you want to be you can only make yourself what you want to be. The bigger problem is within Africa itself and once Africans see that the problem will be handled.
SS Hannibar (2 days ago)
mkau R (2 days ago)
Yes, let's get worried about CHINA's presence in Africa at large. Go back to place. We do not want you here. Why come in millions?
张晓悦 (2 days ago)
Isn’t it good.?China and Africa have a win -win. Colonialism is just a reason for your jealousy. The White slaughtered African.They developed themselves with the tears and blood of other less developed countries.While What China do benefit both China and Africa.
qosil (2 days ago)
It needs to be noted that despite the similar reasons that China has not done the sheer evil that Europe did with colonialism.
ken kenilito (3 days ago)
Africa is ready for mutual benefits in business..
Ming Xu (3 days ago)
They have no choice as their living conditions are not so satisfying. They can’t develop and improve their people’s living standards rapidly without others help,this is a win-win! The only fault of western countries is not identifying the development prospect of Africa earlier than China . Besides, we also have humanistic care towards Africa! In China, we call Africa brothers! We remember that it was Africa brothers help us entering UN and this kind of saying has been recorded in our textbooks. And talks about the colonization, the western countries always doing well!please stop accusing of China! Love Africa from China 😘
Lance Shim (3 days ago)
Sub Saharian Africa are some of the fastest growing GDP in the world. The China-Africa trade in 2000 was $10 billion and by 2014 it was $220 billion and growing fast. China has become a major industrial country who need both raw material and customers. If China buy from Australia it is called trade but if they buy from Zambia it is called “stripping” the country of its natural resources. China lend to both rich and poor countries. If lend to poor countries, the media call it death trap. China also want to diversify its customers because rich countries might start a trade war. Africa is too poor to replace rich customers but if China help them to build a middle class, trade will develop over time as the figures show. Africa is rich but the people are poor due to lack of education/capital/technology. Western countries see Africa as hopeless but China see an opportunity. If you want to reduce poverty, you must first build a road. It will pay for itself in the long run and both sides will benefit. China is such a big market that anything you have to sell, they will buy and anything you want to build, they will build. Europeans use to own Africa where they got land, labor and minerals for free. Now they are jealous to see those minerals sold for market price.
Mamatede (3 days ago)
So what do the europeans and US do? They use their wealth to bomb other countries to pieces and they look inwards more and more. Event they themselves moves their productions to lower cheaper manpower countries like China at the first place.
Utkarsh Parasrampuria (3 days ago)
Need more details and source for the country's GDP prediction graph. You might be stating a result found by applying an LSTM model which is not actually forecasting. You might be spreading wrong information.
SIMBA ADRIAN (3 days ago)
You want Africa to bow to USA not China? We are not bowing to anybody. The moment we want to come together, the proprietors become terrorists. What did Gaddafi do again? You come here for holidays.. Respect your eden. 😂
Sean Arellano (3 days ago)
Most of the world knows already the corrupt ways and the garbage products that they produce....so now they go to innocent people who doesn't know better. Africa...be more vigilant.
5lav (3 days ago)
Better than anything "Africa" achieved in its existence
Chengsi Chen (3 days ago)
So the question is, if China is not helping Africa, who else? and Does any country or organizations will help Africa without any benefits? If not, why do you ask China to do it for free?
10.10 1911 (3 days ago)
Actually, China is becoming African's China. We got so many Illegal immigrant from African. We got so many African-China babies whose African father is gone. And the Chinese is willing to feed those African babies instead native Chinese babies(many poor Chinese families need help). We got so many African crime and AIDS, but the government don't want punish them because the so called China African friendship. The Chinese government betrayed the Chinese people.
SandyRocks (3 days ago)
Bullshit man it is debt trap nothing mentioned here about it !!!
youredxspanktube (3 days ago)
kesh 108 (3 days ago)
African people please believe in yourselves, educate yourselves, straighten up and build your country instead of waiting for other nations to help you. If you think another country will help you without a motive, that is the first reason Africa, you need to open your eyes. The victim mentality is convenient but it wont help you evolve as a nation or country. Stand up on your own.
abdlkrime moussaoui (3 days ago)
At least and obvious China invest in Africa through creating reliable projects for both parties, not like the west invest colonization and creating civil conflict and finance wars.
mo yuan (3 days ago)
telly diana dayondon (3 days ago)
When african rebels know about this china inv gonna go down big time...greed is the prob for africa.
Daxaaar The Bot (3 days ago)
Theres a diffirence between colonialism and actually selling Africa to China due to debt traps.
yusuf Tuna (3 days ago)
china is palying a go game . and you know who will win....
Alen El Mustafa (3 days ago)
I just want to say for alll chinese people and asians you are so walcome to invest in Africa, and ingnorre those hypocratic fukcs from the west, let them die in their jealousy!
Swift Allan (4 days ago)
China isn't taking slaves as Americans did in the past
Vector Shan (4 days ago)
suddenly become an advertisement....lol....
serent hugh (4 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video very informative and nicely put together. African please be careful china is black mailing you indirectly. If you think about it there is much down side to what you can see.
Q Z (4 days ago)
it takes money to make money. and China has money
DAVID TROUT (4 days ago)
leo zhang (4 days ago)
At least China is not dropping bombs in other countries...
Stoney Hiker (4 days ago)
terrance leacock (4 days ago)
BS you should be scared China has over a billion people, the Nubian continent over a billion dark skin people. China will help to get the Nubians on their feet then the atomic weapons you wicked satanic Caucasian pagan have could possibly get shoved down your own throats.
harold watkins (4 days ago)
shit I might move to Africa lol
Infinit 0 (4 days ago)
Sounds like jealousy to me.
BengiAndSnuggles (4 days ago)
Perkele Itse (4 days ago)
I don't give a fuck if it's the western " much bad colonnialism " or China's, I'm pretty sure all of this DID and IS helping Africa.
Flying Llama (4 days ago)
What's with all these videos of african slums? The business deals don't happen there bruh. What if every time someone made a video of the US they only showed a ghetto/trailer park? Lel ya'll are worse then the people you're trying to snitch on.
Kamar G (4 days ago)
I am a Pan Africanist but I have to admit that after reading these comments of my brothers from the continent that think China is helping them, I am starting to think many of them from the continent are dumb as bricks and have a slave mentality. They suck the penis of anyone that comes bearing "aid" instead of working to make their home great again. Where is Mansa Musa when you need him? These new continental Africans are weak
vinay j (4 days ago)
At least they are creating jobs rather than giving military funds