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How Africa is Becoming China's China

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Text Comments (28057)
li ou (1 hour ago)
Have to say As a Chinese,China definitely not as powerful as US in many ways but we trying to make ourselves better stronger because we don’t want to be treat as an Salve or those N words or C words but one Thing for sure, We don’t create the Chaos ,we are not make ourselves look like a world police , plus we don’t put our army in other country
B Right (8 hours ago)
im Kenyan. Chinese workers working in the railways are reportedly racist, they don't eat in the same cafeteria with blacks. there are claims of physical abuse to staff, corruption and a worker who worked on the rail told me they used substandard material and lied about spending. I always had a bad feeling about them. I pray for the future of my country.
tsion addis (16 hours ago)
Only European and American left there media
william liu (16 hours ago)
fake news
My Phone (19 hours ago)
Atleast china is doing better then waonger Americunts
Russian slav blyat Schage (23 hours ago)
*Russia joins the chat*
arcm (23 hours ago)
china is basically wining civilization 5 by diplomacy
Marcelo Oliveira (1 day ago)
It's time to pay back!! Europeans with fake jesus must go down!! Alakhbar,alakhbar
Imran Syed (1 day ago)
Jesus is communist Man is communist Communist is god
Q C (1 day ago)
The western politicians are full of hypocrisy. China treats Africa fairly rather than some of the western countries, who never built Africa but brought suffering to the people there and steal resources without paying a reasonable price.
bb z (1 day ago)
China’s china? Its a joke. China isnt bankrupt or drowning in debt to the US is it? But African nations deAling with china are.
Shredasa (1 day ago)
China is bribing not only Africa but many of Pacific islands... Asians are filth and a disease to this world. https://youtu.be/AGl3HxEMJhI
ForFair Fair4 (1 day ago)
David Bernström (1 day ago)
Can someone cite me his sources would really like it for an essay im writing.
Diancie the Pink princess (1 day ago)
How am I here I’m Chinese
Tsadiki Sewi (1 day ago)
If Gaddafi's plan of a gold backed currency for the AU had been implemented, Africa would never have needed help from anybody. African leaders should have had his back.
xueping song (1 day ago)
This comment section is retarded. The important point is that the people there are finally getting help they needed for so long. It should be obvious to anyone that no government is a charity, so what if it isn't? Don't you think that improving the economy is a far more humane method to spread influence than for example, European colonialism?
armynorb (1 day ago)
The African people are in for a RUDE awakening!
tim ahlf (2 days ago)
What we could do with all the military spending that is unnecessary in the U.S.
Mark Dowse (2 days ago)
Africa is such a differentiated continent, which means China can never hold it. I disagree with your basic premise. Nothing is "easy". The Chinese government has more problems keeping its people IGNORANT.
Barbara Hayes (2 days ago)
They steal people organs so just watch out that’s all I say
EJZYEBEJZYE (2 days ago)
Gaddafi was killed because he was going to unite Africa and create a gold backed currency that would've made the dollar useless.
jesus is jerry allah is tom (2 days ago)
european slavery and colonization in africa were worse but the chinese invasion is the worsest.
United Humans (2 days ago)
*China is helping poor countries in Africa* The world : OMG How dare you? *America nukes Japan and invades the middle east* The world : Oh that's fine.
United Humans (2 days ago)
+Harry Seldon You know how China puts pressure on America saying to sink your ships. Most Americans say : "They can try, we are going to sink their entire contry after and kill most of them haha." You might be the only one I've seen with a brain. It's not like people of China want war with you. And it's not like you, the good Americans want war with them either. But like always, those in power cause wars for even more power, and the people die for it, not them. Sadly.
Harry Seldon (2 days ago)
Not 'America', but the elite, Zionist Jeωs that control America. View the video, *ALL WARS ARE BANKERS' WARS*
Tontonan 90an (2 days ago)
Indonesia is becoming china's china to. Because we have idiot president right now.
darmadi chandra (1 day ago)
Lol who the fuck care with your indon shithole
Lavinia Conde (2 days ago)
I love China!
Math is Fine bistro (2 days ago)
I love all of the people in the comments saying that the US is horrible and never helps anyone because the US definitely isn’t the country that sends the most aid out to countries in need. (That was sarcastic)
AK 4o (2 days ago)
CNN Fox NBC and cbs should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Why is this not talked about more?
Monsoon (2 days ago)
China's using Africa as a low wage labor for the further development of China's economy and infrastructure. Win win, win for both countries.
Monsoon (2 days ago)
Why? It's simply a matter of maintaining a SUPERIOR bargaining leverage, to ( protect African people and their resources,) instead of accepting large payouts by foreigners or foreign governments, that includes mainstream media that perpetuate brainwashing ideologies that targets the many different African countries, on the Continent of Africa. You must fight against deceitful propaganda that spread into the public, by Dirty Arabs, Evil racist Europeans and racist Westernized cultures. And most importantly, religious deceitful colonization beliefs and customs of Arabs, and Europeans. Africans across the continent should find it necessary to take back control of their land and resources. Than, and only than can the people be truly free, and regain their power of THEIR OWN LANDS !!!!!!! I'm Monsoon power to the people.
ICloud Sky (2 days ago)
Built for free or a loan?? If a loans then Africa will be slaves to China in the future. USA needs a Congress or President that have a vision how to extends more allies and partners..
panda in a bambo (12 hours ago)
+Nevermore yah us can easily pay it but not these countries they will have to give up these project and lands around them to china in the end like Sri Lanka
Nevermore (2 days ago)
Not literal slaves. Just in debt to them. US is also in debt to China.
Düdüklü Tencere (3 days ago)
China is killing innocent Uyghur! China is a state of terror!
Düdüklü Tencere (2 days ago)
Nevermore What you said is bullshit and lies.
Nevermore (2 days ago)
That's how Asian families are, stern but caring and give guidance.
Nevermore (2 days ago)
They're just training them for jobs and teaching them the language. That'll ensure they have a better future than leaving them to live in desperation. It gives them direction.
MangoMan Power (3 days ago)
geez china is gaining a ton of allies america (kind of) most of Africa, Russia, Pakistan and even north Korea meanwhile america is wasting time being an asshole to the world and creating useless expensive nukes and literally trying to block of a country that can only be good for america and has the best food ever
Film Music (3 days ago)
poor panhandlers..
woori world (3 days ago)
중국은 주변 국가들을 괴롭힌다.
Peter Takashi (3 days ago)
USA used war China is investing
Pnyx Bema (3 days ago)
Chinese investment politics for Africa is smart: they finance infrastructure, so create jobs and better living conditions, consequently becoming able to import raw materials for the best price and expand the market for their products at the same time. It's foreseen that Africa will be the continent with more young population at the middle of the 21st century. Nothing is preventing non African countries of implementing similar investment and trade policies in Africa. If they're smart enough they will do that.
xensan76 (4 days ago)
So if you're concerned about China buying influence, offer Africans a better business deal.
Sotiris Gi (4 days ago)
China is suffering from sucess
黃凱淯 (4 days ago)
Taiwan USA Taiwan USA Taiwan USA !!!!!
darmadi chandra (1 day ago)
Damn man, you really humiliating our race, youre a disgrace
Kkk Kkk (4 days ago)
Fuck china ,they like roaches everywhere
Anthony John Razalan (4 days ago)
Made in Africa
Best Best (4 days ago)
Am sorry to say civilization is the worst thing in the world
Youtong Wang (4 days ago)
Highly recommend the author to differentiate facts from opinions. I would also recommend Dr Dambisa Moyo’s Winner Takes All to those who are interested in the topic.
Kai - (4 days ago)
This doesn’t seem bad though. Seems like both Africa and China wins in this. Especially given the financial situations the Chinese set up.
Vance Wesley (4 days ago)
I hope China takes over Africa
Pascal Ginos (4 days ago)
China better than US
Tim Edmonds (4 days ago)
China has produced 10's of million millionaires, buying up property world wide. Driving up housing markets! Without firing a shot it has spread its population world wide.
meme memo (5 days ago)
The ironic thing is that western Countries claim we Give africa Aid. That Aid should go to eastern countries and greece no one will bow to US. Fucking clonizers.
Firefly (5 days ago)
Selected infrastructure projects built by China in Africa. Africa is definitely becoming more beautiful https://youtu.be/NnVYlp2elLo
Fuck sky (5 days ago)
If you want blame China's investment, plz blame America's boom boom policy.....wtf
What Is An Adobo (5 days ago)
Buying allies? Probably. But atleast they dont bomb these countries
Qin San (5 days ago)
European investment in china is for monery ,right? then China is Stronger ;now,china‘s investment in africa also can let africa develop,right? this is a good thing
Yasha Mashiach (5 days ago)
so now china gonna use africa and not let them get anything out of it unlike compromised america who was self destroying itself cuz somebody was scared of colored folk having freedom so they sink whole country to then give all their industry to china lol dumb asses in this land got what they deserve china will pay as well time will show u freaks i am in control
Yasha Mashiach (5 days ago)
sickens me how much has been stolen from negros and native americans by chinese
Manco Flamenco (5 days ago)
What's the difference between all powerful countries and China? China never makes colonies in Africa, never separates countries like the US and Russia do. Instead, it doesn't give a f*ck what is going on in the rest of the world. It cares about its own people first.
Aditi Singh (5 days ago)
Yes, China is investing in Africa, while simultaneously making enemies in Asia.
darmadi chandra (1 day ago)
Lol just never stop jealous cowpiss drinker
GAGAMA1 (5 days ago)
This video uses 10 mins 47 secs to make a case that China has motivations when investing in African counties. Who doesn't?
Kreation Pictures (5 days ago)
Go back to China chinese
Zevion Gray (5 days ago)
Don't get it confused, China would not be helping Africa unless they had something to gain. China is profit driven, just like the U.S, they are not doing this out of the goodness of their heart. Outside of making money in Africa and the Caribbean, China doesn't care about helping Blacks. Hmmm, hopefully China doesn't pollute Africa like they polluted their own country! And truly, if Africans would just unite and come together, they wouldn't need any outside people trying to come in and improve anything. The whole continent of Africa needs to create its own central banking system, with their own money to create jobs, create better roads and infrastructure, better hospitals, schools, food stores and businesses and improve your freaking military! So, yes Africa needs it's own money on the global market. And unlike other places, they actually have the resources to back up their money... Wake up African people and take your continent back! If you would just unite, under righteous/fearless leaders, you could rule the world once again!!!
nick johnson (5 days ago)
far better? show the human prediction
My Muzzer (5 days ago)
China is the new global slavemasters.
thomas (6 days ago)
Africa has a young growing population that need a forward future, young one with nothing to do spell trouble and gangs, the land can’t supplied jobs. Capitalism is this only choice. Go back to what you do best Africa people are craftsman that selling product to the world made with your hands and idea. That the American dream many forgot we have. We are given the chance to have our own small business. Everybody can’t complain and receive or wait for government handout.
thomas (5 days ago)
Yea right, alien will attack us soon.
My Muzzer (5 days ago)
, China is developing race-based bio-weapons in Africa. China will unleash these viruses on Africans
Anatoly S. (6 days ago)
Soon it's going to be "Made in Africa" instead of "Made in China"?
Ggg Ggg (6 days ago)
US and china they are both evil the nazi and the islamic khlifea they are the good one
Ggg Ggg (5 days ago)
+My Muzzer of curse the stan see the good things like him
My Muzzer (5 days ago)
Islam is the religion of the great Satan.
Far East The Silent Gamer and Movie Maker (6 days ago)
China and US? A lot of people does not know, both are evil.
かみ的随波逐流 (6 days ago)
A country which bring the war and supporting terrorists, A country bring job and development.One hundred years ago,it's you that using gun and artillery to destroy our country,and now you shamelessly blame us with humanitarianism.See! Whose army had spread all over the world?And it is who that said Rights and Freedom when they cause a billion people become destitute and homeless.
azur bleu (6 days ago)
When China will awake , the World will rejoice . END OF THE USA
My Muzzer (5 days ago)
Communist China does not like diversity, no human rights, and racist as hell. China will be your new slave master.
Glasvegas T (6 days ago)
africa will always be africa's africa
李Sio (6 days ago)
美国出口战争和分裂。 中国出口业务和希望。
I (6 days ago)
Its obvious WW3 will be against Islam and China.
Subramanian Sridharan (7 days ago)
Michael Bennett (7 days ago)
Africans are thick! The Chinese get there way in this world I don't think the African population will exist forever,I mean they have the lowest IQ out of us all so why would you want that dumbing your race down,you wouldnt!
Bob Smith (7 days ago)
"You see..."
Roblox Afitux Gamer (7 days ago)
I'm here from Africa, NIGERIA :D
Master Yoda (7 days ago)
Don’t be jealous. The world is changing. Any super power country don’t lend unless they get something. The US taught China this Capitalist trick and now China is beating us on our own game. If u don’t like China? Stop shopping at Walmart. Americans like to buy cheap and that is exactly China is doing. Dahh
Random Ashe (7 days ago)
China is a threat and needs to be wiped out. They will use their wealth and total lack of morals to expand their influence all over the world. You think it was shitty with the US as the dominant country of the world? Wait until China takes over.
Yasha Mashiach (5 days ago)
yea the issue is china already largely runs key parts of it
Tomislav Miak (7 days ago)
How Middle East becoming USA's USA
李世民 (7 days ago)
lim hon (7 days ago)
C'mon be realistic. Every county want to rule the the world. America, solve your domestic problems first. Your era had gone.
Κραζη Στυφφ (7 days ago)
At this rate Africa is gonna turn into a chinese country!
唐承志 (7 days ago)
MrKataklysm (7 days ago)
Cry more yanks! Attacking Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan were fine, but when the Chinese start to invest into foreign countries you call it a threat.
meme memo (5 days ago)
They are Dying slowly. Unemployment is up, Companies are shifting. Total collapse Of the empire of Dust will Follow.
My Muzzer (5 days ago)
Trump is pulling us out of those Deep-State globalist Wars.
Francesco Lou (7 days ago)
I’m chinese, but talking from a neutral point of view, You’d be sick to think someone invests in a foreign having any interest in return. Just as USA made tens of wars in the last decades, colonialism a century ago, or the Europeans bribed African officials to exploit their natural resources rightfully, China is investing in Africa to get something back. The difference among Chinese and western countries is that bribing officials make only those few rich and population poor and poorer, while by investing in infrastructure, China is benefiting the whole population in a long term view. China is doing what African countries aren’t able to do with their own forces. It seems a win-win for both counterparts, instead of some bribes for exploiting a gold mine rightfully, or some kind hearted donations that doesn’t even arrive to the needed population because some official in between keeps all money by himself
t. intelectuel (2 days ago)
holy shit you're so fucking delusional lol
anzenchitai (4 days ago)
It's you again, the commie retard butt hurt about his government being one of the worst in the world.
Nehemiah Mekonnen (7 days ago)
If I had to choose between living in China v the USA it wouldn’t take me a second to choose the USA. There is rule of law, freedom of speech and belief, jobs and opportunities and the ability to live whatever way you choose. But China has done a lot for Africa, they have gained a lot but China is the engine that is transforming Africa from a region of despair to one of promise. Standards of living have gone up, commerce has increased, it is only fair to give China credit.
Dennis Köse (7 days ago)
Modern slavery
ohayo genki desuka (8 days ago)
then china will become more powerful than US
Ayushmaan Bhavya (8 days ago)
China is evil as hell
Brian Sokoloski (8 days ago)
Where did all the diamond and gold money go that Africa has or had to invest or is China looking for opportunity to build partner business
FANUELE KGAKA (8 days ago)
China all around the globe not Africa only
brave heart (8 days ago)
Why is the world like about China more than others because China came to Africa with love and respect and did not change the quality culture of Africa and others and you know who them came with hate, murder . steal and racism they think they are best of course this is not true . the truth China and Africa will win more than others think
Hauptsache Puls (8 days ago)
The western world can´t complain. We always try to take advantage of the weaker and less developed countries. We sell weapons in these regions and our companies take their natural resources. Everything got a price. But the chinese deal seems to be more worth for africa than every cooperation with the US or Europe
Angel Castillo parra (8 days ago)
Neo Anderson (8 days ago)
What do you prefer : A. Loan from China for infrastructure B. Bomb from western country for "freedom and human rights".
Blutseuche (8 days ago)
Lets see. There will be massive conflict cause i am sure that the US wont like it how China basically buys votes. Interested to see if Africa's people will be in an even worse condition when China takes control. Anyone who thinks China is investing out of benevolence is a gullible fool. They dont even take proper care of their own people, why would anyone think they would do this with any outside nation?
truth seeker (5 days ago)
You are a spastic
Firefly (5 days ago)
The Chinese government did a lot for its own people. President Xi vowed to lift the rest of 20 million out of poverty in the next few year. The Chinese government built free new houses and towns for its poor villagers. How many other countries do that? Your propaganda machine is very powerful in brainwashing people.
anzenchitai (8 days ago)
Don't trust those lying Chinese motherfuckers. We Taiwanese and other Asians never consider them civilised. Google what's happening in East Turkestan, Tibet and South Mongolia and what CCP government has been doing to its own people.
Yaohua Brian Bian (8 days ago)
dude buying allies LMAO hhh I am so proud !! we have the power
jt raspado paulino (8 days ago)
barrych mak (8 days ago)
US helps other countries by sending in bombs and army. China helps other countries by sending in infrastructure workers.
Martin Major (8 days ago)
Colonialism has NEVER built any infrastructure for the benefits of the locals. So the comparison is preposterous.