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40 Best Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S10

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In this video I show you the best 40 tips and tricks that you must review for your Samsung Galaxy S10. Hole Punch Wallpapers - https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/fun-s10-hole-punch-display-wallpapers/ Get the Samsung Galaxy S10 - coming soon All models - S10 Lineup SM-G970 S10 SM-G973 S10E SM-G975 S10 Plus SM-G977 S10 5G Disclaimer - A factory data reset both hard or soft will erase all of your personal information on your device and return it to its out of the box state. You are doing this factory data wipe/reset on your device at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems or technical difficulties caused from trying these techniques. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/serg.tech/ Things I use in this video - Camera: http://amzn.to/2DuPJbV - Microphone: http://amzn.to/2DWnDTV - Lighting Kit: http://amzn.to/2DqOKoI - Video Editor: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8541081-11245643
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Text Comments (119)
Rage 9one (15 days ago)
Title says S10, yet I'm looking at a S10+ many youtubers made this same mistake.
Illegal Sea eagle (29 days ago)
wudipest (1 month ago)
Couple of mistakes: 3:40 5. Choosing "Full" option is not 4k. It's just 2288 X 1080 (which is Full HD+). To get 4K, you need to choose 16:9 and then choose 3184 X 2160 14:38 24. To save as RAW files, you need to use the Pro option in the camera. Not the default Photo option - that only saves to JPEG.
fadi 6917 (1 month ago)
This samsung has removed notification charging light as it was in previous version modell of samsung. There is no indication LED light which lights when the mobil is in charge or recharged. How to fix it? Samsung has not updated an app neither in samsung appstore nor installed as a software in this model. Little disappointing!
fadi 6917 (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot. Very very useful and informative description of the phone. Hope you will come with more trick and tips soon.
Ali Tanko (2 months ago)
How can I download that wall paper
Joan Strowbridge (2 months ago)
Thank you for the tips, help me alot with my phone . Thank you for sharing!!
Fish Man (3 months ago)
Great vlog by the way. Just bought S10’s plus but I can’t see an instagram icon on my gallery or an instagram choice on my camera settings? Advice please?
Francis Kelly (3 months ago)
going too fast....you have some place to go to?
Jakub Baker (4 months ago)
"Full" resolution isnt 4k, its 1080. You have to select the uhd option for videos for it to be 4k
Rico Alexander (2 months ago)
@3:40 Was just checking the comments to see who else noticed that! 😉
Susan Gibson (4 months ago)
That peace sign was not a peace sign, it should have been the other way round - you just told everyone to f**k off
Lewis Siegel (5 months ago)
Great job!
yeon tanieee (5 months ago)
why i cannot turn on HDR10+ video on my samsung s10 plus
Shantelle Barnett (5 months ago)
I noticed when you go into the home screen settings, you can change the grid layout and it'll make the apps in the apps screen and homescreen smaller. Great video by the way. I learned a lot of new things. Thank you💜
Lzl Lzl (5 months ago)
Very nice and helpful video...keep it up!😉
s a (5 months ago)
Thanks for Numbering your tips this helped finding my place when I got interrupted or goofed up............
Tribandzz trini (6 months ago)
U can simply just download the image I'm using baby bender
obsprisma (6 months ago)
13 from 40 tips i also have on my S7 Edge. Which i was aware of. So even older phones have unused secrets who are not known to a lot of people.
Real (6 months ago)
Finally Bixby BYE!
Da Abbster (6 months ago)
I got the same color and case
Matthew Ayers (6 months ago)
Yeah... dead pixels dont effect touch. As the menu says its touch.
James Attwater (6 months ago)
Focus ... focus ... refection ... FOCUS!
nixkorea (7 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy S10  So Good!!
Luis Tumay (7 months ago)
how are you doing, good video....Do you know how to make the notification light go on? in lighting edge I always put, but only the light comes on when the screen is on ... you know why?
Carole King (7 months ago)
Great video...I learnt a lot. Thank you.
Steven Boldt (7 months ago)
*#0*# to check your phones for problems. you were a little fast
Samantha Crews (7 months ago)
Zaher Qubien (7 months ago)
You got number 5 wrong you should hit on the UHD option not the full the full is full hd+ not uhd
wudipest (1 month ago)
Just about to comment on this. 2288x1080 is clearly not 4K
Yoon Choi (7 months ago)
Its basic options!! Theres nothing tricks features
john barns (7 months ago)
why so many s10 plus videos hardly and s10 vids
Bestkiller2004 (5 months ago)
john barns actually in my region they make so much discounts But the Samsung isn’t actually a rip off unlike the  cuz now I’m. Using the s10 and it’s getting more than 10 hours constantly using it
john barns (5 months ago)
@Bestkiller2004 i had a s10 i took it back and the iphone x took it back. i got the moto z3 its less than half the cost and a much better phone. Samsung and Apple is just hype to rip ppl off.
Bestkiller2004 (5 months ago)
john barns I have s 10 ask me something you want to know then I’ll help :)
Nico (7 months ago)
Great video....thank you
stevae wei (7 months ago)
Wallpapers which try to hid the hole punch are absolutely moronic!!! I'm sure I will get flamed for this, because the vast majority of people following you are most likely childish people who are adults, but still act like children. But it's all good with me. Why try to hide it. It looks good in my opinion. And I like the pill shaped one on the S10+ better than the single hole on the other units. But being limited to a cartoon, or fixed pic that fits just to hide the punch hole is idiotic. Sorry, I hate this idea.
dirtrider88 (6 months ago)
I kinda agree but because most of the time your going to use an image that you dont really want just to hide a tiny camera. I DO NOT think a blank spot on your sceen looks good (?) but its gonna be there for a lot of what you do so just get use to it.
Dkn_Pry (7 months ago)
Posted on my channel how to enable single tap to answer!
Bleep Blop (7 months ago)
Serg Tech (7 months ago)
Im so glad you found it useful. You're welcome!
Leah Pearson (7 months ago)
Nice video!
Serg Tech (7 months ago)
Gaurav Singh (7 months ago)
One question please. Tell me how to disable the sound of camera shutter on s10? Please
Whitestar 397 (7 months ago)
Go to the camera app, the click on then settings wheel and scroll down till you see shutter sound
mbt 1021 (7 months ago)
Please do tips and tricks in samsung a50
NB NAZRUL (7 months ago)
Huawei mate 20 pro tips and tricks plz plz plz plz
Paul Crittenden (7 months ago)
Dude, the blurry aspect of your camera going in focus and out of focus is very annoying. As well as the glare on your phones screen. Need to fix that.
Binsu Augustine (7 months ago)
After hardware check , how to go back, you should tell us that also..!!!!
Binsu Augustine (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for your helpful informations...Thanks..
ecuaking87 (7 months ago)
i have a question why cant i turn on the hdr10 +? I cant enable it any one know why ?i have the s10 plus
Tomas Mendez (7 months ago)
tcntad (7 months ago)
I bet theyre mostly on One UI disregarded model, some are even based on Android
Teomino (7 months ago)
Samsung should add more fingerprints to register same fingerprint few times to make it work smoother and faster ... having also Proxy sensor issues, when on call, screen goes on and off and on like crazy! How about Smart lock, is it a joke, its working one day but not another day, never know when is goin to work .... shame!
Nemfis (7 months ago)
Is there any shortcut to lock phone? Or quick ball like xiaomi phones (no edge panel)? Thank you.
Nemfis (7 months ago)
@pg11 yes! This is good 👍👍 Thank you so much 😊
pg11 (7 months ago)
If you don't mind using the edge panel you can download soft edge from the sam store and. There is a lock Shortcut there
Main Low (7 months ago)
could set the Bixby button to lock maybe? But yeah I wish it was a little lower
Nemfis (7 months ago)
@Main Low 😃😃 yes, but s10+ power button is too high 😒
Main Low (7 months ago)
yeah power button?
Hy Pham (7 months ago)
I just moved from ios and i still know more about the phone than you, man that screenshot tho, you can download them.
Russell Causier (7 months ago)
This video should be titled tips and tricks for absolute noobs as most of this stuff we already know if had Samsung before
John Mead (7 months ago)
I’m new butt munch
sahil_cool_boy (7 months ago)
Nice video...learned a lot... tell me how to zoom in when browsing on the web page?
J J (7 months ago)
Howany times he said make sure ? Right answer wins a Tesla
Tracy Bacani (7 months ago)
be nice if go a little slower for the older people
H.U.G.E CEO (7 months ago)
Love my S10+... I absolutely hate that Samsung got rid of the photo editor pro! 😞😞
Adel Zaid (7 months ago)
Thank you for this video it's so helpful I learn a Lot from it
bussles (7 months ago)
I can get to the home screen menu. It's in settings, but is greyed out...
M B (7 months ago)
Was awesome mate. I learned a lot indeed
Karen Go (7 months ago)
Thank you for the tips, but *#0*# for hardware checker is not getting into, Please advise me.
Jill Durand (7 months ago)
Very helpful but I did not understand when you put in *#0*# nothing happened when I put in that number or the *#6#
Mediha G (7 months ago)
this is not s10 this is s10+ lol
Say_ Frank (7 months ago)
Thank you...very helpful!!
El fonsh (7 months ago)
Just pass your hand over the screen left to right and take an screenshot
Chihuahua Sarang (7 months ago)
My local shop here in Korea had an upgrade program for S9 owners. This camera is AMAZING. The mic is so good too, almost basic ASMR quality.My Chihuahua looks great with it!
Chihuahua Sarang (7 months ago)
@Kwisatz Haderach No!
Chihuahua Sarang (7 months ago)
@Nick Baker I just had to pay a small amount around $100. I think it was worth it!
Kwisatz Haderach (7 months ago)
Can I adopt you?
Brainstorm Business (7 months ago)
I have S10 too. It is incredible. Really beautiful phone.
Gold Shite (7 months ago)
el amigo (7 months ago)
I tried doing the *#0*# on my phone but it does not work. I have the s10+ and I got it from verizon.
Neda Adil Mãliq (7 months ago)
Awesome tricks man ! I switched to s10plus from my iphn 6splus so I dont know much about android thanks this is so helpful❤
Realest Boii (7 months ago)
1:50 Or you can just hold down the image and click on "Download Image"
Kîd Cūdî (3 months ago)
Action Mania (7 months ago)
@Tracy Bacani download ----> hidey hole in play store :D
Tracy Bacani (7 months ago)
i cant even fine it leads me to amzom
Teresa Johnson (7 months ago)
Very useful and to the point, thank you. Learn a lot. Only thing I wish you touch on was the duplicate icons.
Toufiq Ahmed (8 months ago)
so you charged your phone after half video it wud have been much better if you record it in one charge . good video though
Ramon Figueroa (8 months ago)
Good video from PR THAKS
Random User (8 months ago)
I switched to this phone from a jailbroken iPhone x and dont regret it for a second all the tweaks I put on my iPhone are already on android...... minus bioprotect and callbar but i can live without that
Random User (8 months ago)
Good luck having a locked OS stock IOS is trash
kaydan9906 (8 months ago)
Good look with sending video text looking like 144p quality
Verresen Benjamin (8 months ago)
I have the s10+ most tings Works on s9+ also
A Nightmare on Any Street (7 months ago)
@Tamjid Uchiha if extra camera and bigger battery means more to u then yes otherwise no and I had the s9+ and now have s10+
Tamjid Uchiha (7 months ago)
Verresen Benjamin is it worth the upgrade?
Ddk09 (8 months ago)
Just do a long press on the image you want and you can download it
Svante Lo Presti (2 months ago)
@Tracy Bacani What? Just Hold Down On The Image You Would Like As A Wallpaper You Found Online, Then Press "Download" In The Pop-Up Menu Appearing.
Tracy Bacani (7 months ago)
can you redo this its to fast for people my age
Gadget Jam (8 months ago)
Amazing video🔥
Gadget Jam (8 months ago)
Enjoyed though cause i just preparing my self because if i win on the giveaways ill be ready👏🔥
Serg Tech (8 months ago)
Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the support.
Mohammed Shabaz (8 months ago)
Hey, I have a Samsung galaxy s10 plus but that camera open app not showing that quick launch but instead of that option it's showing quick review, anyone has this option to if yes plz reply mine is international varient!!
Hemi power (8 months ago)
How to get notification icon on the top left after the clock mate?
David Krugs (8 months ago)
Very very useful
Ace Rimmer (8 months ago)
Very useful and to the point, thank you.
Ignacio Reynoso (8 months ago)
FM radio over the air. Here is how to do it. You need the headphones cord which will work as the antenna and Nextradio app from the play store. I know that people in remote areas or where data usage isn't affordable it ill be a great feature to have. So, there you have people, try it. I think its really cool.
brown bobby (8 months ago)
I want that phone
Gurjit Brar (7 months ago)
I might get it
Out Rageous (8 months ago)
I want it too but 1000$ is a lot
MZ Technical (8 months ago)
David Tuttleman (8 months ago)
Links? Great video but I can not find the hole punch images
jose carreras (8 months ago)
his profile pic has 2 circles and on the bottom it is " of course i still love you" dude has the best punch hole screen images.
jose carreras (8 months ago)
search on twitter matt b
Kevin Teran (8 months ago)
Go into the themes and wallpapers store There not free But I just screen shot them in the
Misael Brens (8 months ago)
Great video man!
Jake (8 months ago)
Wheres the link?