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How A Tattoo Machine Works

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Not something many of us will come across in our everyday life. But it's still intriguing to see how this machine manages to create works of art we either love or loathe.
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wajahat ali (4 months ago)
I feel channel owner ia dead..
Gabo (8 months ago)
This comment section hasn't been touched in years
William Tra (8 months ago)
Timothy Hubener (9 months ago)
But where does it plug into?
Rang-Kyo Amisi (1 year ago)
Sale me this channell
AzRaeL (1 year ago)
Thank you this helped on my collage presentations so much.
Caution Cam (3 years ago)
Pls start uploading again ;)
Peter Domin (6 months ago)
Gabo (8 months ago)
I think he's dead
Bill K (4 years ago)
Posting Again... This is a great explanation of how a TATTOO MACHINE Works! Also see on my GOOGLE PLUS PAGE.. How a Tattoo Machine works the difference between a LINER & a SHADER, PARTS DIAGRAM. Today is July 27,2015 I posted the other video 1 or 2 days ago. Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
Dylan Greer (4 years ago)
Wow it's this complicated
Bill K (4 years ago)
Bill K (4 years ago)
Excellent video shows johnny Gault WRONG AGAIN
Eggzotik 99 (5 months ago)
Bill K hey
Laced Bacon (4 years ago)
AWesome video! I always wondered  how my tattoos were made lol.
Bill K (5 years ago)
Cool Video ! :-)
Emerald Peony (5 years ago)
INKcredible... get it? ;D
Bill K (5 years ago)
Excellent Video on How a Coil Tattoo Machine works. IMO Watch this, then check out since & undergrounddemagraphix YouTube channels. ~ Frame Geometry for Beginners on YouTube Channel Undergrounddemagraphix. Then Disc 1 & Disc 2 on YouTube Channel SINCITYTATTOOZ. Both great YouTube channels. Take Care, Bill Kearney :-)
Jeff Schuler (5 years ago)
Broken Puppet is just plan fun learning at its best, love em !!!
Bill K (5 years ago)
* + Jeff Schuler & to Sammy Russell. Yeah Jeff the Broken Puppet is a good YouTube channel. On Traditional Flash, how-to draw! :-) Sammy Mike & Sincitytattooz is a talented tattoo artist & a Talented machine builder! :-)
Jeff Schuler (5 years ago)
THE BROKEN PUPPET is a new one for me, looks might fine !!!
Jeff Schuler (5 years ago)
@Sammy Russell hey mate , you dont need a good word but you can tell em Jeff sent ya! Mike works from the start of the frame with heat treating and tender loving care, he builds because its fun he makes vids with no ego, hes just a straight up guy. no numbers on his work like number 147 made by sincity tattooz. what your paying for is time. materials are not a cost when you have the tools to form them the way they should be. theres heaps of tattooist putting videos out that want to make you a machine. look on ebay their fools. it starts with a proper frame and coils. springs to suits the frame and coils, capacitor,,, ect and proper wiring so the frame doesnt magnetize. you can pay 195$ for packer that is only built to last til it gets a nice review and they delete you from their facebook if you want. look out for fakes and listen to reviews. cheers,jeff    
Bill K (5 years ago)
+ Sammy Russell ~ OK! Sammy, Mike @ SINCITYTATTOOZ is an Excellent Coil Tattoo Machine Builder & a Talented Artist. He is also a genuine person. Take Care! Bill Kearney !
Andrew Liu (5 years ago)
Is he dead
Eggzotik 99 (5 months ago)
Are u dead?
Gabo (8 months ago)
Reiner D'souza (5 years ago)
I wonder who created this masterpiece and in which yr?
Reiner D'souza (5 years ago)
I wonder who created this masterpiece and in which yr?
Def Revival (3 years ago)
+Reiner D'souza Samuel O'Reilly is credited with creating the first tattoo machine. It's based off of Thomas Edison's engraving machine.
Bill K (5 years ago)
Must See !  :-)
Bill K (5 years ago)
Thanks For Posting ! Awesome Video ! undergroundde demagrafix has a cool one as well on how a tattoo machine works: Beginning Liner Shader Tattoo Machine. As for the question regarding rotary tattoo machines. Any rotary motor video will work. Same motors used in hair clippers , Remote Control cars. Bill
James Pickford (6 years ago)
How does the General Manager of Hotel Babylon know so much about tattoo machines!
AtomicE77 (6 years ago)
For knowledge sake, please make one for rotary machines too. This was a fantastic vid, thank you!
Aaron Lehman (6 years ago)
Fucking ouch
diazaman (7 years ago)
Now learning how to play it, thats the hard part!
Fushifa (7 years ago)
That was extremely helpful. Ive been trying to find an explanation on how a tattoo machine works and finally something I can understand.
ChiMom79 (7 years ago)
So glad to see a new vid! :)
SixDegreesPamB (7 years ago)
Triwood - trying to reach you about some of your video content for an campaign. Please check your inbox for a message from me. Thanks, Pam (from SixDegrees)
IIGraViteII (7 years ago)
It's just like how a bell works
Thats Bullshit (7 years ago)
long time no upload
Maz Islam (7 years ago)
Triwood is so good! very interesting upload yet again :D
Nitin Sakhala (7 years ago)
same explanation for the working of electronic ringing bell
TheSv566Show (7 years ago)
Bonnie Hanna (7 years ago)
Very interesting! I never understood how the ink became permanent...ouch. Another reason for me to never get one :P
musikTECH (7 years ago)
I always knew how they worked, just not specifically. Good upload!
James Dawson (7 years ago)
Cool! Thanks for the new upload!