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Shane Hmiel flips off Dale Jarrett

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During the 2005 Food City 250, Shane Hmiel wrecked Dale Jarrett in the closing laps. During the ensuing red flag, Jarrett went to talk to Hmiel, who flipped him off
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Cap Obvs (2 months ago)
I guess Shane was high.
Darth J05XYZ (5 months ago)
Imagine if hmiel had continued on to cup and Kyle Busch had a rivalry in cup
Oscar jimenez (5 months ago)
Brad would've been the 3rd Wheel in The Rivalry between Hmiel and Busch
68air (6 months ago)
Kids----don't do drugs.
Brent Ferrell (6 months ago)
quiteactually (7 months ago)
Hmiel was paralyzed in a near fatal racing accident on October 9, 2010 in Terre Haute, Indiana.
William Grantham (9 months ago)
0:42 Jeff Green's #43 Car
William Grantham (9 months ago)
Who Won Food City 250
William Grantham (9 months ago)
No Darrell Waltrip In 2005?
William Grantham (9 months ago)
Mike Joy Larry Mac Jeff Hammond (Substitute Darrell Waltrip)
david wood (9 months ago)
Flip him off now Shane! He was a punk!
Mike Driggers (10 months ago)
Is Shane Hmeil still alive?
Mitch Colburn (11 months ago)
This made me a Shane Hmiel fan. Cup guys stealing Xfinity rides from young, developing talents makes me sick. They have nothing to gain from it anyway. Screw Dale Jarrett.
david wood (9 months ago)
They pay him to drive the car dumbass!!! He didn't steal anything. You sound like a moron.
Mitch Colburn (9 months ago)
@Brooks Marshall There's nothing classy about stealing opportunities from talented young drivers. And I say this as a Mark Martin fan.
Brooks Marshall (9 months ago)
He pissed away his opportunities with drugs. And you attack a class act for the sport? Gain some perspective man.
Brooks Marshall (9 months ago)
Dumb comment.
68jacen (1 year ago)
What did ole dale expect to hear from shane?
The Quick Brown Fox (1 year ago)
he is lucky dale was a nice guy ,,,i would have beat the shit outa that lil punk in the parking lot
Jerry Smith (1 year ago)
Remember when the officials let you confront the guy that took you out? Neither do I...
Pablocruiser (1 year ago)
Didn't have the cajones to do that in DJ's face
devin taylor (6 months ago)
Eric Monaco (2 years ago)
Welp too bad Shane didnt go far in Nascar
RadmanzzZ (2 years ago)
It would be an accomplishment lol
RadmanzzZ (2 years ago)
I'd like to see him flip off Jarrett now
TheMW2informer (9 months ago)
Racing Wolf 2003 (10 months ago)
Go Fuck Yourself (1 year ago)
RadmanzzZ I think that would be VERY difficult for him to do now.
Wa2436 (2 years ago)
No one will remember punkass Shane Hmiel
Brian Neill (2 years ago)
A dipshit who wrecked someone for 12th place with 4 laps to go. Karma caught up to him in a big way.
Pissed Bob Ross (2 years ago)
Most believe Shane Hmeil was paralyzed in a dirt track wreck. The truth is, he was paralyzed at the sight of Dale Jarrett strolling like a motherfucker up that track
Michael Clayton (2 years ago)
I like your written vernacular. May I interject something? That S.O.B sitting in the car forgot there was an in car camera because he was scared shitless. Sorry Shane but no take backs and you get get back what you gave and behind Dale's back no doubt.
Ghostmotorfinger (2 years ago)
Can't blame Hmiel... I've flipped off Dale Jarrett a lot too.
Josh Drews (3 years ago)
Survivrs (3 years ago)
DJ rarely showed when he was pissed off, so this spoke volumes about the little piece of shit Hmiel. I would have to say he got what he had coming after DJ gave him a piece of his mind!!
Anthony Kernich (3 years ago)
classic old bristol, before progressive banking destroyed it
Naz Idoura (2 years ago)
Anthony Kernich yep
jeremeymcdude (3 years ago)
personally it was a dick move to bump him on the corner but the crash wasn't really much of anyone's fault. yeah Shane could have avoided it with not being a dick but it could have ended better.
Snorlak Records (3 years ago)
the two racers is real talents of american motorsports Nascar needs other racers with jarrett and hmiel styles
drakionclawers (3 years ago)
Shane always drove like an asshole, was never a fan of him..sad seeing him get hurt but glad he was out of nascar
TheMW2informer (9 months ago)
Racing Wolf 2003 sprint car crash
Racing Wolf 2003 (10 months ago)
How did he get hurt?
Zachary Campbell (3 years ago)
this could have been a lot worse than it was because DJ could have waited till the next race and wrecked him and that would not be good
TinKnocka420 (4 years ago)
NASCAR needs another Shane Hmiel. Badly.
Oscar jimenez (5 months ago)
Danica is a Female Version of Shane Hmiel
Mitch Colburn (9 months ago)
I agree. Kudos to him for not backing down from the Cup guys.
Dalf33 (1 year ago)
Hell yeah, we need more Mayfields.
FNIRTE Motorsports Insider (1 year ago)
We already have Kyle Busch....
Eric Monaco (2 years ago)
Kyle Busch
Cj Buford (4 years ago)
Hmiel's story is sad. He was a real talent.
Josh Drews (2 years ago)
Cj Buford no comment
TheBurningChicken1 (4 years ago)
Oh boy, did karma REALLY bite him. :P
jgonascar (5 years ago)
Were the fans booing Jarrett or Hmeil?
Josh Drews (1 year ago)
they were booingnthe safety truck officials trying to stop DJ. smh
NASCAR Crashes 2018 (4 years ago)
@Sodiumreactor Yea, they get in the way all to often.
Sodiumreactor (5 years ago)
I felt like they were actually booing the nascar officials because they were trying to stop Jarret from having a convo with Hmeil.  
Jim D (5 years ago)
General Winner Steve (5 years ago)
why was dale jarrett buschwacking in the first place?
Mitch Colburn (9 months ago)
@Jim D Literally all he was on, or at least all he was busted for, was marijuana. Chill out.
Josh Drews (1 year ago)
but he won it all in 99 and has 3 Daytona wins you FOOL. Change your name to "Keyboard Wetodd."
Anthony Kernich (1 year ago)
It was a little different back then - most drivers ran their own cars and got beaten fair and square by regulars. Not like Kyle Busch running with 10 times the funding of others.
Josh Drews (2 years ago)
Keyboard Warrior what's your point dipshit?
Keyboard Warrior (3 years ago)
Jarrett finished 26th in cup points in 2003, and 15th in '04 and '05. It's no different than if Aric Almirola ran a few Xfinity races today. He only ran 5 Busch races in 2005, and before that he hadn't run one since 1999.
REBJR2012 (5 years ago)
I remember this race i really thought Jarrett was going to pull him out of the car and punch him.
nascar88ford (6 years ago)
Man, I really miss the OLD Bristol...
William Vanderstarre (6 years ago)
shane H.ilow life drug addict piece of s*** certainly do not belong racin
TheRisenSoldier (6 years ago)
I understand where you're trying to come from, and God speed to the kid, but bi-polar disorder isn't an excuse to take out somebody.
Ghost Interval Productions (6 years ago)
Do you have the finish of this race?
Zachary Latimer (6 years ago)
He didn't know he had it when he was racing you stupid fuck
TheBANANAMAL (6 years ago)
he's a Hall-of-Famer now as well
weaverracing96 (6 years ago)
If he has that little control over his bipolar disorder then he doesn't belong in a fucking racecar.
nascarfanatic2425 (6 years ago)
Oh, I agree. Still, there's probably some nights he'll cry himself to sleep, because Shane knows what could've been.
nascarfanatic2425 (6 years ago)
It's very heavy, indeed. But now, he can never race again, not only because of his failed drug tests, but because he is now in total paralysis until he's put 6 feet under. Never again will Shane Hmiel be able to race. Hope he can make a bright future for his kids, though.
nascarfanatic2425 (6 years ago)
True, but he wouldn't have had to be in that race had he not done drugs the first time. Still, it's sad that he can never walk again, let alone drive a racecar.
nascarfanatic2425 (6 years ago)
Probalby high enough he should've been able to hear God say in person, "Shane... Stop doing drugs... It'll ruin your career..."
Killers65432 (6 years ago)
Didn't know they had lots of meth in Jamaica
James Moore (6 years ago)
hey. dont make fun of shane hmiel. he was in a wreck in an open wheel and now is paralized
badname1986 (6 years ago)
I miss Dale Jarrett.
chris mooney (6 years ago)
why dont you try what he did like haveing rods and everythingg else in his back and hoping to walk again and haveing to re learn everything you have nothing to talk about so shut ur fucking mouth
Gor Buch (6 years ago)
it was stupid
ralph ayers (6 years ago)
sure is,trying to be what you're not=race car driver.
ralph ayers (6 years ago)
Shane is the son of Steve Hmiel,that worked for Jack Rousch=Mark Martin's crew chief years ago=when mark got into Nascar,Shane is paying a heavy price for driving stupid.
efan2011 (6 years ago)
It's nice to see Shane straightened up finally after all this time. Hopefully this had a part to do with it in some way.
Josh Harter (6 years ago)
Shane Hmiel is actually a good guy. He admits he screwed up his NASCAR career and he is a lot better guy now. Go watch the story on him guys. Everyone makes him seem like a bad man but he's not. He just made bad choices.
david wood (9 months ago)
Everybody's sorry after thy ruin their lives.
drosera88 (6 years ago)
Paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Really. Rolled and went basically head-first into a concrete barrier at a dirt-track and almost died. You can find the crash on YouTube. His career is basically over for the foreseeable future unless he's one of those people who eventually manage to rehabilitate after a decade or two.
Diego Ospina (6 years ago)
Where is Shane Hmiel today?
david wood (9 months ago)
Dawn Carter (6 years ago)
Everyone is forgetting that Shane is the guy that wore a pot leaf on his driving suit no smart, plus that wasn't the first time he and jarrett got into it on the track DJ is responsible for Shane being tested. Just stating facts.
Joey Crook (7 years ago)
shane must have wanted to bulldoze his way for his once a season top 10
Slichkit (7 years ago)
He just told him he was number 1... What's so wrong with that?!
cason211 (7 years ago)
@Labatt35 Not cool man...
Nicky D (7 years ago)
he got ban from nascar for life filed drug test
Caley Kruse (7 years ago)
sounds like your butthurt
JCpatriots (7 years ago)
Not deadly, but he was paralysed in the accident.
kartguy2 (7 years ago)
oh he is that guy that had a deadly sprint car crash...other than that i have NO idea lol
MrSnowrocks (7 years ago)
O really? So I guess Steve Kinser has a day job?
Labatt35 (7 years ago)
Karma is a bitch ain't it Shane.
KingMattXL (7 years ago)
No series, I just race locally.
KingMattXL (7 years ago)
I race both Pavement and Dirt, and trust me, pavement is tougher. And also, the pavement is where the money is. You aint gonna make no money racing Dirt
ThreeSevenSpeedway (7 years ago)
Racist f*cking bigot.
ThreeSevenSpeedway (7 years ago)
NASCAR shit is always the best shit. Indiana - WTF is that?
Aaron Mauss (7 years ago)
a stoned cripple
ThreeSevenSpeedway (7 years ago)
Well, if Shane was so good at the USAC, and being so high on drugs, why did he even take on NASCAR in the first place?
xX60DemonDrummer09Xx (7 years ago)
You do know that many Sprint Series racers compete in the Busch series, for different reason right? Also some racers like Jarrett just love to race, whether it's the Cup, Busch, or Truck series
theracingguru21 (7 years ago)
it is so sad, he had so much potential, but racecar drivers with baaaaaad tempers like this will never make it. i know one myself. I hope he recovers, but, i just think that drugs ruin everything, drugs will especially ruin a career in racing.
Ace Moneymaker (7 years ago)
@xX60DemonDrummer09Xx a guy who died 4 times in the hospital and is trying to walk with 18 inch rods in his back. Do you have the balls to do it? probably not
43labontepetty (7 years ago)
@xX60DemonDrummer09Xx He's an excellent sprint car driver that had a bad crash last year and is now paralyzed. I'm sorry, it's hard to tell sarcasm on a computer. I don't know why people hate him. he's a good guy and yes, that probably should have been handled a little differently, but, he thought that was a conversation between him and DJ, not the world and everyone in it. still don't see why people hate him.
TimBodie2412 (8 years ago)
i wish Shane Hmiel would have spent his career in NASCAR better. he was a great driver but then he screws up and gets banned. he won in USAC im pretty sure and then he gets into a wreck. hes changed now but he will probably never drive again, he is still a great inspiration after he cleaned up his act.
crit1227 (8 years ago)
LMAO!... what an ass
2441kyle (8 years ago)
i think he did that on purpes
Anarchist86ed (8 years ago)
@xX60DemonDrummer09Xx he won a truck race then became a crack head, then tried to redeem himself, now he's crippled. Have a small bit of compassion for him...
xX60DemonDrummer09Xx (8 years ago)
Dale Jarrett- 3 time Daytona 500 winner (1993, 1996, 2000), 2 time Brickyard 400 winner (1996, 1999), 1999 Winston Cup Champion, 668 races ran over a 24 year career with 32 wins, and 260 top tens. Shane Hmiel- who the hell is that?
osubuckeyes14 (8 years ago)
@jeffg24LT21 the kid had a mental disorder, bipolar. he has changed, ive met him personally. so you can shut the fuck up you ignorant shithead.
david wood (9 months ago)
He has changed, he can't walk.
jeffg24LT21 (8 years ago)
fucking dick deserves to be in a wheelchair. and dont tell me he changed and he was making a comeback fuck that people like him never change
Suzanne Martin (8 years ago)
@jrmb08 When was Shane diagnosed as being bipolar? Was he diagnosed before this race? If he hadn't yet been diagnosed, I can't believe people didn't notice with this kind of behavior.
Yreadth1s (8 years ago)
who cares who likes witch driver more its fun as hell to see stuff like this happen.
Crusty Fap Sock (8 years ago)
RDNation1328 (8 years ago)
Shane Hmiel raced no different then Dale Earnhardt Sr. because dale would wreck you if there were 100 laps to go if he wanted to so there is nothing wrong with shanes driving stile and i feel bad for him he had a future in racing and now its gone because he is basically crippled.
vinnie vincent (8 years ago)
@pwnzor3000 ofcourse his mom is gonna say that....thats what a mom should say.he is a loser..plain and simple.spoiled rotten kid that thought the world was his and no one can stop him.....and look at where he is now.tim richmond was the same way....look where it got him.
Josh Bolden (8 years ago)
Apparently all you idiots who are still making insensitive comments have heard that Shane is now paralyzed from the chest down I believe. Was he a jerk when he did this yes. But does that mean its ok to be a jerk about a guy who is possibly permanently injured. Heck no its not
Jason Tigno (8 years ago)
shane hmiel i thought was going to be big in the the cup series, he's just a punk though
Michael Dillon Harrison (8 years ago)
too bad he got hurt in a usac race
no3no1fan (8 years ago)
Shane Hmeil is lucky he didn't get his a** kicked by DJ
CherylKimberleylover (8 years ago)
is this busch series?
Elon Musk (1 month ago)
CherylKimberleylover yea
Christian Martin (8 years ago)
osubuckeyes14 (8 years ago)
shane hmeils an amazing racer. he was an asshole back then though. but i talked to him and he's really got his shit together. but then he got in that crash and got paralyzed. it's tough he was finally a decent guy then he gets injured the same think happened to chris henry. in football he got his act together then was killed. but still shane was moving through the ranks in nascar until the ban, and was tagged as the next indy car star until the injury. that takes skill.
Ryan Hanson (8 years ago)
This guy certainly could've given Kyle Busch a run for his money.
Elon Musk (1 month ago)
Ryan Hanson nah
david wood (9 months ago)
He can't walk, much less run.
Bajawoosh (8 years ago)
@COrEYSPRINGAAHHH He's in full body paralysis right now.
Jim HDrider (8 years ago)
@gobackto82 Didnt mean to wreck him what the hell were you watching. He bumped and ran 3 cars prior to Jarrett then he bumped him 3 times. (hands glasses to gobackto82
Jim HDrider (8 years ago)
Shane was banned for failing 3 drug tests. This explains his method of driving