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Scumbag neighbor does yard work

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Why bother bagging your leaves when you can just blow them across the street?
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Tony Daly (9 months ago)
Cars drive by and crush the leaves, so what? She doesnt even have trees and you expect her to pick up all her neighbors leaves from their trees, yeah right! Not going to happen this life time. They have vacuum mulchers now and blower combos so tell her about it so she knows.
Mike Oudt (10 months ago)
What is the guy on sidewalk doing?
I'LL BE BACK ! (10 months ago)
Blow em back dude !
Stacey Vickery (10 months ago)
When my son does our yard and blows it afterward he also blows the whole cul de sac.
tortilla1soup (11 months ago)
You can actually call the police & they give a citation/fine for anyone doing this. Whether it is leaves, mowed grass, brush, whatever. They don't tell them who called.
Tammy Bowers (11 months ago)
id get out there take a leaf blower and blow those leaves over on their side ha ha lol.
kturob (1 year ago)
I agree with the guy why should he have to clean the leaves up he has no trees I have no trees and I get the most leaves on my block. But the only difference is I clean the stupid leaves up myself when I really shouldn't but I have a scumbag neighbor who would say something and then the his leaves and he still gets mad
crashweaverda (1 year ago)
Just call the cops. In most places putting leaves or snow in the street like that against the law.
OLD SCHOOL (1 year ago)
The cameraman's yard looks like crap.
Regina St. John (1 year ago)
We only pile ours into the street city picks them up with vacuum trucks
Stax of Funk (1 year ago)
I think all yall got a screw loose. She should be bagging what lands in her yard as well as the rest of ya but your too busy filming it and the other guy is too busy monitoring her leaf blowing skills. Seems the three of ya could have these bagged and put out for leaf collection in a snap. She blows, you scoop and the other guy holds open the bags then ties em off.
Joseph G (1 year ago)
That’s a hell of a lot of leaves that I wouldn’t want on my yard either. And I sure as hell wouldn’t bag up someone else leaves either. I would blow them back on that persons yard.
WaRio cAm (1 year ago)
Scumbag? She is just mentally slow like the young man out there with her. Go out n talk to her before you post stuff like this.
steven ramrodd (1 year ago)
wat town so i dont go?
Donald Lewis (1 year ago)
Doesnt everyond have a neighbor like that mine would have a beer in one hand and his radio turned up so he didnt have to hear his leaf blower
Xander Vuitton (1 year ago)
I can read between the lines,he's thinking:these leaves are not mine,why should I pick them?
SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan (1 year ago)
Zoom lens. Go to City council if you have problem.
Random randomness (1 year ago)
Quit crying you whiny bitch .....
Chase Holstein (1 year ago)
People need to stop crying over leaves... You want people to sympathize with your situation but you look and sound dumb crying over leaves... First World problems here... Nothing more.
Margaret Menefee (1 year ago)
I don't see a tree in the so called scumbags yard.
Tony D (1 year ago)
Nice neighbor you are, not helping bagging up the leaves since you know that lot has no trees on it.
Mushroom Elm (1 year ago)
Why blow the leaves away? It's better for your yard if you mulch them in a law mower and let them decay. Good for the soil and good for your grass. That's one of the reasons leaves fall in the first place. Lol. Not once in over 8 years of living in a home, have I ever bagged leaves up and threw them away. And every year..My yard is green come spring while all my neighbors stead mulch and growth supplements.
Eric Colby (1 year ago)
You should have gone out there with a leaf blower and started blowing them back onto her side of the street
Storm Bolt (1 year ago)
More dislikes than likes? Guess the real scumbag has been exposed huh?
Diana Herron (1 year ago)
Lol you can't fix stupid
readyset (1 year ago)
Who is the guy who keeps walking up and down the sidewalk?
Gorillajuice2009 (1 year ago)
readyset drug dealer
David Davis (2 years ago)
I bet you record them daily..maybe you the scumbag..
Trudi Fruty (2 years ago)
Looks like to me they are your leave's from your tree, he's just putting them back were they belong.lol
Rick Dean (2 years ago)
Whats that stupid kid doing on the sidewalk? Looks like he has a radar detector or something in his hand.
try lamb (2 years ago)
Id rather see a video were you go outside and help them with the yardwork that would be cool!
Chastity Gullett (1 year ago)
try lamb (2 years ago)
i never bag leaves thats too much work! Bagging leaves is for old ladys!! HA HA ! I run mine over with the mower turnes them into dust. Nothing is worse than a nozy neighbor!
chamboyette853 (2 years ago)
kook videos - The problem I have with this video is that in no part do you even mention the grandeur of the Roman Empire, which will remembered by millions if not billions for centuries to come. Whereas your trivial problem will be forgotten by most in a few weeks.
JIM Short (2 years ago)
I noticed, as I think others have also noticed. This neighbor does not have a single tree in their yard. Would I have done, what this person did, NO. I would have had or gotten some type of mulching device be it a lawnmower or some kind of devise which can suck up the leaves and mulch them. The bottom line for this deal is the leaves or at lease a large part of them are going to find there way back into this yard. The reality of the situation is these people made a chose to live in this location. Falling leaves to the ground and being blown into the yard comes with the neighborhood and to do what they are doing will not ultimately solve the problem.
Shirley Senkler (2 years ago)
In my city it is illegal to blow or rake leaves/grass into the street.
Christopher Parisi (2 years ago)
call the cops
Alexandra nyc (2 years ago)
i would tell the neighbor you're suppose to blow the leaves into a pile & THEN PICK THEM UP! can she be so stupid or just stupidly rude?!
Jason Michel (2 years ago)
Another by product of over development, if u lived in the woods leaves are a cakewalk
Water Melon (2 years ago)
Get a life
bleachinuri Caruthers (2 years ago)
Well the problem is I have tress in my yard and so does the neighbors, it's hard to tell who's leaves are who's I can't watch all of them everyday
POC Skellington (2 years ago)
they will blow back over😂
Chevy Silver-Ray-Dough (2 years ago)
You call him the scumbag but hey his yard is cleaner than yours
Busta Move (2 years ago)
I thought I'd have an unpopular opinion but a glance through the comments suggests otherwise. That neighbor has no trees on his property. Those leaves came from someone else's yard. Why should he have to do the effort of raking and bagging when it's not from his trees? Maybe the true scumbag neighbor is the one with the tree who won't go clean up his neighbor's yard.
Ray Neil (2 years ago)
True but whose to say who's leaves they are could be anybodys.
m (2 years ago)
dont see any tree's in they yard so what the fuck should they have to rake up someone else fucking leaves????????? i do the same, it's yours so you get to fucking clean the fuckers up!!!!!!! now go back to wacking off watching child porn instead of posting shit videos!
Knighth2o (2 years ago)
It boggles my brain that people actually give a fuck about little things like leaves in their yard. Like i barely feel the need to wipe my ass after i shit what are you guys tripping about
Random randomness (1 year ago)
+Ivan Hardon so ..... Piss off , it's not your yard .... It's your neighbor ...
Big Beaty Swollocks (2 years ago)
alpha 1997 oh yes you can. If for example I wanted to sell a house and my next door neighbour was dirty then it can devalue my house by between 5-10%
Alexandra nyc (2 years ago)
hopefully we will never meet.
alpha 1997 (2 years ago)
Robert Swift a investor wont mark down the value for leves in the yard an boxes in the house lol an yes that is considered dirty
Robert Swift (2 years ago)
if your place is dirty alpha,good luck getting top value for that dump
Zero Cool (2 years ago)
You are the one who's scum bag here
jhuyffj (2 years ago)
Mind your own Business and stop being a little bitch,,,,,
tony turtle (2 years ago)
wat a waste , shes blowin them all out in the road , just think how many times they cud wipe ther arse wid them leaves and not but shit paper
bicanroman (2 years ago)
He has no tree.I would do same 😝😝😝
Joeys Bestfriend (2 years ago)
You need a job
Draco04 (2 years ago)
That's when you grab a leaf blower and join his ass. Start blowing them back. Fuck that guy.
Kim Albrecht (2 years ago)
omg...it's just freaking leaves...they will there every freaking year...let it go.
Plant Stuff (2 years ago)
become one with the wind and sky
Big AL (2 years ago)
Who's the retarded guy walking back and forth?
Alexandra nyc (2 years ago)
he obviously has a mental issue. ive seen that behavior before many times. they walk back & forth in their own world. im sure the neighbors know him which is why the neighbor ignores him.
Charles Olson (2 years ago)
He's was taking a video of his neighbour taking a video of them, he put it on youtube....500k views. Can't get worse than that people taking videos of this shit and we watch it.
Matt Brad (2 years ago)
Do you have no balls. Go out and ask whats going on
Sarah Lane (2 years ago)
How do these people ever survive to the age they do? Acting like children. Smh
Matt Foster (2 years ago)
hell..if i didnt have any trees in my yard and they came from next door..i'd blow them back too
Dave Blackett (2 years ago)
seriously if your going to film something KEEP the bloody camera still and the subject in sodding view
Roger Grose (2 years ago)
You can call the cops on her, that's against city ordinance!!
Unkraut60 (2 years ago)
Roger Grose and as soon as the cop leaves you can go over there and execute the whole family with a pistol shot in the back of the head
Mustang gang 5.0 (2 years ago)
Roger Grose stop snitching
BIGBOI (3 years ago)
kookvideos uh boo who have a cry
jo3tag (5 years ago)
You call them 'his leaves' yet I see no trees in his yard. So technically, they are not his, but someone else's that wound up in his yard.
kturob (1 year ago)
I have a scumbag neighbor I have no trees on my property and I get all of his leaves I even had to company because I had surgery last year clean up the leaves for me cuz I usually do it and he actually got mad at the company and yelled at the guy for blowing leaves onto his lawn Festival of the guy was blowing the office on anyway but they went on his lawn by accident the guy is the biggest scumbag I hate people that have trees they go on my property and then get mad at people that don't have trees why should we have to clean them up
madcad95 (1 year ago)
All my neighbors have trees except for me and they all end up in my yard I blow them out to the street as well not picking up leaves from others trees everyday,every year of my life
Joanna Mallory (1 year ago)
jo3tag if they are in your yard, they're yours regardless of where they came from. You don't get to clean your yard by blowing them into someone else's!
Alexandra nyc (2 years ago)
once they're on your property, technically, you own those leaves. its been a headache between neighbors for decades. i cant believe im discussing this on a sleepless night.
Parker Birch (2 years ago)
The guy next door to her has the tree, she is just helping him