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The Time China Had a 12 Day Long Traffic Jam

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Text Comments (1716)
Dolfy Parodies (2 hours ago)
Imagine if you were a kid and that was your way to school
NickCromptonVEVO (12 hours ago)
If you live in Seattle it can take 3 hours to move half a mile Also have you heard of the taco truck in Seattle that made 1k in a day because of a car accident while they were on the road
DelluXeD (1 day ago)
Philippines has forever traffic jam
Unever Studios (2 days ago)
Wait is this wendover’s second channe?!?!?! How have I never known?
Tanish upreti (3 days ago)
Love ur videos!
Mrtechnology Expert (3 days ago)
What is that Banaue Rice Terraces. It's from Philippines not China.
Andres Medina (3 days ago)
Go to the point
John Quigg (4 days ago)
You think that's impressive? Well, in America, traffic jams are nonstop!
Goldsevez (5 days ago)
china numbar wan!1!! #1
[ERROR]UsEr_NAMe_ErrOR ! (5 days ago)
*-cow farts-* Corolla
Ryan Gamer (5 days ago)
I have signed briliant
jj003333 (5 days ago)
Wrong. Cows produce methane yes. But ground that has no plant life cover produces 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide methane and other hazardous chemicals into the air that cows do. There's a recent study that shows that if you get a bunch of cows and or Buffalo to march across the land to tear up the soil and leave behind droppings, a huge pound of natural plant growth will happen naturally and immediately. Covering up arid soil that would otherwise turn to Desert and stopping the huge amounts of hazardous chemicals that are being produced anywhere that there is no plant life. Cows are the solution not the problem
Anthony Barbosa (7 days ago)
Skip to 1:00 to avoid liberal propaganda
nGon- (7 days ago)
"Water, which was normally sold for 1 yuan, was now sold for 15" "But I thought we were comrades..."
Tucker Busfield (8 days ago)
I'm not a flat Earthener. I am a cylindrical Earthener.
zulfi akram (8 days ago)
Eeeee, China only use 1 time zone?
wylde678 (10 days ago)
Cupcaek (12 days ago)
I’ll never complain about Bay Area and LA traffic again....
mom2wyatt (12 days ago)
Batman reboots....a renewable source of energy? LOL! Did you stick that in to see if we're really listening?
Bing Bong (13 days ago)
Just gonna put it out there, China isn't and never was 'communist'.
Olivera Ostojic (15 days ago)
Serbia loves China, kisses
Connor Brennan (16 days ago)
You know you’re doing well on YouTube when Justin Y comments
Gergő Antal (16 days ago)
*God left*
visionsofpromise (16 days ago)
Answer for the title is at @3:13
SuperWheatley (17 days ago)
All that and you didn't show any video or pics of it?
Ian Dante (17 days ago)
If Elon musk was there, China’s traffic problem could’ve been solved
Evan Lutz (19 days ago)
You forgot something they also don’t have porn
1000 subscribers with only dumb videos (19 days ago)
2:25 nope in the province of xinjang the time zone is diffrent
Totally not the flash :3 (19 days ago)
12 Days ? Not a Nation that i would ever visit...
Cazacu Iulian (20 days ago)
what do cows do?
Federico Olivares (21 days ago)
Skips 2 weeks of work Hey... traffic was really havy boss!
Gemma Laping (23 days ago)
On the first day of christmas My true highway gave to me A day of being stressed and waiting
Ben Cofield (23 days ago)
Why does traffic exist? Bitch just drive
Midnight Pajamas (24 days ago)
Brilliant doesn't have a course on apocalyptic jam?!?! I'm never going to use it.
Skankhunt42 (24 days ago)
Hell no.
Tshegofatso Kungoane (25 days ago)
Wow, here I am complaining about staying in traffic for 40 min.
Tiara Medina (25 days ago)
*I know this is North Korea, but it does look quite a bit like China -Animator* HAHAHAHA
Jam (25 days ago)
My Favourite Jam is Traffic Jams. it’s in the name.
Cosmic Plasma Hydra (25 days ago)
And I can't even stay in a traffic jam for one hour
Ava Jingozian (25 days ago)
superapple4ever (26 days ago)
I would have to kill myself if I was stuck on that highway. I live in San Antonio where all the people from California keep moving here and our highways are completely overcrowded what used to take me 12 to 15 minutes to get to work now takes me almost 40 to 45 minutes to get to work and I can’t stand it. :(
superapple4ever (26 days ago)
Man I can’t wait to get my low gas mileage large engine American car and drive down the highway about 5 miles to my barber shop and have a Budweiser and a cheeseburger.
WaterNickel88 4 (26 days ago)
Yes, global warming isn't real, but do you actually think the earth is flat
Dragance (26 days ago)
how did they survive from no water or food???
Yacov Paley (27 days ago)
I get needing to extend the video to be able to make some money off it, but it should take over half the video to get to the main video.
Phillip Habsburg (28 days ago)
This video is very misleading. For instance he claims Chinese are rich which they are not. The average Mexican gets paid more than the average Chinese......
Bustamoo (27 days ago)
Phillip Habsburg Claims they’re now “somewhat rich”, which in many cases they are, as they’re ranked 72nd out of 188 countries for GDP per capita. Richer than 116 other counties. 🤷‍♂️
Cici Brown (28 days ago)
“Like wind or Batman reboots” 😂
Diego G (29 days ago)
the problem with china is they have so much money now and they study hard to be engineers and doctors but they have no fucking brain. no management. they r hard workers but do not know how to plan things out. its like the things china does is impulsive
Hangaloid Main (29 days ago)
Subscribe to Piewdiepie! >^> Join the PvTs War. Im doing my part! Are you?? Pewdiepie must not lose!
Scowler (29 days ago)
Hamburgers killing the planet? Bullshit.
Comic Sans (29 days ago)
"Like wind or Batman movies"
HassanLechkar (1 month ago)
3:49 Whoops, there's a LeftoverCurrency.com watermark!
ally. (1 month ago)
Well, time to stock the car with food, water and a pack of cards in case this happens
Nick Talleyrand (1 month ago)
Just shoot the truck drivers and burn their trucks. That's what a good chinese government would so.
林德 (1 month ago)
In China, coal is mostly transported by trains, I guess someone doesn't know that
OlhaOGás - osu! related videos (1 month ago)
Oh, old history. It was because of Oyota Carl Hola. Infamous entrepeneur of China
Triggered Ostrich (1 month ago)
Alexandru Tănase (1 month ago)
"hey uhh, how much are you going to be late?" "don kno... Bout a week? Two?" "ahhh, good, ok, it's faster than expected"
Botong Lin (1 month ago)
4:36 Bitrate Destruction
Caged (1 month ago)
I will remember this next time I'm sitting on I-95.
HybridHD (1 month ago)
If I got stuck in that traffic jam i would abandon my car.
Sir Wallace of Bauer, Esq., DDS (1 month ago)
Lolz we're all gonna die because cows fart too much.
John Badcock (1 month ago)
On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 1 massive traffic jam
Rj Pena (1 month ago)
I thought the world said that the Philippines had the worst traffic in the world! make up your minds media!
chit cheung (1 month ago)
I am in that
Craft MANIA (1 month ago)
Too much Toyota corollas
Craft MANIA (1 month ago)
Spoiler alert. A lot of humour find if u can
Joshua Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Whoa! The only science guy that doesn’t believe in global warming? I’m losing faith in humanity
That Finnish Guy (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that just noticed that you are wendover productions
sofia (1 month ago)
And I thought la traffic was bad.
Zachary Entz (1 month ago)
Cows farts are going to kill us all? I cannot believe that is actually been repeated.
Moksum (1 month ago)
batman reboots are a renewable resource. wow
The nazi Tanzanite Kiwi (1 month ago)
024 the earth isn’t flat you stupid idiots
Random vidsss (1 month ago)
uhh, that is Banaue Rice Terraces on 0:16 , i dont know if this exist on China
Cossi Cowens (1 month ago)
First 3 minutes talking shit about coal. If I wanted to listen to that crap I would search for totally boring info about coal.
Tekno77 (1 month ago)
Jn Nurlan (1 month ago)
I wouldn't last in this situation.
Camper Van Elvis I toof on you (1 month ago)
The USA built up China buying their cheap garbage
purplerains (1 month ago)
"the best place to learn complex concepts as they teach the intuitive principles so you understand rather than just learn" The college-went-to person in me (is me?!) is made sad and disturbed by these words
Dani de Janeiro (1 month ago)
Did you say China doesn't have timezones?
Skitzoid Coder (1 month ago)
0:35 just for reference, the "richest 1% of the world" statistically has a net worth of $770,000 usd and or makes $32000 usd a year. the 1% isnt what many think it is. (the 0.0001%)
oNile (1 month ago)
There's no going back :'D
s h a n e s diet r o o t b e e r (1 month ago)
I’m from Miami and I feel like I’m living on tr sun in summer
Salomao Serra (1 month ago)
"This isn't maintainable long-term because coal isn't a reusable resource like wind or... Batman reboots" I laughed so loud.
sumanth chamarthi (1 month ago)
King Wiwuz IV (1 month ago)
//The best thing you could do to combat turning Minneapolis into Miami would be to be poor// But then Minneapolis would turn into Mogadishu
McBrian (1 month ago)
how to cause *traffic jam* You that crazy?
Stewie Griffin (1 month ago)
"Boss, I can't make it too work today. I'm stuck in traffic."
Nippon Paint (1 month ago)
What is car free day? China only knows school free day lol
KP Tutorials and Gaming Partheepan (1 month ago)
Imagine if this was your route to school. When you finally arrive at school the school term has finished.
I'm Jinhwan's SEXY MOLE and P.O'S LIPS (1 month ago)
Wife: When will you be home? Husband: 8 more days hon
Platinum Box’s (1 month ago)
Man and I thought 2 hours was annoying
kenan Sljivo gaming (1 month ago)
The earth is flat never knew that Just kidding the earth is a sphere
enos baltazar (1 month ago)
Did he say the earth is flat?
Xx[Beat It]xX (1 month ago)
On the twelfth days of christmas the traffic jam gave to me : clearance
Zyp Nation (1 month ago)
Atoshi Goder (1 month ago)
Official Uk (1 month ago)
“On the 12th day of traffic my true love gave to me, *A divorce*
Shahidh Ilhan (1 month ago)
Boss : Why are you so late!
Zhou Xinbo (1 month ago)
I live in China now and this is beyond hysterically accurate