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The Time China Had a 12 Day Long Traffic Jam

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Text Comments (1837)
Cheeto Dawson (1 hour ago)
I'm not American but I wish trump nuclear china
Miles Jolly (12 hours ago)
1:59 lol
Mikhail Gorbachev (15 hours ago)
i was actually stuck in g110 for hours once. i had to walk in front of the car and get the trucks to make way just to move
SwitchbackSylveon (3 days ago)
Meh, not as bad as the traffic in my city in Cities Skylines.
NoobDoesTheInternet (4 days ago)
dang imagine if you cant hold your pee in that traffic jam
Mister Orange Juice (4 days ago)
j a m j a m n e v e r e c h a n g e s
Zoi Shannon (5 days ago)
And of course, life's an illusion and the Moons a hologram......
Jeff Goldblum (5 days ago)
On the first day of traffic my true love gave to me
Pink fluffy unicorn Dancing on a rainbow (6 days ago)
I used to live in China 🇨🇳 and it takes a long time just to get on a bus and go 3 kilometers
Nerd Pepe (8 days ago)
Doesn't china pay people 30cents an hour tho
Tech Help Portal (10 days ago)
If you park three cars bumper to bumper i 405 that would cause a humongous traffic jam
Eason and George (11 days ago)
yeah you have to have VPN in china to co to say, youtube, instagram and facebook. i had a lot of experience with THAT....
Boi Dat (12 days ago)
0:15-1:05 how does this relate to the title
Robbie Steel (13 days ago)
i would've been turning 8 yrs old on August 14 2010 UTC :3
Dan Raymond (14 days ago)
This made me wholeheartedly agree with subsidized abortions.
DESTROYER67732 (16 days ago)
Country roads take me home
Chasp1ke (16 days ago)
China should've stick with using Toyota Corolla's.
bloxsclaymation (16 days ago)
A Situation that you experience in City Skylines but in real life.
Jason Learakos (17 days ago)
*lack of railroads* They need more railroads!
aayus patre (17 days ago)
Thank you for sponsering me for free 😆
Shobin Thomas (18 days ago)
apocalyptic jam lol
c Benz (19 days ago)
please raise money for this guy so his not poor because if he was he would turn Minneapolis to Miami
InterZtellar (22 days ago)
2nd song???
NemesisAsh (23 days ago)
*who punished him severely*
Đức Phạm (25 days ago)
Not good China!
Icetip Berged Official Gaming Channel (26 days ago)
When there's forever in a traffic but not into a relationship... :(
TheQuyman (26 days ago)
So we should kill all the cows and just have a massive cookout
Ungregistered User (27 days ago)
Global warming*isn't real* it's China screwing with the polar jet stream! Says NASA JPL and California Institute of Technology.
Trevor Morgan (29 days ago)
China sucks
Blanco (29 days ago)
Pretty sure they actually went for coal, solar and wind at the same time. They are the world leaders in all three domains. Also their new coal power plants has much cleaner coal and emit far less than old ones. They are actually massively decreasing their emission every year. Edit: they could be far cleaner if they wanted to, but right now they’re still investing into coal cuz it boosts the economy and makes more money.
Artonline (29 days ago)
You won me over when you compared batman to wind power.
Demir Pepeljak (30 days ago)
Almost 4 out 5 mins of the video you talked about how they get energy. Nice.
Rogue Maniac (30 days ago)
*Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie* *Subscribe to pewdiepie*
Puppies4Life (30 days ago)
“Sorry, grandma, I’m a bit late for dinner”
Fiona Davies (1 month ago)
B b
itznotjeff ok (1 month ago)
Traffic is yaaaaaa
Tom Daniel (1 month ago)
If ur gonna be in a traffic jam for 12 days, ur gonna have to have something to do. Why not use wIX
Nguyen Khoi Phan (1 month ago)
"On the 12 day of traffic my true love gave to me..."
Justin Y. (1 month ago)
”At the first day of traffic...”
Elizabeth Marco (1 month ago)
No joke, that’s why I’m vegan. I’m trying to do my part for the environment
Aaron John Cuestas (1 month ago)
1:50 Racist!!!! JK love yah HAI!
A Person (1 month ago)
What if the zombie apocalypse began in China and they were all stuck on the highway
Apollo Takh (1 month ago)
Just get to the point... You keep on talking unrelatable shit for a long time....
lolita sky (1 month ago)
*_Toyota corollas have entered the chat_*
Cee Jenkins (1 month ago)
the first minute of the video was fuckin pointless
Sorryandrew (1 month ago)
Just fucking walk
Bryan William (1 month ago)
Damn your China roast
Catstuffies Tran (1 month ago)
_gLoBal WaRmInG iSn'T r E a L AND tHe EaRtH iS f L a t_ smh
blobfish gaming (1 month ago)
Describe China in three words *crammed, communist and country*
Survesh Jones (1 month ago)
0:55 NOT COOL DUDE. Don't blame a country just for living their lives. The wrong is on all of us!
chumbuckery777 (1 month ago)
Global warming was debunked by scientists over 10 years ago. They now call it "global climate change" and determined it is a 100% NATURAL process. STOP with the liberal lies and agenda pushing. America and the rest of the world are sick of it.
Valgo Fire (1 month ago)
Kids driving away to the UK so they can watch Peppa Pig again
Parameshwarran Mathiarasun (1 month ago)
I don't get the Toyota Corolla jokes. Can someone pls help me out?
Kenzir EZ (1 month ago)
He sounds like Wendover Productions...
Eatyour Burger (1 month ago)
He is.
Ryan M. (1 month ago)
That unsatisfying feeling when the view count is 999,997 views
Ben Kaufman (1 month ago)
One time in Fort Lauderdale traffic was backed up one hour because a fucking dump truck was on fire. It’s just so fucking Floridian.
PandasHyper9000 (1 month ago)
Flat earther idiot
Randuffler (1 month ago)
+Colby Gordon Not you my dude. PandasHyper9000 is
Colby Gordon (1 month ago)
Honestly can’t tell if I’m being wooshed.
Randuffler (1 month ago)
Eatyour Burger (1 month ago)
Colby Gordon (1 month ago)
Dude, he was joking about the flat earth thing. Ever heard of sarcasm.
Axelfirekirby (1 month ago)
basicly me when i play cities skylines
CRAY O ZEE (1 month ago)
Thanks China, for being a real life meme
SimplyOddish (1 month ago)
The longest trafric jam started to be b2b on my birthday! Ayyyyyyyy!
The Legend Gamer (1 month ago)
Randuffler (1 month ago)
+The Legend Gamer r/woooosh
The Legend Gamer (1 month ago)
Eatyour Burger (1 month ago)
Yes, that is the joke.
Colby Gordon (1 month ago)
He was being sarcastic...
Jorge Montoto (1 month ago)
On the 12th day of christmas my true love sent to me 12 days of traffic
Vipul Singh (1 month ago)
The only chinese thing that lasted very long. lol
Sturr Animations (1 month ago)
crazy rich aisans
Da sad default boi (2 months ago)
0:25 did I hear that right?
Randuffler (1 month ago)
It's a joke dude
Tyler Almquist (2 months ago)
On the twelfth day of traffic....
CryptikRiter (2 months ago)
*im gonna be late now*
Milo (2 months ago)
bro how tf is monkey gonna borrow a bana bro how he gon give it back if it already ate
MrBaloo90 (2 months ago)
I came to HAI for the cool info overload and stood for the superb shade HAI be throwing all over the place! <3
Peridot TheClod (2 months ago)
In Cities skylines I had Forever Traffic
The world of wolves Moonlight wolf (2 months ago)
The clown fish (2 months ago)
I thought this video is going to be a parody of 12 days of christmas
Dutch Van Der Linde (2 months ago)
Imagine if you were a kid and that was your way to school
Anti T-Series Clan (2 months ago)
If you live in Seattle it can take 3 hours to move half a mile Also have you heard of the taco truck in Seattle that made 1k in a day because of a car accident while they were on the road
Googlewhyistherenoavailablefkingname ahhhasdad90001 (2 months ago)
Philippines has forever traffic jam
Unever Studios (2 months ago)
Wait is this wendover’s second channe?!?!?! How have I never known?
Tanish upreti (2 months ago)
Love ur videos!
Mrtechnology Expert (2 months ago)
What is that Banaue Rice Terraces. It's from Philippines not China.
Andres Medina (2 months ago)
Go to the point
John Quigg (2 months ago)
You think that's impressive? Well, in America, traffic jams are nonstop!
Goldsevez (2 months ago)
china numbar wan!1!! #1
F B I (2 months ago)
*-cow farts-* Corolla
Ryan Gamer (2 months ago)
I have signed briliant
jj003333 (2 months ago)
Wrong. Cows produce methane yes. But ground that has no plant life cover produces 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide methane and other hazardous chemicals into the air that cows do. There's a recent study that shows that if you get a bunch of cows and or Buffalo to march across the land to tear up the soil and leave behind droppings, a huge pound of natural plant growth will happen naturally and immediately. Covering up arid soil that would otherwise turn to Desert and stopping the huge amounts of hazardous chemicals that are being produced anywhere that there is no plant life. Cows are the solution not the problem
Anthony Barbosa (2 months ago)
Skip to 1:00 to avoid liberal propaganda
nGon- (2 months ago)
"Water, which was normally sold for 1 yuan, was now sold for 15" "But I thought we were comrades..."
Tucker Busfield (2 months ago)
I'm not a flat Earthener. I am a cylindrical Earthener.
zulfi akram (2 months ago)
Eeeee, China only use 1 time zone?
wylde678 (2 months ago)
Cupcaek (2 months ago)
I’ll never complain about Bay Area and LA traffic again....
mom2wyatt (2 months ago)
Batman reboots....a renewable source of energy? LOL! Did you stick that in to see if we're really listening?
Bing Bong (2 months ago)
Just gonna put it out there, China isn't and never was 'communist'.
Olivera Ostojic (2 months ago)
Serbia loves China, kisses
Connor Brennan (2 months ago)
You know you’re doing well on YouTube when Justin Y comments
okwjoe 77 (2 months ago)
*God left*
visionsofpromise (2 months ago)
Answer for the title is at @3:13
SuperWheatley (2 months ago)
All that and you didn't show any video or pics of it?
Ian Dante (2 months ago)
If Elon musk was there, China’s traffic problem could’ve been solved
Evan Lutz (2 months ago)
You forgot something they also don’t have porn