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Battling rain, wind and chilly conditions, Kye Kelley and the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings managed to put on a great show at RT66 Joliet! Rain all day Friday and into the night with cold temps plus high winds led to a starting time of 11pm along with a very sketchy track surface! Kye, not in the 32 Invitational yet, had but one chance Friday night with The Shocker to claim one of the two last remaining spots with the "race your ride in" invite bonus against Chris "Kamikaze" Day's Twin Turbo El Camino. Unfortunately Kye shook the tires and lost traction and did a great job to save the car as it veered left. No worries as Kye would next race The Aftershock the next day in the Outlaw Big Tire class after being eliminated by Kamikaze who earned a spot in the invitational the next day and a chance to win $40,000! Saturday brought back the wind and chilly temps but the rain held off under the overcast skies all day. First round saw Kye take out James "Birdman" Finney in a close match as Finney veered towards the center line right before the finish! In the second round Kye went up against Scott Lowery's beautiful Twin Turbo XLR Cadillac! Scott had a great launch but he too veered left but was no match for the Musi powered Aftershock who peddled to victory. In the third round Kye had a great solo pass going a to b and readied himself for the final with none other than "Daddy Dave" Comstock! In the Final both Kye and Dave put on a hell of a show, as Daddy Dave's Procharger power was just a little too much for the nitrous fed Aftershock beating Kye by a car length. All in all it was a great weekend considering the weather and by the smile on Kye's face all weekend long you can tell he's living the dream! Street Outlaws No Prep Kings RT66 Joliet Sept. 7-8 '18 #victoryredcolorado #kyekelley #noprepkings #streetoutlaws #dragracing
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Text Comments (531)
Bill Waterhouse (1 year ago)
Great film work...and music, thanks.
victoryredcolorado (11 months ago)
@Ed P Exactly, at one point I counted 15 cameramen not to mention all the helpers.
Ed P (11 months ago)
the video quality is SICK, but look at the cameras next to the track. high tech shit.
victoryredcolorado (1 year ago)
Thank you and thanks for watching!
nodum zallel (27 days ago)
Como evoluciono el camino
Luke Trujillo (28 days ago)
No prep racing is so un-professional what is up with taking 15min to burnout and line up also every Tom, dick, and Harry, cousin, friend, dog has to be on the line.
Luke Trujillo (28 days ago)
1/8 mile is crap, here in Colorado it's all about that quarter #5280milehighmofos
Juan Diaz (30 days ago)
Daddy dave el mejor piloto del 409 por lejos
Bob Winters (1 month ago)
Nothing better than Musi power! Wish they ran 1/4 mile rather than 1/8th though!
victoryredcolorado (1 month ago)
Devo So (1 month ago)
Hello from Australia ! Just love them Yank Tanks.Keep up the good work guys,love a good DRAG,,,,Keep it Straight !!!!
Dog Man (1 month ago)
Is that Lizzy's car, or his?
John Smeir (2 months ago)
#DaddyDaveAllday 💪💯
Ashley Irwin (2 months ago)
Nasty fast cars!
firebirdude2 (2 months ago)
Kye always purging an entire bottle of nitrous. LOL
JR'S (2 months ago)
Fuck kelley!!!
victoryredcolorado (2 months ago)
Nah he's a cool dude in person
John Goguen (3 months ago)
Daddy Dave by a car!!!
watagump1 (3 months ago)
The 90's called and wants its nitrous back.
victoryredcolorado (3 months ago)
@watagump1 We shall see...
watagump1 (3 months ago)
@victoryredcolorado Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day, muuuuuuuuahahaha.
victoryredcolorado (3 months ago)
Did you see who won NPK again? That's right Nitrous powered Lizzy Musi 👊
victoryredcolorado (3 months ago)
@watagump1 Lizzy Musi won a few weeks ago...NOS is back 💪👊
watagump1 (3 months ago)
@victoryredcolorado Turbo or Supercharger all the way.
anonymous (3 months ago)
2:15 what happened to the hole in drivers door window to open in case of emergency it was there in beginning of video then disappeared!
victoryredcolorado (1 month ago)
Wasn't there to begin with.
Fernando Souza (3 months ago)
Daddy Dave Melhor piloto que conheço.... tinha que ser parceiro de equipe do Luz Hamilton 🚗
mike rusch (3 months ago)
Kye is so cool he even has K sideburns
Ben Sutherland (3 months ago)
Kye is still the man
jose lopez (3 months ago)
Valió erga el Nitro
James Holbrook (3 months ago)
How much nitrous is he shoving down that motor
CRAZY HORSE (3 months ago)
I'm never doing no prep again whaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa
Big Road (3 months ago)
He has daddy.Mussi......I wonder what his discount is...
Big Road (3 months ago)
Is chick is hot..
Heath Parks (3 months ago)
When will kye kelly change to turbo????
victoryredcolorado (3 months ago)
Not a chance as long as he's dating Lizzy 😄
Waugy 370z (3 months ago)
That old square body nova is just the shit! And that big ol turbo centered in the grill looks mean AF!
Motersickle Bum (4 months ago)
Why doesn't the cameraman move when someone stands in front of the camera?
victoryredcolorado (4 months ago)
Tight quarters man and you stay out of their way
Jeremy Strickland (4 months ago)
daddy dave is the man piss on cry baby kye
Joe (4 months ago)
Give me that same car ill smoke you too nothing special just have money make your friends build it with you then you drive it besides a child could go in a straight line!
victoryredcolorado (4 months ago)
Yeah ok 🤣
Ray M (4 months ago)
Why no times? And why 1/8th mile vs quarter?
victoryredcolorado (1 month ago)
Definitely and don't blink in the 1/8th mile or you'll miss it
Richard Crum (1 month ago)
@victoryredcolorado I like 1/4 mile better
victoryredcolorado (4 months ago)
No prep kings is all 1/8 mile and like any grudge racing no times are shown.
El Señor T (4 months ago)
Kye Smelly = Waaaaaaaay OVER-RATED
victoryredcolorado (4 months ago)
Maybe but look who wakes up to every morning 😍
Roger Robeson (4 months ago)
Daddy Dave just spank that ass. Dave your the king.
John Z (4 months ago)
It would be cool to learn just a little about Kye's buddy, the fella with the dreads. Virtually every time we Kye in a racing scenario we see him,, for years yet we know little to nothing about him. Obviously he's among Kye's most valued crew persons.
Wondering if he gets discounts on those Pat Musi Mountains
Nicolas Alicata (4 months ago)
405 👏👏👏
Chris Kubond (4 months ago)
Dave don't play!! That dude is fast as FUNK!!
Truth Talker (4 months ago)
Kye Kelley the man from Mississippi who killed the big mouth aragant, asshole, want a be " cheif"...... kye Kelley the true fastest street racer so chief you'll always be known as kye kelley's "bitch"
Whos Striker (5 months ago)
Song name
victoryredcolorado (5 months ago)
Back to Black 🤘
Sisekelo Duma (5 months ago)
Daddy fucking Dave
Cosme Fulanito (5 months ago)
Scott H (5 months ago)
Mr. Kelly that is one sweet ride
LT's Garage (5 months ago)
I just love the sound of the big block. Sure would be nice to get some more recent videos. Not just older videos with new release dates on them. You know April 2019 or maybe something within 4 months...
victoryredcolorado (5 months ago)
@LT's Garage Thanks. Yes I have an '06 with 525k original miles. You can see it sometimes in the background in various videos of mine. The color was still being used by Chevy up to '15 I believe. You are the first ever to associate my channel name to a vehicle! 👍👊
LT's Garage (5 months ago)
@victoryredcolorado keep up the good filming. Do you have a Victory Red Colorado?? I had a Victory Red 66 Chevelle. Of course there are about 6 different Victory Reds throughout the years. I think mine came off of a 90's truck?
victoryredcolorado (5 months ago)
@LT's Garage Yes it's an experience for sure. It's not something I would follow myself as watching the same cars and racers is booring to me. Chief and Murder Nova are in it this season. I actually filmed his g/f when she raced at RT66 years back and look forward to seeing her again.
LT's Garage (5 months ago)
@victoryredcolorado I would go "support " NPK if they were closer. I would like to see Murder & Chief race with them.
victoryredcolorado (5 months ago)
Actually the new season of NPK is just starting in a few weeks out in the east coast. I only went to the one here in Joliet Illinois last year. They will be back here this coming August. Thanks for checking my channel out 👊
Zul Nuri (5 months ago)
Hey kyle WHO'S your DADDY😂😂😂
Ryno 9906 (5 months ago)
First time seeing the Turbo Caddy! Bad ass lookin race car! Mad respect for Kye! His camaro is hellafast! He’s a hell of a mechanic and driver. Keep on rockin Kye🤟
Joe Trout (5 months ago)
With Lizzy as his girl, Kye is a winner no matter what!!!
Tommy Parker (5 months ago)
From the racing i am seeing from Kye Kelley ...he better go back to building his own motors. Dont look like he is winning with those Pat Mussie motors much anymore....they make a heck of a lot of noise..not seeing him pocketing any of that prep king money...his girl friend aint doing any better...how is he doing in his list street racing...is john doe /track doe still kicking his ass regular?
Joe Trout (5 months ago)
He is gonna be using a newer musi motor just like the one lizzy uses in pro mod an pro nitrous. She has gone as quick as 3.66 in them! Pro nitrous record. Musi motors are one of he best in the business. You can have all the hp u want its how you use it.
James McDaniel (5 months ago)
Kye Kelly cars pretty fast for a cigarette lighter !
Bryan lIlI (5 months ago)
Finally got want I wanted daddy Dave won
CB (5 months ago)
Who's Your Daddy?!?! 😉
Matthew Maio (1 day ago)
Nothing is better than the smell of race fuel
matty t (5 months ago)
Are those daddy Dave's new turbos, damm left kye at the gate, Big Chief must be in hiding after this one.
Sonny Barbey (5 months ago)
Kyele Kelly is a cry Baby his car is a piece of crap compared to daddy Dave's car!!!!
XXXDeathByFartsXXX (6 months ago)
Cry Kelley needs to give up racing and start golfing or something. And his old lady is a butter face
Edgar Colon Cruz (6 months ago)
Daddy Dave is a Beast!!!💪💪👍👍
5280 303 DENVER!! (6 months ago)
omg they so need to go back to 1/4 mile. Kind of boring to see who can get out of 2nd or 3rd gear first
Joe Trout (5 months ago)
They do it “1/8” for safety reasons. They making 3000-40000 horsepower. Those tube framed cars are dangerous with that much horsepower. That type of horsepower to go 1/4 mile u need a full bred chassis not back half cars.
Sheldon LeRoy (6 months ago)
Is it okay I like big chief and kye Kelly?
dzill52 (6 months ago)
Where is Big Chief and Sean
dzill52 (6 months ago)
And that was Daddy Dave old set up his new twin-turbo setup rotating the fuckin Earth
galle valores, lealtad , honor y patria (6 months ago)
Hello kye saludos cordiales 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Martin Smith (6 months ago)
kelly is a chump
Jeff Leblanc (6 months ago)
To all the okla 405 lovers they suck bunch of swelled heads he is working out bugs this thing I’ll spank the 405 rather see him lose it not no duall turbo crap it’s a musi motor pat is a better engine builder than anything in 405
Drum Method (6 months ago)
😻😻😻 s I c k 😻😻😻
John Abbott (6 months ago)
Come to Daddy, Kye!
PastBlast (6 months ago)
Thanks for this video. Kye and Dave are the bomb!!
C&B Lay (6 months ago)
Must be Nice to Blow Millions on Cars.
C&B Lay (4 months ago)
@Mammoth Racing Cool bro, do whatever you want with your car. Best of Luck to You. I was just stating that Good power can be had without blowing 10 to 40 grand on a engine.
Mammoth Racing (4 months ago)
@C&B Lay I wanna break records in doorslammers not a 7 in the quarter my small tire runs 6's
C&B Lay (4 months ago)
@Mammoth Racing search YouTube (stock bottom end Ls record) S10 with 5.3L 7.16 @ 190 mph 1/4 mile Runs 5.99 in 1000 ft. Very very impressive for a almost stock engine. Cant No Big Block do that without dumping tons of cash into it. Just saying.
Mammoth Racing (4 months ago)
@C&B Lay maybe in the 8th
C&B Lay (4 months ago)
5.11 @ 138 mph
Joe Jones (6 months ago)
Love the film work , better put together than some of the videos on Discovery Channel. I wish Kye had a little different attitude he seems to always blame someone other than himself when bad things happen
Dempsey Dehar (6 months ago)
My comment makes me 405
Discourage Inbreeding (6 months ago)
Fuck,is he gonna purge the WHOLE FUKKKING THING?
Yeahno (7 months ago)
Just look at the money invested in this shit. I wouldn’t even want to know. But hey he gets to be the center of attention for 10 min
Wanous 1966 (7 months ago)
Ole pie smelly the inbreed idiot
Bronson Amoroa (7 months ago)
405!! stand up!!
Bronson Amoroa (7 months ago)
That engine set up in the Shocker is fine art..awesomemondo dude
Bronson Amoroa (7 months ago)
I mean Aftershock..should call it Quake 10.0
Sugar Marie (7 months ago)
Sounds like a fuckin diesel
Anthony (7 months ago)
Daddy Dave is THE MAN.! Anybody remember when Kye Kelley jumped the start then had a tantrum about losing and took off pouting? Yeah... LOL.
Morrow (7 months ago)
Aftershock is the shizit
dudder86 dudder (7 months ago)
Hes still using nos turbos dont kick in till 2 step and not that much boost it should be turbo and nos
espinozapor ever (7 months ago)
Cry baby 😭!! His girl ,. Is. Uhhmm,. Outstanding,. She so fine!! He can go check oil, or plugs,!! While!! L mmmmao
Aldo Bustamante (7 months ago)
I put money on the golf cart at 7:30😂
Michael Laverty (7 months ago)
Why does Kye always have Millie Villainy with him .. He don't really know nothing . ain't a tuner So what is it exactly he keep Millie around for ? look look look he's feeling the head 5 seconds after Kye starts the cold ass motor ? Now I know he don't know nuttin...
Ric Ric (7 months ago)
14:25 Daddy Dave 👍👍👍👍👍
M one (7 months ago)
Daddy Dave paved the way He'll yeah.
Ricky Stone (7 months ago)
Why won't pussy chief run the no prep kings circuit? No prep is where the racing is going..Street is dying
Israel Kelley (8 months ago)
Oklahoma has track cars period farm truck only street racer in the bunch if arrogant lying assholes daddy dave us a bitch
Japhet Anciado (8 months ago)
Daddy Dave.. Best driver on 405
Kevin Arnold (4 months ago)
Him and Chief neck and neck. One week it could be Dave one week it could be Chief. Seems like it's always them two 1 and 2 on the list
Brian Black (8 months ago)
Ty Kelly so fast dude but he's a crybaby
Krystal Hansford (8 months ago)
Bad cars kye
pwrshots (8 months ago)
keep your Tesla's and electric cars. I love this sound.
wackomanx (5 months ago)
@middle first Electric cars are still cool. Depending on the build, they can go to 15k or 16k RPM.
middle first (5 months ago)
Especially on top end with all the rpm just crying
Aldair Hernandez (8 months ago)
Daddy dave is the best drag racer
Joe Trout (8 months ago)
Aldair Hernandez maybe!
Aldair Hernandez (8 months ago)
@Joe Trout why so angry? Do u want a lolli pop?
Joe Trout (8 months ago)
Aldair Hernandez go suck him off! 1/8 mile racer!
Nameless One (8 months ago)
Daddy dave is the boss!!!
Killa Gill (8 months ago)
Key, needs to give up on getting around old daddy Dave, I'm a southern boy like kye, but the kid cries to much when get spanked,and if you a racer, then you know what they say, THATS RACING
Joshua Farias (8 months ago)
Had to get a whole new car to beat birdman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wing-it Homestead (8 months ago)
RIP street outlaws . I hate the show and the direction.
Manny Amato (8 months ago)
Daddy Dave is the man. !!! Wonder y he don’t run must of the no perp on discovery channel with his boy chuck ?
Michael wirtz (9 months ago)
Anybody still Think these guys aren't being given a ton of stuff ... All of the street outlaws swear they pay for all of their stuff - or aren't "Paid" to show up - BS!!!! ... These 2 cars are a half a million a piece - if these clowns won 10 races a year @ 50,000 a piece they would be putting 100% of what they won - with nothing left to travel - or live on ... I love this racing - and I think they're doing a lot for racing - but these are NOT STREET CARS - and they are NOT paying their own bills ... PERIOD
Joe Trout (5 months ago)
Fireball camaro is a million dollar car! Sponsored by proline and that discovery money. Ryans car does r&d for proline racing. Has parts not even available to the public. Travels with two spares and the one in the car. With ryans turbo setups they are worth right around $80,000 each! Quarter million in just engines!
Nissan Tech (6 months ago)
They had full blown race cars before the show... They've only gotten nicer and faster after sponsorships and TV money
Eric Hart (6 months ago)
juan Rodriguez keep up with who,,,I can bring u to a real race track where half these dudes don’t even have the money to bet!!!! Ohhh yea same 1 big chief lost at🤣🤣🤣
juan Rodriguez (6 months ago)
You haters need to get off the couch and go see for yourself what is raining on your own streets an thing you would realize why they have to spend a ton of money just to keep up!
Eric Hart (7 months ago)
DanielJones Jones that’s y they need to bring back the old show,,,,, pinks💯🤣
Mike Duckwall (9 months ago)
Daddy Dave has always been for real. Great vid! Thank you
Brent Ambrose (9 months ago)
You misspelled AfterShock
monster high mansion (5 months ago)
John Contrevo (9 months ago)
So does Kye Kelley have two Shockers? What's the difference between the two cars?
Demarco Thomas (9 months ago)
Do lizi be driving Aftershock frfr
Juice Jones (4 months ago)
Demarco Thomas yes
TundraBass954 (9 months ago)
1/8 mile blows
Rodolfo Almanza (9 months ago)
Good job daddy Dave 💪
Colt 45 zag (9 months ago)
Spoiler. Daddy Dave wins.😎
Joe Trout (8 months ago)
Colt 45 zag spoiler mike murillo another texan wins it all not the 405
Copper Aboriginies (9 months ago)
Daddy Dave got another one, lol lmao!
larry burnett (9 months ago)
Awesome video some great shots of the pits and staging area Daddy Dave slapped KYE 👍👊🏁