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Kimi Raikkonen Funniest Moments!!

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (352)
KimiRäikkönenVids (3 months ago)
Check out my Kimi Räikkönen Designs on my store! https://www.redbubble.com/people/kimiraivids/shop https://www.redbubble.com/people/kimiraivids/shop
MasterJugitsu (13 days ago)
mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah
PB (1 month ago)
5:37 Kimi for President
Just.Observer (1 month ago)
He's a natural showman xD
unknown unwanted (1 month ago)
goat cheese balls
LOOK NO BRAKES (1 month ago)
Loved the Montoya scene
Robeen Vishal (1 month ago)
lotus renault huge hand in bringing kimi back to f1.hes been very popular since.more than when he was champion decade ago
Sameer Korgawkar (1 month ago)
Just kimi comments everywhere 😂
CJ Mattias (1 month ago)
He just doesn't give a shit ever 😂
first name (2 months ago)
2:37 bottas 😂😂😂
Noel (2 months ago)
Fuckin savage!
PHANTOM PLAYS995 (2 months ago)
What The Flag! -random Kimi fan 2017
AlexiaIsASebastianVettelFanF1 (2 months ago)
2:47 why?!
Jean Carlos (2 months ago)
Ice Man...ajajajaja
Беллорофонт Мезенцев (2 months ago)
3:18 против фина в хоккей, о чём ону думал вообще...
Dario Matas (2 months ago)
2:50 we need to go back in turbo what ever it is ....
Felipe Azevedo (2 months ago)
It's Bob Varsha on the first clip right? I remember his voice since the CART Precision Racing game
Red Bananas (2 months ago)
You forgot “I was taking a shit”
Star Fail (2 months ago)
0:10 The guy nexy to Vettel: "please don't say BWOAH" "don't do it.. please be professional.." "fuuuuuuuuu..."
Ryan 9000 (3 months ago)
haha that end clip xD
Vinay Kumar (3 months ago)
Man of Ltd words. 😁 😁
Keiran George (3 months ago)
He's the most awkward bloke ever😂
Scuzzlebud (4 months ago)
Kimi "I don't give a fuck" Raikkonen
Mtajulmuluk CEPAT (4 months ago)
Sofyan Nanda Fahrurrozi (4 months ago)
I really like when 1:08-1:22 😂😂😂
Miguel Da Silva (5 months ago)
For a Finn he is not that "introvert".
Herra Bansku (5 months ago)
Henry T (5 months ago)
i wanna see kimi as james bond. it'd be lit af with that poker face
Oliver Michl (5 months ago)
Turn on subtitels at 1:48
Kimi Räikkönen (5 months ago)
Jui Juang Chiu (5 months ago)
Ha ha....
kunoalex (5 months ago)
Kimi is my spirit animal
LouisPrudhomme (6 months ago)
What-a-LEGEND. Gotta love him :-)
Because I'm BATMAN! (6 months ago)
5:40 S A V A G E
Kimi Räikkönen (6 months ago)
Xavier Lemos (6 months ago)
This is too funny! Thanks for posting.
CrazedGames (6 months ago)
raikkonen.avi has stopped working.
vape junkies (6 months ago)
what a complete cock! he has as much personality as a bucket of mud😂
Everton Ferreira (6 months ago)
2:47the best scene ever 😂😂😂
STAS_ Gamer (6 months ago)
3:57 this prize looks like dumbell
Asian Potato (6 months ago)
champion1642 (7 months ago)
5:18, Never seen Raikonen laugh so hard, and to top it off with his last comment.
Yorgos2007 (7 months ago)
Kimmy??? What a *** subtitling is that?????
Lauri Mäkirintala (7 months ago)
the last guy sounds like hes about to cry
Antal Jónás (7 months ago)
Olli (7 months ago)
Remember when hakkinen had his name written on the side of his f1 car. Kimi should have his own custom ferrari that has BWOAH written on it.
MS (7 months ago)
Kimi and Vettel definitely have bromance going on.
WhiteLiesLittle (7 months ago)
The last part is the best, with his fucking rain hood and the little laugh !
MirzzG (7 months ago)
Obviously he doesn't like these ceremonies and shit, let him enjoy his way of being part of society....
Grizzly Moo (7 months ago)
it's slippy
MrAckers75 (7 months ago)
sincara1901 (7 months ago)
rodolfo garro (7 months ago)
5:31 almost loose my shit with his laugh hahah
Buzz Flipper (7 months ago)
Kiki is the one person in F1, that I want to go out for drinks with. Best character in F1. Good fortune in the future Kimi.
Mr bread (7 months ago)
The first thing we hear him say is bwoah
ELIAN CABALLERO (7 months ago)
Happy Turtle (7 months ago)
is it me or he dont express emotions very much ? :D
Mark Keller (7 months ago)
Poor Kimi
Brandon Banducci (7 months ago)
Kimi for president of the world
Angel (7 months ago)
1:13 LMFAO
Sam Mear (7 months ago)
That last clip was pure comedy
MattsGU (7 months ago)
"Bwoah" : Kimi Raikkonen 2001 - 2017.
Luis Alberto Antequera (7 months ago)
El mas grande como persona y un gran piloto elite mundial perjudicado permanentemente `por su equipo
Luco Zade (7 months ago)
Haha who's that at 1:08? That seemed so awkward lol
Waqas Ahmed (7 months ago)
Who is at 1:05 ?
turboslag (7 months ago)
Kimi's reaction to becoming a father, Bwoah!
Archduchess Elisabeth Marie (6 months ago)
*The Family Life of Kimi Raikkonen* "Bwoah, is baby supposed to be this ugly" "Alright wife return her to me in 18 years when she is supermodel, I will consider accepting her" "Bwoah?! My daughter flunked 11th grade twice and got suspended... I should have pulled out quicker" "Bwoah wife Mirrtu you turned 21 on me and lost your beauty time to go to garbage can"
Yao Guan (7 months ago)
it looks like Kimi is always... somewhere else.
John Kelly (7 months ago)
you got ta love Kimi he just doesn't give two fucks :)
DavidKFZ (7 months ago)
"Happens often with women in cars"🔥🔥🔥
Nirmal contest of champions (7 months ago)
Thapelo Afrika (7 months ago)
wow so he literally is made of ICE!!! Incredible
all inone (7 months ago)
Kimi I like you, cool guy.
Oliver Lane (7 months ago)
"bwoah" - Kimi Raikkonen
Ronald Kasteel (7 months ago)
merry christmas ferrari
GoezThex (7 months ago)
kimi just like ibrahimovic in F1
white slave (7 months ago)
good to see you so animated kimi.yes/no questions are the most difficult to answer.mmuh.
Frautic (7 months ago)
TRUTH SEEKER (7 months ago)
Kimi is the complete opoosite of an Italian, funny to be a Ferrari driver....I guess they have Vettel too ......
j d (7 months ago)
Funniest moment is when he missed pele and told brundle he was having a shit 😂
Anubis (7 months ago)
In the first clip Arrivabene is like: Oh shut up Kimi, Seb is the only one ever who has the right to speak.
Project IV (7 months ago)
kimi you won elections, How does it feel to be the first F1 driver who become president ? Kimi= Bwoah good
Emoorb (7 months ago)
after his driving career he can be an actor
MysteryCarlos (7 months ago)
2:44 Best one imo
mikyruna (7 months ago)
Kimi for president
Fede Nunes (7 months ago)
Donde esta la gracia de toda esta estupidez?
aspdeepak4yt (7 months ago)
Typical Finn! Typical Finnish rally driver accent! :)
Gaj B (7 months ago)
1:25 sounds like Kurwa lmao.
goldenhawk952 (7 months ago)
Those Ferrari suits looked good
Gabriel X (7 months ago)
Maybe "funny" is not a word that match well with Raikkonen. But, well, funniest is comparative anyway :-O
Walt Ye (7 months ago)
why kimi always got the fastest laps?
elgransick (7 months ago)
LOL These guys are walking billboards.
Ricky Krilovs (7 months ago)
I never knew Kimi and Seb got on as well as they do :o
cz48b1 (7 months ago)
Funniest???? The guy is clearly a MORON...
spineboy (7 months ago)
MBWOAH mboah mboah
Andrew (7 months ago)
I was having a shit!!!!! At Brazilian GP!!!
Jonathan Chen (8 months ago)
what a lad
Michael Kos (8 months ago)
nicole : hi im nicole kimi : what so ever !*)
Arizbeth (8 months ago)
Quiet Gamer (8 months ago)
Kimi was in NASCAR? really?
Kiran (8 months ago)
Kimi:Mwoah..I don't know Seb:Is it the best or the worst😂😂