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Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations. Here we explain the concept that's about to revolutionise our world. For more by The B1M subscribe now: http://ow.ly/GxW7y Read the full story on this video, including images and useful links, here: https://www.theb1m.com/video/hyperloop-explained Learn more about Virgin Hyperloop One: https://hyperloop-one.com Learn more about Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT): http://www.hyperloop.global 3 ways Elon Musk is disrupting construction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la3nd-lS-_k Images and footage courtesy of Virgin Hyperloop One, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), Dan Taylor, Tesla, FR-EE, Mexloop, SpaceX, Foster + Partners and DP World Cargospeed. View this video and more at http://www.TheB1M.com Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheB1M Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TheB1M Follow us on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-b1m-ltd B1M pictures on - http://instagram.com/theb1m/ We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules: http://www.theb1m.com/guidelines-for-sharing Our content may only be embedded onto third party websites by arrangement. We have established partnerships with domains to share our content and help it reach a wider audience. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Enquiries@TheB1M.com. Ripping and/or editing this video is illegal and will result in legal action. © 2018 The B1M Limited | Share + Inspire
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Text Comments (2794)
Trekking Across America (2 hours ago)
Imagine getting stuck in the pipe?
karim Mohamed (7 hours ago)
jam63112 (8 hours ago)
It does not work and it can't
akhil kancherla (9 hours ago)
also, you can add solar panels on the tubes, so there are so many pros to this. i would invest if i wasnt 15 and broke
Petefirside Space (10 hours ago)
Brilliant. Just do it now. Come on, why the wait.
John Sam (10 hours ago)
build something that eats fat so i can eat whatever i want
Ben Schön (11 hours ago)
One thing is for sure, if that thing crashes, it's a quick death. Quick but certain
BLAZE45 (1 day ago)
There's many videos explaining why there's no way in hell would this work and it is extremely dangerous. Could you imagine if anything failed on this?
Hi I’m Ky (1 day ago)
Elon; "We should try making hyperloops to make the fastest transportation possible" Elon a year later: "Let's do rockets" Elon a year in the future: "TELE-FUCKING-PORTATION"
Hi I’m Ky (11 hours ago)
Ben Schön He actually doesn’t take vacations, he feels as if they were cursed since he got fired from PayPal and his Falcon one rocket failed why he was on vacation, he also worked 100 hour work weeks without even leaving the factory at one point
Ben Schön (11 hours ago)
That's true. Of course, as a CEO he doesn't have to do the acutal work, it's mostly coordination and all that. I still don't want to imagine how little freetime he has.
Hi I’m Ky (11 hours ago)
Ben Schön But he does it all so well, he can manage a car company and a rocket company, while building a new car, multiple new rockets, and working on a hyper loop all at the same time while being pulled down because of hitting a blunt, he’s doing pretty damn well considering everything that’s happened to him
Ben Schön (11 hours ago)
I know right. Have you read how many projects this guy has ongoing? He's churning out companies like nobody's business
shiva kkumar (1 day ago)
at 8min:40s you are showing a map of India, with locations of Mumbai and Delhi marked wrongly
Emerson White (1 day ago)
This is almost nothing like the atmospheric railway and almost exactly like godard's vactrain.
Andres Villarreal (1 day ago)
Just another infomercial to make us lose our time. There are gazillions of engineering problems that have not been mentioned, and are still not mentioned in this infomercial.
Andres Villarreal (3 hours ago)
@Ben Schon: You don't take a hint, don't you? People who just don't want to take engineering seriously are continuously babbling around about the imponderables of the future, while actual engineers do actual engineering and make the world a better place for all of us. Real engineers don't do cheap philosophy about the existence of accidents, we analyze the risks and possible benefits of new technologies. We tell idiots like those who buy Musk's scams that the engineering behind the Hyperloop is not even good enough for a first semester Civil Engineer. We back well-designed projects even if there are big risks that have to be managed. We find solutions that nobody had thought of and create new science every now and then. The one thing the good engineers don't do is back 100-year-old projects that were shelved for all the right reasons. Just think about one little comparison: maglev trains have not been a wild success because they are not economically viable in most circumstances. Making a maglev in a vacuum tube just reduces one expense (the energy to move through the air) and creates an incalculably high cost (that of creating the biggest vacuum chamber ever, by two orders of magnitude) and creates a series of life threatening problems on the side.
Ben Schön (10 hours ago)
And yet things fail all the time, take the example in this video. Or take the morandi bridge, or any morandi bridge. The way these bridges are constructed was revolutionary at the time but turned out to be a ticking time bomb. Self-driving cars have caused deaths, the concorde failed, the titanic (albeit more due to hubris than anything else), expansion joints, as seen on the titanic, were eventually abandoned etc. There's also lot of very weird experimental ship designs from the 19th century, most of which proved unprofitable and were ultimately built for nothing. There's always unknown variables. And being responsible if they turn out to be disastrous is not everybody's cup of tea. I don't think much of the hyperloop, but you gotta admire Elon Musk's innovative spirit.
Andres Villarreal (11 hours ago)
+Ben Schön You should learn a bit about engineering. We do not pour billions into every stupid idea to find that one in a million. Is not stupid after all. We don't even have a quadrillion dollars to spend in anything. But we have simulation tools to test ideas before constructing prototypes. We have the necessary knowledge to make scaled-down versions. We have so many resources, and in this case we even have maglev trains in operation since two or more decades ago, and believe me, air resistance is not the reason why we have so few of them.
Ben Schön (11 hours ago)
That's the thing about innovation. Someone has to bite the bullet, find out wether it works or not - and possibly fail. We wouldn't be where we are if it hadn't been for a million stupid ideas that got us nowhere.
Christian Lee (1 day ago)
Plans will 1 day be grounded as fuel will be low, tge hyperloop system can be run on electricity so its a no brainer
Joey (1 day ago)
Why do I see a minecraft speedline on my right while watching this?
Reddog (1 day ago)
It won't work, it's a huge con.
Mack M (1 day ago)
lots of dreamers... this will take decades to actually function and be efficient...
UIS Media (1 day ago)
On its first operational route, a piece of debris will become lodged inside the tube and the resulting crash will be so horrific the public will never let hyperloops be used again.
Average Alien (1 day ago)
Basically a death trap lmao. People actually buy this shit
Michael G (1 day ago)
basically yes 😂 Air leaks...emergency exit...damage from the outside...permantly running vacuum pumps etc
ItsmePiggy (1 day ago)
Virgin Hyperloop One looks like the Train from Marvel Black Panther (Wakanda Underground) that uses Maglev Technology
souftube (1 day ago)
Are you guys realizing that we are the people were the future just begines. 🤔🤨😮😲😲😦🤪🙊🙊🙊
Jason john (1 day ago)
This idea only suits those with a high g force tolerance
Stefan Brattlöf (1 day ago)
Imagine if the people dreaming of flying cars had the marketing capability of Tesla and Virgin 😊.
Ari Riyadh (2 days ago)
Maglev trains are HUGELY expensive, which is why they aren't popular, now they want to put them in a vacuum tube, which will also be HUGELY expensive, which is why they haven't been built.
bunjit65 (2 days ago)
Hyperloop has one too many "R"s in the title.
bunjit65 (2 days ago)
What a screaming load of shit. This is an old design and unfeasible in practicality. He's good at selling ideas, but he has some very shitty ideas.
desmondjr brownjohnson (2 days ago)
The wooden throne (2 days ago)
In the future we'll be building fucking ultraloops around star systems and galaxies
Tony maxwell (2 days ago)
crap wont work how much for a weekly ticket this is bullshit
N00Belocity (2 days ago)
imagine if this could cut cars completely, leaving all roads to be destroyed, making the world less polluted. @elonmusk make something for utility vehicles
VejyMonsta (2 days ago)
Oh god the maintenance cost for this will be astronomical.
Numeric Bin (2 days ago)
That would be great, imagine living in a place where the cost of living is cheap & commute to a big city where the pay is really good. This new way of transport will be revolutionary to the countries / continents that will adopt it
Ednagettobed (2 days ago)
Nopey, nope.
John smith (2 days ago)
Michaela Meier (3 days ago)
nichts weiter als eine menschliche Rohrpost
Vladislav Vybíhal (3 days ago)
Well. Those pods would be more like spaceships than airplanes. What would they do when the pod lose pressure? The passangers would not have spacesuits so I assume they will follow the fate of the crew of Soyuz 11
San Francisco (3 days ago)
Love the graphic of the loop going across the water at the GG. Are ships expected to go over it ? The scale is way out of proportion.
Kay Anderson (3 days ago)
well so far it's a giant coke can that can't move beyond a few yards or carry anything running on a short rusty pipe with cardboard covers.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Kay Anderson congratulations, you figured out how thing start from nowhere
sushila bara (3 days ago)
8:40 Delhi and Mumbai are misplaced
scorpioninpink (3 days ago)
I wasn't born when the first man reach the space. I wasn't born when the first man stepped on the moon. I hope I will still be alive when the Hyperloop becomes a reality and also Space Elevator, Nuclear Fusion Power Plant. Floating Cities, First Man exploration on Mars, Moon Base, and other advances in Science.
Kawaii_Sinon99 (4 days ago)
This is sooo cool 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
KorbloxPlayz (4 days ago)
Let me guess... Elon Musk
OhhFiddleStiks - (4 days ago)
Fuck the california high speed railway i want hyperloop instead
Max Blinkhorn (4 days ago)
Pshawww! It's daft. Won't work. We have these things called planes.....
Quidz (2 days ago)
Max Blinkhorn these would be way better
hell Bent (4 days ago)
in India will they still travel on the outside of it ..... LOL
Pretty new Account (5 days ago)
It is just a train in a tube if this is revolutionazing then im a genius.
Josh (5 days ago)
Why is there no fan at the front if this is a sealed hyperloop? Also, do you have any idea how much energy would be required to maintain a vacuum over a sizable distance, let alone safely for passengers? This is honestly laughable
Roberta Christeen (5 days ago)
this is the same thing they use at the bank drive threw vacum tubes
LeMouchoir Rouge (5 days ago)
hahaha, so much bullshit
Quidz (2 days ago)
LeMouchoir Rouge aw, someone's upset
TheDaftySage (5 days ago)
Just one word on this: Thunderf00t !!!
Gold Raker (5 days ago)
I presented this to the USA Government in the early 2000’s. They and anyone else r forbidden from using ideas. Unless one of my companies constructs the projects. I also presented many other projects.
lordgunner TGSTEL (5 days ago)
another scam sponsorized by the media,its been "try" dozen of time, its was at thing 100 years ago , the maintenance and the safety involve is out of chart , we dont have the tech , right now its like fast moving coffins
Quidz (2 days ago)
lordgunner TGSTEL so we should just give up and not try it huh? why even try things?, it's not like they ever lead to revolutionary discoveries.
wino0000006 (5 days ago)
I have built a working prototype of teleportation device that will change transportation system forever. Please donate me $25 billion dollars for further development.
Espen Hilde (5 days ago)
I patented this system in 1998 in Norway.
Mike Rogers (5 days ago)
If hyperloop can be made competitive in price then it will cherry-pick the most lucrative routes and leave the rest with insufficient income to stay in business.
John Myers (5 days ago)
You hit the right spot. Living far away from the city in the countryside, and being in the city in half an hour - what a BS. Rural areas will never be connected. So you have to drive to the key stations and wait there until it's your turn. Getting there, getting in, getting out and getting where you really want to go to - those "parasitic" times will not change to e.g. plane travel. And I still do not understand how they could put in more than one single train in one tube. That makes the throughput somewhat limited.
tree91090 (5 days ago)
We are saturated with technologies. Travel like this are very risky when natural disaster or mistake happened.
Etcetera (5 days ago)
cant wait to ride one in chicago, my dad works there! Cool video!
Carlos Collado (6 days ago)
Will never work.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Carlos Collado you do realize elon is digging tunnels under la right now to try something like this right? you keep living in the past tho, i'll come back to your comment sometime in the future and laugh my ass off lmao
Carlos Collado (2 days ago)
Quidz. I guess you don’t know why Elon Musk give up on that idea but I’ll come back to this comment in 2022 and explain to you why did never worked. See you in 4 years.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Carlos Collado you keep telling yourself that little buddy
t84t748748t6 (6 days ago)
hmm the problem is the tubes the wil just cost to much to make and place u want to go long distances whit them on short ones it would just suck(vacuum)
John Myers (5 days ago)
We here in Germany had the Transrapid, a WORKING maglev of about 430 km/h. Track was on stilts, looks pretty much like the Hyperloop layout. The drive is in the track and not in the vessel (imagine a battery capable of providing life support, illumination and the drive for 500 km distance...), no problems with vacuum, escape needs a ladder and not more. It ran in the Emsland on its 5km-track for 25 years, now there is a 30 km "commercial" track in Shanghai. I hear nothing of additional routes. E.g. how do you get more than one train on the 500 km SF-LA tube? Otherwise you have one train of, say 500 people each hour?
Apple Guy (6 days ago)
I still don't want to travel a concealed pod in a vacuum of nothing. Ewwwww shivers
mrmelkor1 (6 days ago)
This idea is over 100 years old. It tends to pop back up every few decades. Thunderf00t have done a great job debunking the idea.
Stefan Brattlöf (1 day ago)
+The Deviant Developer it is indeed just the beginning and if it is realized it will likely just be a train in a tube, with a mostly normal atmosphere and speeds nowhere near the claim. And it will have it's fanboys, just like how so many people still applaud Apple for doing the same thing as their competitors, just in a nicer packaging.
Quidz (2 days ago)
mrmelkor1 this isn't a bad idea, but it's obvious you're simple minded so it isn't a surprise.
InfoSopher (4 days ago)
Sorry, but the only thing Thunderf00t has debunked with his Hyperloop critique is himself. Seriously, this guy is really arrogant, pretentious and ignorant.
mrmelkor1 (4 days ago)
To say someone like thunderf00t, a scientist who has made advances in his field would "have us living in caves" is a ridiculous ad hominem attack. What he does is point out bad ideas, and explains with math and science why they bad ideas that likely wont or cant work. If you disagree with any of the points he has made on this topic, that would be something to discuss.
The Deviant Developer (4 days ago)
The problem with thunderf00t - and I find some of his debunking good - is that this is just the beginning of the idea, it will evolve as development continues. It's already changed a lot. It's the beginning of an idea, not the final solution. Once problems are hit, engineers figure out how to solve that problem or approach it in new ways. This is the same with any type of engineering project - whether software or hardware. Your initial idea changes a lot during development to overcome problems as you find them. If the world was only full of thunderf00ts - we'd still be living in caves, somebody has to come up with new ideas - and in this case, Musk is somebody who actually can make it reality. The key isn't to say "this wont work because X" you should say "X wont work, but if we were to do Y and Z instead - using A, then that could work" etc etc etc. Case in point - the original idea was for a full vacuum - the Virgin implementation has low air pressure rather than a vacuum, which is far easier to maintain.
Stefan Brattlöf (6 days ago)
Hyperloop DOES NOT represent a great leap if noone can show that it actually work. Running a pod a stretch of 500 meter is simple things that anyone can achieve. This is only a sales pitch without substance sadly.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Stefan Brattlöf Your stupidity is not only astounding but honestly hilarious. You don't even know what your arguing anymore and instead your just spewing out random questions and statements that have nothing to do with what i'm talking about. You go ahead and continue to try and sound intelligent to make yourself feel better tho. Better luck next time little fella lmao
Stefan Brattlöf (2 days ago)
+Quidz also, I thoroughly enjoy brainstorming around amazing new ideas and letting our imagination go wild. I would however, never be irresponsible enough to claim any kind of breakthrough unless I can show the math adding up or by making small scale tests that actually give empirical substance to my claim. And it matters because we as adults are rolemodels for a younger generation and should be good examples of how you pursue scientific knowledge.
Stefan Brattlöf (2 days ago)
+Quidz So you felt it not necessary to answer my example, just continue to rant on about something that is unproven, doesn´t hold up to any scientific scrutiny and is just called groundbreaking because it comes from someone famous? For example, how do you think a hyperloop would manage close to absolute vacuum? What do you think would happen if and explosion would happen from the inside? Have you seen a railroad on a warm summer day when sun curves happen? If the issue hasn´t been solved for hundreds of years in terms of railroad, why haven´t they presented their ingenious solution for doing so with an even more complicated structure like a steel tube? Stop gobbeling things up just because it´s nicely packaged and connected to a famous person.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Stefan Brattlöf Like i said who tf cares about what people are saying about it on the outside, they aren't doing anything. Elon is actually trying to do something like this right now as we speak, that's the difference. If he succeeds or not it doesn't matter, he's actually trying to make this complicated technology work for the improvement of society while you're here complaining about people on the outside, who again aren't doing shit, calling it groundbreaking before it's finished. Plus, i'd bet the majority of people already calling it groundbreaking are talking about the idea itself, not the current status of it right now.
Stefan Brattlöf (2 days ago)
+Quidz because it´s better that we promote real scientific breakthrough, not Hollywood-esque "inventions" like this one. If I tell you that i imagine a craft that can defy gravity and will cost little to no energy and trhen my first testrun is a hoverboard on top of an electromagnet, would you run out and shout "groundbreaking" then? Likely not. Well, what if my name was Elon Musk and I showed it of in a fancy promo-video and arranged competitions for engineers to create the best hoverboard?
Corrine Tsang (6 days ago)
Hyperloop Transportation Technology company and China s RRC will build a maglev train with a vacuum enclosure in Tongren,China.
Carlo Tofanel (6 days ago)
The kind of people i hate the most,are the ones who are skeptic of people with basic observation skills(i mean the ones who can clearly see that it's bull).I won't waste my time explaining why this is complete and utter bull,which will never get anywhere by the deadline they mentioned(5 years),instead i will tell you to go watch Thudef00t's video on this topic,and many others alike(such as solar road).
jimini computercouchfan (6 days ago)
Maglevs and depressurizing thousands of miles of tubes will take a lot of energy. There is so much handwaving going on with hyperloop, I lose respect for anyone who takes it seriously
BushPilot444 (6 days ago)
At the speeds described, even a slight curve would cause enough centrifugal force/inertia to injure or kill the riders.
BushPilot444 (6 days ago)
Too expensive to be practical. A modern high speed monorail built over existing railroad right-a-ways would be much less expensive per mile, and highly practical and affordable.
John Myers (5 days ago)
And you can get more than one train on the track, instead of just one in the tube. Our German Transrapid never got beyond the Shanghai prestige track of 30 km.
Syber-VHS (6 days ago)
I hope it succeeds, anything that can make our life easier and more convenient is worth of support.
Al Bixx (6 days ago)
That happens when you have unlimited finances to buy dope. You open your snake oil salesman folder and reinvent hyperloopy Hyperloop.
Jan Tschierschky (6 days ago)
Total pipe dream, way too many dangers and physical hurdles to overcome. We have trains that can travel more than 500km/h already. A vacuum pipe is extremely costly to manufacture and maintain. Also how you handle expansion and contraction?. If you have major breach thousands of tons of air rushing in at speed of sound. Nothing will stand up to it, pretty much everyone is dead when it happens.
Jan Tschierschky (1 day ago)
+Quidz well yes, and the world is flat, god created the world and is only 6000 years old, you moron I am a scientist. Deal with vacuum systems every day
Quidz (2 days ago)
Jan Tschierschky don't worry about it son, people a lot smarter than you are figuring all that out
John Greiner (6 days ago)
It's not going to work. It sounds great to those who don't understand the physics involved, but it's still not going to work.
John Greiner (9 hours ago)
Nah, the physics alone state that it won't, but have fun living in the world of sci-fi though.
Quidz (2 days ago)
John Greiner nah it'll eventually work, have fun living in the past tho
Mansur Khan (6 days ago)
Lets see and hows things goes
GoodRiddanceGooglePlus (2 days ago)
It won't go anywhere. At all. Ever. And even HIGH SCHOOL students can explain why after 2 months of senior year physics class
mike e (6 days ago)
whats the fucking rush to go from dubai to abu dhabi? why not feed the hungry people instead?
EndDromeda (6 days ago)
I'm going to be a bit negative here please forgive me I like how heat expansion is ignored. Hitting a wall of air equivalent to one atmosphere at the speed of a bullet is explained as a little drag. And saying planes would have more safety requirements than this. Also kinda takes a wile to make a vacuum as demonstrated in their numerous test runs. Also building a bullet train would probably be safer and more economically viable
jason adams (6 days ago)
it wont work
wholeNwon (6 days ago)
Find a military use for it and the US will build it over night.
Ilya Lips (6 days ago)
Another poorly thought out idea destined to never be more than a short CGI video.
Quidz (2 days ago)
Ilya Lips another autistic comment, what a surprise
B Stu (6 days ago)
Musk didn't "First conceive" Hyper loop in 2012 as reported by the sheep... been around in pop culture much longer. See Sea Quest
Great Britain (6 days ago)
I want hyperloop to have cars
Quatermass (6 days ago)
To avoid fatal accidents (if this thing crashed, everyone will be dead), you will need a comprehensive automatic warning system to signal back about any fractures, malfunctions or issues up the line.
pcuimac (6 days ago)
This video is 100% bla bla bla "technology adoption rate" bla bla "emergency energy boost" bla bla bla .. lmfao Does ANYBODY have some kind of physics knowledge involved with this stupid project? This tunnel will flatten in minutes, if even a minor leak happens. Any islamist terrorist will love this thing! One steel drill will be enough to implode billions of dollars of investment. Gefickt eingeschädelt!
Quidz (2 days ago)
pcuimac don't worry kid, people much smarter than you are working this stuff out
Suseem Dongre (6 days ago)
mumbai delhi location on the map is wrong. the locations interchanged at [8:38] plz note
Afdgxzghzgfhgfzh Azghzdfhxfghxfgjxhgj (6 days ago)
How do you get a long track to such a low vacuum? Also, what happens if there is a large rupture in the tubes? Wouldn't the cascading rapid pressurization destroy the tubes and the pod?
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul (7 days ago)
This is just a giant ponzy scheme.
Colin Spencer (3 days ago)
Hop on the Maglev train from Shanghai to Pudong International Airport in China. 430 kmh each way, and you could double that speed in a tube with partial vacuum. No human at the controls.
wholeNwon (6 days ago)
Wall St.?
Wile E. Coyote (7 days ago)
What a great con.
感恩 (7 days ago)
I finally understand , why do Indians say that India is building hyperloop trains, Cuz they watched your video. lol
Zendrig (7 days ago)
What could go wrong...?
Quidz (2 days ago)
Zendrig same question was asked about cars and planes
Chris Sullivan (7 days ago)
Hyperloop, the world's biggest con.
Wolfking1o1 (7 days ago)
We have seen how scientifically this is pretty much impossible right?
Huevo Duro702 (7 days ago)
This is a scam!!
Quidz (2 days ago)
Huevo Duro702 whatever makes you feel better
Musictechnology (7 days ago)
lol What a heap of shit. Its complete and utter pseudoscience bollocks designed to take money off gullible fools who think `science`, and `science fiction` are one and trhe same. . Its a scam. A polished scam and a very well presented scam, but a scam non the less. (Scamming seems to be the fastest growing industry at the moment).
geheimschriver (7 days ago)
Please be aware that a single hole anywhere in the tube will cause a violent decompression, most likely killing everyone in that stretch of tube. A single hole in a carrige will cause a violent decompression killing everyone in it. Terrorists will have field day with such a vulnrable system. A regular high speed railway can travel at least 100 miles in the time that you will need for security checks. So the system is only viable in safe areas for long distances.
JOEL OKOUKONI (7 days ago)
i want more of it
Bill Peiman (7 days ago)
Almost all of this video is 'hype'. Very expensive travel for the wealthy.
Jay R (7 days ago)
When will Elon Musk admit this is all a scam he has thrown upon society, just to see if we'd take his brain fart seriously!
Steve Ennever (8 days ago)
You realise Hyperloop is complete nonsense. To maintain a vacuum in a large metal tube over a long distance without any support structure inside is impossible - unless the tube is enormoulessly thick & therefore would weigh ridiculous amounts & cost ridiculous amounts. Fantasy. And the tests in the desert were not proper tests. No vacuum was created.
Nick Sexton (8 days ago)
it always seems impossible until it's done however this is just impossible
Kittigon Neyomsomruaj (8 days ago)
kinda like a train-bong lols
Dean Ca-Vander (8 days ago)
Eventually, this new transportation technology will kill the commercial airline industry.
Shadowriver (8 days ago)
No? It's to expensive to build infrastructure, it won't even kill trains which is there MAIN compator, you can count all commercial maglev tracks on fingers of your hand, so how maglev in low pressure tube will kill trains?
Dash (8 days ago)
Technologies like this make me look forward to the future.
Benno M (8 days ago)
Everyone who claims to have come up with the Innovation take a polygraph test myself included!