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How to remove disable Huawei P20 Pro demo retail mode video no root required

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Credits & Link Website which inspired me to create this video: https://goo.gl/fJ1ei2 ADB Download Link Here: https://goo.gl/ywr2u5 My blog with detailed instructions: https://goo.gl/8XdhkF The video editor software used: https://shotcut.org/ The video desktop recorder used: https://obsproject.com/ The royalty free background music: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Hot_Fire/ Text-to-speech by: http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ The 1 million views video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZvuQKqQ2aI&t=11s Thank you for watching! Feel free to share it to those who need it! p/s: I know I deactivate the wrong device administrator, it is just an example.
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Text Comments (35)
Stanislav R. (1 month ago)
It work on Huawei Mate 20, too. Only the second ADB Script not work, but all other works. Thanks. Device is now usable. If you know the correct second ADB, let me know please.
Mushketikus (1 month ago)
Hello. thank you, your way helped me to remove the demo. But unlocking the screen did not work, and it's not possible to increase the fading time of the screen. please help
George Marijanovich (2 months ago)
What the hell did i just watch?
William Lim (2 months ago)
Sorry if it didn't bring you any positivity
Irene Sánchez (2 months ago)
Can I made the same with Mate 20 Pro? Can you help me?
Juneward Bianzon (2 months ago)
can ite be use in mate 20?
William Lim (2 months ago)
@Juneward Bianzon I need to have a mate 20 demo unit in order to identify the filenames. Even if I were to TeamViewer into your PC you will need to press the phone's button according to the sequence.
Juneward Bianzon (2 months ago)
@William Lim team viewer my pc hehehe.. and root my device pls ! :(
William Lim (2 months ago)
@Juneward Bianzon What type of help? If you want the filename, I am unable to supply you with it.
Juneward Bianzon (2 months ago)
@William Lim need help :(
William Lim (2 months ago)
I think it should be possible, but maybe the demo file name is different
GMAIL SECURE (3 months ago)
Huawei mate20pro cmd plis add
GMAIL SECURE (3 months ago)
Super merci
tony alfonce (4 months ago)
j ai un mac book .... comment puis je faire /?????
tony alfonce (4 months ago)
the system cannot find the path specified????
tony alfonce (4 months ago)
je n arrive pas a avoir accer a adb ?????
GSM GAME (4 months ago)
Tu installe windows avec boot camp ou tu utilise un émulateur
salah eddine (6 months ago)
What about huawei p20 ???
karim arfaoui (6 months ago)
Bonjour you can help me in french please à have mate 20 pro merci
karim arfaoui (3 months ago)
Non j ai toujours le même problème et toujours pas de solution
GMAIL SECURE (3 months ago)
karim arfaoui Vous ne savez pas où ils font
GMAIL SECURE (3 months ago)
Vous ne savez pas où ils font paris
GMAIL SECURE (3 months ago)
J'ai le même problème
Алек Сандр (6 months ago)
mate 20 pro?
Saroj Rai (6 months ago)
@Алек Сандр same here. any new ways, i have tried all possible
Алек Сандр (6 months ago)
@William Lim retail demo deleted, but in notifications I can't delete "live demo for store display only"
William Lim (6 months ago)
Same process just the demo apps name is different.
Kitichai Wudanuphan (7 months ago)
it work Thank But when I Restart my phone my picture will be lost everytime Can you help me?
Johann-Sebastian (7 months ago)
I need for Mate 20 Pro too
William Lim (7 months ago)
Still trying to get a unit with demo retail software for the video. Will post as soon as I get my hands on it. Thanks for watching!
Ruslan Dzhanbaev (7 months ago)
Mate 20 pro???
William Lim (7 months ago)
If you have installed it then look for the software name from the list. For example com.huawei.retailmode and replace it with the ADB command
William Lim (7 months ago)
Have you install quick shortcut maker?
Ruslan Dzhanbaev (7 months ago)
William Lim how? Which commands?
William Lim (7 months ago)
Mate 20 Pro I think should work the same also, correct me if I am wrong. But you can easily identify the Retail Demo software and replace it in the ADB command.