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How to steal a Galaxy SmartPhone! This guy is clever!

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Guy steals a Galaxy phone in ice cream store in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY. This video was caught on a surveillance camera, and was made available by the store to try and catch the perp. At :39 he pushes the phone to the side of the counter where it will be less visible to the attendant, he then grabs a tissue which he uses at 2:24 to cover the phone, and then takes the tissue with the phone!!
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Text Comments (4187)
Laura Heaton (20 hours ago)
I didn’t see it
lukin bmw (21 hours ago)
Wang japan korea ales schwaine anal.........
Carl Winslow (3 days ago)
This thief tries too hard
born1sucker (6 days ago)
SilverMethane (10 days ago)
who in the right mind would steal a Samsung
Youngg Reach (13 days ago)
Is this patched yet
Саша Кулешов (15 days ago)
yeah, he clever, but camera make him stupid =)
Fxk zippy (18 days ago)
if you steal your poor as fuckkk
arry wong (18 days ago)
Clever ????????? N all watcher are stupid ?
cunun canin (20 days ago)
he will died in jail soon
T Roy (21 days ago)
Why was there even a phone just sitting there??? Anyone couldve easily taken it.
Krzysztof Czermiński (21 days ago)
He's lucky that for example he wasn't beat up by the Guardians of the galaxy on the exit of the store like groot lord and others guys 😁 😁
Kirai _ (21 days ago)
*illusion 100*
Itz_AngelaBoiii Lolz (21 days ago)
This is bad
Texas (21 days ago)
That what's you dumb ass kids deserve. Stay the fuck off your phone if your working.
San Pol (21 days ago)
and now, his face will be shown forever as a thief.
Joe P (21 days ago)
Dennis Gonzalez (21 days ago)
I think the real QUESTION should be ...what the fuck kinda hair cut did the first cashier have!!???😂😂😂😂looked like goofy's ears!!
rneely256 (21 days ago)
I didn’t see clever. Change title please.
Gregg hatfield (21 days ago)
I’d like to break his thieving lil fingers one at a time until they were all done😠😊
mkeonine (21 days ago)
Nothing clever about the thief. It's more about the dumbass that left it there for anybody to steal.
N Wheeler (21 days ago)
Uh, that phone belonged to some child that was buying ice cream within the past hour; as long as it takes a child to figure out they lost something while distracted with ice cream.
VMeGaMRedZV (21 days ago)
It baffles me when people don't keep their phones in the pocket/handbags. It's your own fault to leave it there.
ruki (21 days ago)
The Observer (21 days ago)
Why the hell the phone was kept there ?
Euchre (21 days ago)
We’ll talk about stealing phones later let’s talk about that guys hairstyle 0:17
איציק יצחקוב (21 days ago)
2:39sec to much
Glock F (21 days ago)
pete luis (21 days ago)
The real crime here is the guy who served him handled all that dirty money then went back to work without changing his gloves
Res (21 days ago)
he is actually am idiot for being oblivious about the cctv.
Afzal Ansari (21 days ago)
Someone got a stolen phone😀
Moshi (22 days ago)
Kyle A (22 days ago)
He slipped up when he kept looking at the camera. why was the phone there in the first place? And why didn't he just grab the phone and put it in his pocket. Not one would have sussed
Kyle A (22 days ago)
EW that server is so disgusting, scratching his head and he's got a great big fugly beard growing on his face, around food. No thanks. Vile
Sean (22 days ago)
The true Crime is that the Service change the Money with the glove
Katy Bauer (22 days ago)
That is an odd place for a phone to be. They never really establish who it belongs to, is it an employee or a customer's phone?
tEltZu cS (22 days ago)
This video always comes back to my recommended list.
Arindis (22 days ago)
Lol nigga Apple worth more I ain’t gonna take a shitty galaxy
Joshua Christian113 (22 days ago)
Thief’s suck. Poor guy just working hard and some prick decides to steal his phone.. hope dude gets caught.
Kawa12er (22 days ago)
he is not clever. He is dumbass. He saw the Camera Look every time to the Camera and must normaly know that it Filmed his ugly face for police
Mitch Skyj (22 days ago)
Stealing things should be punished hard as shit man. I absolutely disgust people who willingly steal other peoples things.
rob 998 (22 days ago)
oh for fuck's sake people.... keep your fucking phone in your pocket at all times.... is it really that fucking hard?
Stavros S. (22 days ago)
go away _ (22 days ago)
Why does this only work with Galaxy phones?
Pascal Plourde (22 days ago)
Is it possible that he put his OWN phone at the right side and after still it???
Turbo Tractors (22 days ago)
So we're all gonna pretend that hair-do is acceptable?
luke trew (22 days ago)
I call fake probly his phone. What retard would leave a phone there really
Mr.WeebFanBoy101 (22 days ago)
I don't get this nice clickbait
Videokidmaker (22 days ago)
Can we get a f in chat
Ryan Hanley (22 days ago)
Am I the only person in 5 years to realize the phone started out in his pocket? I watched for 2:40 waiting for someone to steal a phone, and it never happened.
Adam Smythe (22 days ago)
Not clever at all, it was still obvious if they checked camera
J andy (22 days ago)
I don't understand why do people steal things?
stapuft (22 days ago)
Funny thing is if he would have left it where it was the camera wouldn't have seen him, stupid thing is he looked right at the camera, and still did it......
biff s (22 days ago)
yeah, i'm not seeing any stealing here. I see a phone that appears to belong to no one. sitting unattended on a counter. If i find 10 bucks on the street am i stealing if i pick it up?
Hatboy Al (22 days ago)
It was his own phone tho. Right?
Josh Marquez (22 days ago)
this was not clever ,he litterly just took it when he wasnt looking which takes no skills at all 🤔
Saurabh N (22 days ago)
Why bro atleast go for iPhone more costlier lol
c b (22 days ago)
Wow, very "clever".....
Amelia Gabrielle (22 days ago)
This is crap
Justin Freels (22 days ago)
Bet he uses those gloves to touch your food.
Bailey Grijalva (22 days ago)
why has Elon Musk resorted to such petty thievery?
CobaltBlueVision (22 days ago)
Criminal 101
Free yourself (22 days ago)
Israel is the real terrorist.
Goat 425 (22 days ago)
Does this work on all galaxies
That One Guy Nyasee? (22 days ago)
-Looks back- Something felt weird about that guy
Doni Erik (22 days ago)
I'm not going to grab it. I still can buy newest galaxy with my own money. But if there was big diamond, I don't know 🤑🤑🤑
Gavin Larsen (22 days ago)
Dose this work with the new galaxy 9
Dave Crockett (22 days ago)
What kind of an idiot leaves his phone on the counter? Let me guess.....The uneducated, pot smokin, Denny's working kind ?
Manuel Barro (22 days ago)
the best way of stealing is by acting
Amber Magnolia (22 days ago)
What's the point of wearing gloves if you're still gonna handle money with them on?
Uni Amni (22 days ago)
The phone was broken. No jew would let his working phone at this place.
James Chapman (22 days ago)
Phone must belong to the manager in the very beginning, because a guy with hair like that obviously doesn’t give a fuck haha. I thought it was a headset until he walked away from the register and saw it was pigtails
Soflogamer8637 (22 days ago)
He’s good at stealing stuff 😂
Nicolas00 (22 days ago)
*I would've done the same thing cause of the shity serves **-*
Nicolas00 (22 days ago)
*he is not clever , the phone was peacefully sitting there wait on for someone to take . **-*
Nicolas00 (22 days ago)
*he saw the camera but still stole the phone lol **-*
Trey pika (22 days ago)
I beat Justin y
Григорий Ховер (22 days ago)
pnsmexico (22 days ago)
How is this shit smart? This faggot shit is dumb and slow as fuck. I wasted 2 min. 40 seconds watching this shit
Entranced Optics (22 days ago)
Sneak 100
A.M.A Animation (22 days ago)
That probably was his phone and hes trying to trick everyone🤔🤔
thecrimsonking x (22 days ago)
Smooth af
Meow Meow (22 days ago)
How to steal a galaxy smartphone: Wow.. So now you are showing how to steal phones and supporting burglary. Has stealing become a profession??!!
Meow Meow (22 days ago)
Faizan ... Indeed indeed.. 😊Everybody should be aware... But the point is.... How the youtuber has added the Headline. How to steal the galaxy smartphone!! This ain't any awareness program ..instead the headline itself is misguiding
Faizan (22 days ago)
Meow Meow I think everyone should be aware of this type of stealing the guy left the counter for a long time
BIGGIE (22 days ago)
Wolfy Kun (22 days ago)
Son of a bitch. That was pretty good.... only one problem... it was caught on camera. 😂😂
Ali Shine (22 days ago)
Bum ass
Antonio Martinez (22 days ago)
Can't wait for the apple method to come out!
Jack Fisher (22 days ago)
Forget the genius phone thief, WTF is that guys hair cut!
UpTop Roofing & Construction (22 days ago)
bait ph
Ugandan Warrior (22 days ago)
He had all the time in the world to order a truck and steal half of the store
J_yeezuss The Great (22 days ago)
Be this guy
Jake Heke (22 days ago)
In soviet russia, phone steals you
Benjamin Ball (22 days ago)
Illusion: 100
im forallz (22 days ago)
Liberal J@% 1 vs orthodox J$₩ 0
science of skiing (22 days ago)
Mission passed respect +
iLL sABIN (22 days ago)
Who just leaves their phone laying around like that??
Janethan Ricanibante (22 days ago)
Clever? Nobody was looking the entire time FFS. Besides the fact that the phone was left by some idiot customer not paying attention.
J J (22 days ago)
What is worst? The guy stealing the phone or the worker that took the money and didn't change his gloves.
damachine3 (22 days ago)
Clearly sees the camera at 1:07 and still steals steals the phone.
Advanced Nutrition Inc (22 days ago)
Sad excuse for a human, the guy he stole it from someone who probably makes a fairly low wage and will take him quite a bit of work to replace it!! So this guy is nothing more than a selfish jerk!!