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Les Miserables Medley Jean Valjean

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Closing ceremony Euro 96 Wembley
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julie Harris (1 month ago)
Jeff Leyton is the best Valjean ♥️🌟♥️
Emma Cassidy (1 year ago)
Robert marien is from Quebec but represented France.
MontrealMUFC (10 months ago)
Yep, I was surprised when I saw that he was part of those multilingual pieces from Les Misérables in the mid-1990s. He probably was the best of the French-speaking world at the time, and that's OK because he has a great singing voice.
Connor Erhart (1 year ago)
Is Karrrie speaking Welsh or English
Ignas Vesoir (1 year ago)
Connor Erhart English
Jordan Lew (1 year ago)
So many guys from the 10th anniversary edition encore.
Yoni Veo (2 years ago)
One of the best ending ceremonies !! I like it :')
Joao Aurelio (2 years ago)
Too many tenors or better said, too many divas
Ignas Vesoir (1 year ago)
I think that's because valjean role is for tenors or baritones with some access to higher notes. I even doubt if a bass can sing every valjean songs and high notes
Shou (2 years ago)
The Wales guy though
sylvani1 (4 years ago)
@ Hanne Lemahieu : the musical premiere, in Antwerp, was on Sunday, May 24, 1998. so in 1996 we  had no production yet and so there could not be a Belgian Jean Valjean yet. However, in 2006  Hans-Peter Janssens was grossly overlooked for the 25th anniversary concert
leedscab123 (4 years ago)
Colm all the way here followed by Tommy Korberg.
VonBraunsky (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does Peter Carrie look a lot like Jeremy Irons?
leedscab123 (4 years ago)
Just come across this again and your right Peter Karrie and Jeremy Irons could be twins.
leedscab123 (5 years ago)
Forgot how good Phil Cavill was. Saw him as Valjean in the mid 1990's and he was awesome.
2nd Voices (5 years ago)
In the musical probably, but in movies I think that interpretation of Gerard Depardieu is one of the best I've seen, and it's not just because I'm french because my second choice would be certainly Liam Neeson. Les Misérables is not just a famous musical at first it was a book wrote by Victor Hugo. Make a musical about was inteligent but it's not just that.
iamaniceguy6969 (5 years ago)
The American was good... The only one that wasnt good was the polish man and canada wasnt that great
Stonecoldpes6 (5 years ago)
fuck that shit
Seth Price (5 years ago)
In my opinion no one can ever come close to Colm Wilkinson, but Jeff Leyton comes damn near close...if you haven't seen the 10th Anniversary Concert encore with the 17 international Valjeans, check that out. Most of these guys are there...plus Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef singing in Japanese, and a truly awful American (I'm from the States and I think that guy's bad...).
Marianne Sandvik (5 years ago)
thank you
grisial-mor (5 years ago)
I agree! I wish he would have had a bigger part/solo :)
grisial-mor (5 years ago)
TOMMY SOUNDS INCREDIBLE!! They're all babes and fantastic, but Tommy's the best!!
Michael Hall (5 years ago)
That would actually be something I would like to see someone achieve ha !
VonBraunsky (5 years ago)
having a bunch of socks or duct tape would go a fair way to keeping people quiet lol
Michael Hall (5 years ago)
People can moan about the crowd at the beginning but....are you really that surprised? It's Wembley Stadium, full house and most of the fans are British, getting us Brits to stay quiet at a football stadium, let alone any public event, is a herculean effort for anybody
klippcb (6 years ago)
Sweden´s Tommy Korberg is the best of all in my pont of view :) His voice is ... wow ! He has a sensitive in his voice like no other singer...
Naomi Clarke (6 years ago)
I have the amazing opportunity to sing with Peter Karrie and I have never seen this until now! This just so fantastic! They are all so spectacular in their own way. Breathtaking.
Bernard J. Taylor (6 years ago)
Peter Karrie's the best
Marisa Mabbutt (6 years ago)
This is the best. That's it.
Matt Battersby (6 years ago)
First time les mis has been sung to a football chant?
daejangie (6 years ago)
Robert Marien all the way
artfulalchemy11 (6 years ago)
Robert Marien, 'nuff said
Fairyjuice (7 years ago)
as a big football fan, I didn't see how this fits in before one of the most important tournaments... but it gets more and more epic :)
VonBraunsky (7 years ago)
Peter Carrie kinda looks like Jeremy Irons
leedscab123 (7 years ago)
The number one and only Valjean is Colm Wilkinson.
UltimateMoose (7 years ago)
Peater Karrie <3
Jacques Méoff (7 years ago)
Phil Cavill sounds like he might have grown a set of testicles from when he sang at the 10th Anniversary.
Jacques Méoff (7 years ago)
@ihatekollege Nothing worth understanding - those are ignorant hooligans.
xlHawkeyelx (7 years ago)
Deserves more views....
CEMILIOB (7 years ago)
REINHARD BRUSSMAN gets my vote for most commanding of all the non-English speaking Valjeans. Javert says that Jean Valjean is a very strong man, who, all alone, is able to lift the runaway cart off the man trapped beneath it. Of all the actor-singers appearing here, only REINHARD BRUSSMAN looks as if he could really do that. Short, slim, tenors don't fill that bill. Colm Wilkinson does looks strong -- he's also a viable Jean Valjean.
jnp180473 (7 years ago)
Peter Karrie - one of the very best Valjeans.
B Hansen (8 years ago)
what are they chanting?
Teigokane (8 years ago)
@Nerdynessocity I hope, you will keep this kind of "stupidity" forever! It is called enthusiasm. :-) Many people lose this when they get older.
dana wood (8 years ago)
Love it! Wow!!! Just Wow!!!
John An (8 years ago)
jeff leyton tearin it up
MajorNeirLex (8 years ago)
@yamifannetje The problem is this vid is from 1996 and the Belgian production first opened in 1998 with Hans Peter Janssens as Valjean
HellyJelly (8 years ago)
@Nerdynessocity Don't worry, that stupidity will last till you're 18 lol :)
SuperSeaCucumber (8 years ago)
Hmm... is it just me or did that guy from the Netherlands wink at around 2:46?
Jacques Méoff (8 years ago)
Phil Cavill looks like a Shaolin monk LOL
Hanne Lemahieu (8 years ago)
It's exiting and touching in the same time to see how Jean Valjean just brings all those lands, all those people together. His soul realy came to live overthere
Hanne Lemahieu (8 years ago)
@VonBraunsky luckily Colm's voice is so strong it oversounds everything. on the other hand , it was just a soft strofe he was singing so he couldn't give the maximum of his voice ...
Hanne Lemahieu (8 years ago)
Some lands may have done some miscastings, Colm Wilkinson surely isn't when of those. He sounds just amazing. A nice surprise for me, was the Netherlands' Henk Poort! I enjoyed that voice. But no Belgian Jean Valjean... It can't exist that Belgium didn't take part in this event???? The shame! Maybe we Belgians just haven't such strongs voices :p
Nerdynessocity (8 years ago)
Seeing/Hearing all these people singing the part together is always so beautiful, it could just be the 15 year old stupidity I have, but I find this so amazing that I get goosebumps every time I hear this!
Michel ELIAS (8 years ago)
A good friend of mine sings it also very good ! ;o)
Scottishcarly (8 years ago)
@jondoe - Jeff Leyton is my fave JVJ ever - what a VOICE :)
Teigokane (8 years ago)
They are ALL fantastic!
MMER (8 years ago)
Reinhard Brussmann is the best !!!
SlightlySusan (8 years ago)
I like their vests. If some of these men sound better than they did in TAC it is because they are singing different parts of the piece. The wind blowing through the mikes spoils the effect but that is what always happens during outdoor concerts.
amazinggarrett1 (8 years ago)
This shows off these guys voices MUCH better than the finale from the TAC did. Phil Cavill has a better voice than I thought he did based on the TAC vid.
Jen G (8 years ago)
@play179 that's because he literally was the first man to play Valjean in a production of Les Miserables...not that girls did it before him XD
play179 (9 years ago)
you didnt think it meant "fuck the what" did you? sorry guys but colm wilkinson will always be known as the original jean valjean. nobody beats him... ever
Aragorn3rdAge (9 years ago)
@martinpawpawpaw japan is not part of Europe
tiagocmr (9 years ago)
For The Win!
Hampus Nilsson (9 years ago)
Tommy Körberg Sweden FTW!!!
John Lloyd (9 years ago)
Jeff Leyton FTW.
Teigokane (9 years ago)
The most amazing thing is hearing each pair singing in their own language and ending the part together in one language. This is the spirit of true understanding among nations!
slodka098 (9 years ago)
Beautiful! This is our world!!
IB PuffnSnuff (9 years ago)
Who am I?
Teigokane (9 years ago)
This is absolutely fantastic!
jc19940 (9 years ago)
COLM WILKINSON IS AWEEEESOME!! all the other guys are really gud tho. The only guy i just CANNOT stand is the guy from wales that sings the high A in bring him home "how soon they fly on and on", i cringed.
TwistingWays (9 years ago)
Go Scotland!
candyflosskiller (9 years ago)
he was (:
Jiraiya1313 (9 years ago)
Go Scotland! Colm Wilkinson best there is!
SlightlySusan (9 years ago)
Karrie was good as the Phantom as well.
karin krog (9 years ago)
COLM WILKINSON.. The best..the only Jean Valjean!
candyflosskiller (9 years ago)
ah you've got to love peter karrie <3 what a lovely guy
Kaizasolseiboy (9 years ago)
Too bad all the world can't learn from this.
takomaguy (9 years ago)
Yeah...you're probably right. That troll was starting to get on my nerves.
pyrothesis1 (9 years ago)
someones touchy
takomaguy (9 years ago)
What you've told me is a direct reflection of your opinion. I don't give a damn about your opinions, or your fears for that matter. When I originally asked MY question, I was hoping that someone, FROM EUROPE, who had read a news article in a European paper or watched a news report from a European news source that explained why would answer my question. If I'd wanted an opinion, I'd have made one up of my own. Go and bother someone else!
takomaguy (9 years ago)
That answer's crazy! Have you ever looked at a map? There are a lot of countries physically closer to Europe than Israel. As for political issues of a non-EU country, that couldn't have had anything to do with a celebration of Les Miz. Look, go answer someone else's post. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
takomaguy (9 years ago)
What? You don't read? I asked why the hell would Israel be part of a presentation of the European Jean Vajeans celebrating the anniversary of Les Miz?
takomaguy (9 years ago)
Still doesn't answer my question.
hound12345678909 (9 years ago)
think it is "Valjean "
Judy (9 years ago)
What a thrill...to listen to this beautiful song in multiple languages. Thanks for sharing this video.
Bodger Bell Ringer (10 years ago)
What were the crowd shouting at the beginning?
Jacques Méoff (10 years ago)
Phil Cavill sounded so effeminate at the 10th Anniversary concert. He certainly redeemed himself here.
takomaguy (10 years ago)
While you probably right (and thanks), it still sounds nuts. It's like saying we compete in a Eurpean Game in of a Pan-America game because of a beef with Cuba.
mac9erfan (10 years ago)
Israel competes in Euro competition because their Arab neighbors compete in Asia competition and those two places don't want to be in the same place at the same time or else there would be too much tension and trouble.
Pampeliška (10 years ago)
Jan Jeszek is the best!!!
GingerBeard13 (10 years ago)
Yeah, I may hate social studies/geography, but I know Israel isn't anywhere near Europe!
takomaguy (10 years ago)
If this was the Euro Assembly, what was Israel doing there?????
happy7117 (10 years ago)
I sure wish I had an mp3 of this!
mramazing123456789 (10 years ago)
Oh man, this rocks too much face. My favorites are the Welsh and Polish guys, they are awesome, their languages are so cool! 2:30on it just starts getting super intense. :D I LOVE Les Mis.
Renée P (10 years ago)
goruz (10 years ago)
jean valjean IS Colm wilkinson... but they are all amazing!! Jeff Leyton and Phil Cavill are incredible!!
Layla Fidel (10 years ago)
so touching... I love this vid
Dos por dos Son cuatro (10 years ago)
muy buena aunque faltan paisanos míos
Maxkustrap (10 years ago)
Really Awesome!!!!; Amazing Voices (Reinhard Brussman and Robert Marien are GREAT!)
garicx (10 years ago)
pollypeppercorn (10 years ago)
great video - thanks for posting it from France
Jose Luis Ledesma (10 years ago)
patrick day (10 years ago)
this is really awesome!!! seeing different nationalities singing in one event!!!
GingerBeard13 (11 years ago)
I love Colm, Peter Karrie, and Jeff Leyton!