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How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester

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The rather complex process of converting used plastic bottles into useful polyester for the clothing industry. If it wasn't for the cheap labour, is it still a profitable business?...
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Kelly Elkeano (1 day ago)
Paul Eisenkolb (5 days ago)
a ridiculous process... that ain't recycling...!!!
Nurein Hussein (7 days ago)
Wonderful piece of engineering put together in minutes,
Esteban Soy (8 days ago)
This process is amazing
Caroline Elisabeth (11 days ago)
So it’s plastic pasta?
Suresh Korimella (19 days ago)
Oh man incredible
Vinny1 Lesp (24 days ago)
We need some of that cotton, n some of the sheet in America, and the yarn that comes along with it
Aniruddh Rabinder Nath (1 month ago)
Very unsafe for workers
VIJAYA KUMAR (1 month ago)
I am interested , I supply plastic to u from Ap 9885461438
Ritika Sharma (1 month ago)
Amazing 👏👏👏
PrincessSakuno (1 month ago)
Jesus christ I can't believe how labour + resource intensive making plastic to polyester is... not just that. The amount of plastic we create ... we can't just continue like this what is the world coming to
Ted (1 month ago)
Then shipping the clothes with plastic cases !!
Ted (1 month ago)
Mmmm...so i've been wearing trash for 17 years ... good
A J CRAZY VLOGS (1 month ago)
Our Happy Planet (1 month ago)
I never realized how sexy I could look wearing garbage. Trash-chic baby! Can't wait to discuss the fashion trends of trash on our plastic bottle recycling page https://ourhappyplanet.org/plastic-bottle-recycling/
Sin Bellama (1 month ago)
Is turning plastic to polyester good for the environment?
Chris - Sol Mon (2 months ago)
Polyester is now being rebranded as “performance” fabric. I wish apparel companies would be honest and say “polyester is plastic. And we’d rather use recycled soda bottles to make clothes instead of growing cotton.”
Calorine Daisy (3 days ago)
thats really good Chris. I have customers who buy plastic for polyester production so I think thats a good way . lol
mr gha22 (2 months ago)
Dto ba ako iwanan kita ng marka pabalik nalang thanks
Syed rabbani pasha (2 months ago)
Hi everyone, i want to start a plastic recycling unit with polyester extracting plant. In Hyderabad INDIA. Can anyone tell me how much capital required for total machinery and how much Area required to setup the plant. My WhatsApp no: 7702034782 rabbani.pasha1611@gmail.com
LAD Teknologies (2 months ago)
The plastic clothes that we wear destroyed the oceans and rivers, the large pieces were never the real threat, we as a species pretty much have no real future.
Allyn May Serenado (2 months ago)
what company is featured here? where do we find the credits? please, for research purposes
Peter Chiung (2 months ago)
Chinese so smart: sell US Garbage back to USA and charge them for it and they dont even know it thinking THEY are the smart ones
Flash Mora (2 months ago)
The USA doesn't recycle as much sad!!! Dirty Americans!!
Reef cube Dan (2 months ago)
Where’s the coloured bottles go
abhirup dutta (2 months ago)
Oh wow!! They are putting plastic in threads state now.. nd the world is behind saving oceans!! 😂😂
laurent OGOUBIYI (2 months ago)
Shamim Sial (3 months ago)
Thank you very good job
Erik Nielsen (3 months ago)
And still ends in the nature
Richard Maunder (3 months ago)
So it's turned into man made cotton. It would be better to use real cotton as this would get rid of CO2 when it grows the used bottles would be far better turned into new bottles like they do in CA, USA.
Gonzalo Murillo (3 months ago)
One-Above-All (3 months ago)
What about learn english you lazy ticano
Regina Gacheru (3 months ago)
Its not a cheap affair
Mia Wasabi (3 months ago)
SUPER educative. I recently started working in a recycling program in Puerto Rico and this was extremely helpful. Thank you.
Ali Behrami (3 months ago)
Polyester is crap you sweat more it,s easy to burn
Robert Terrill (3 months ago)
What they left out is how this is done by families, with kids as young as 3 working to sort the plastic, breathing toxic fumes and not being able to afford school or proper food on the little money they make.
An Thịnh (3 months ago)
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Omachron (3 months ago)
Recycling is better than not recycling. However, the way we manage recycling process must change to make economic sense as well as not create other environmental issues associated with washing, drying, shipping, processing, reprocessing, shipping etc. This 2 min video gives a very simplified short summary about recycling plastic and the fact that the best current solutions still have lots of issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQxRm-3QPTw
Lala lager 21 Lovely jubbly (3 months ago)
You can tell how old this documentary is China don't take our plastics anymore
Toby Potato (3 months ago)
Do the cloth absorb water well? I mean,,, it's made of plastic right?
Jason Smith (3 months ago)
thanks to our ignorant public, leaders, news media CNN, PBS, CBC, BBC...the West has no factories for recycling PET. all they care about, is social-hierarchy via 'virtue'...little do they know, the problems associated with Leftism. Western nations value Services-based economies; where people meet, talk, and conduct business transactions of every kind. no way to recycle the PET. we have no manufacturing because the ideologies of the Left see it as 'materialism' - Evil, in other words...Feminine: People. Masculine: Things. you have been granted this wisdom, at an extreme cost - never forget it; but the arrogant are unaware...
Sealance Alliance (3 months ago)
Why bother ? This has been in debate like centuries ago. From Global cooling evolve to Gobal warming. Just some bulllshiit during coffee time, nothing serious here.. We’re moving to Mars anyway, after Reincarnation...
Lele G (3 months ago)
Remember that this process can be done only once: ok, the bottle becomes a plastic dress, but when the dress needs to be thrown away, It can't be recycled anymore. We should avoid plastic at all and use infinite recycling materials as glass and metal
Alika Kee (3 months ago)
Upcycled vs. Recycled, this process is upcycled.
Karim Amin (3 months ago)
Making polyester is just sweeping the trash under the rug
World's Best Pedal (3 months ago)
DIY GYM using reçycled plastic bottles....(World's 1st gym using recycled bottles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t3VkVivJPc
Farhan Anwar (3 months ago)
Can I use your videos for different language please my email is farxaantobanin10@gmail.com
Fransiskus Agapa (3 months ago)
That's what we want. Hopefully every country do the same thing
Devrajsingh Balyasra (3 months ago)
Well at least people can stop making coloured plastic
peace and love (3 months ago)
No more, China has plenty of plastic of their own. They do not need ours
Outdoor Magazin (3 months ago)
Look this https://sxfcoin.de/projekt-wastex-zero-wir-befreien-die-welt-von-plastikmuell/
Alexander Johan (3 months ago)
Why recycle?? US and Canada are more efficient that u bunch...THEY THROW IT TO ASIAN SEA... smart isnt it🖕
D.M. Wilks (4 months ago)
So that explains the static reaction when wearing polyester when handling certain things 🤔
Waheed Rafiq (4 months ago)
The biggest lie ever not all plastic bottles are recycled they end up in land field #WarOnPlastic
royalfun2sun (4 months ago)
great discovery
Rai Novais (4 months ago)
Uau... Muito interessante
Juan Jose Perez (4 months ago)
Reesey Me (4 months ago)
so basically we are buying something that we have thrown away previously.
八九 (4 months ago)
There is a lot of profit here
Lam Par (4 months ago)
Many compnay uses cheap labor had became highly profitable, not just a profitable business.
lothean (4 months ago)
So polyester is made out of old plastic bottles, what the hell is microfiber made out of...used diapers..because that material feels like shit.
Mehdi Shadmani (4 months ago)
thays why in 1 year in uk is dieing 10 thousand people
Sweety Tang (4 months ago)
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The Guy Daniel (4 months ago)
je moder is lelijk
Aliya ibrahimi (4 months ago)
len daniel
The Guy Daniel (4 months ago)
fakka broer
The Guy Daniel (4 months ago)
@nafiso daahir i agree, the only reason i'm watching this is cause of this stupid schoool
nafiso daahir (4 months ago)
this sucks
NEW BUSINESS IDEAS (4 months ago)
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Runhee (4 months ago)
Protecting the earth,we have resposibility
m yu (24 days ago)
Like yoda, you speak
Old Fashion Mommy (4 months ago)
In other words...we brake our knecks to recycle and the industry's get rich and turn around and charge us an arm and leg to make it In this world. Whatever we get back from recycling causes us money either way and the prices just go up because were freely makeing industry's millionaires for free. So maybe we should charge for our recycled stuff.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔get ut together people.
Mihir (4 months ago)
Thay should seperate the colourfullonce in first step only rather than wasting more plastic at 1:14
Eyes Among (4 months ago)
What happens to the shredded bottle caps and stickers ?
Missy Typewriter (5 months ago)
My skin can't breathe wearing polyester tho 😂
Vpprofフプロフ (4 months ago)
Because these are garbage clothes for the poor. We have garbage food, garbage furniture and garbage clothes. Not only can your skin not breathe, the sweat seems to be eaten up by bacteria quicker and oh, smells just so bad...
Obnoxious Commenter (5 months ago)
Wait did they say they washed the Trash
Alt Fit (5 months ago)
We wear this toxic shit? No thanks. Cotton all the way.
Ryan lex (5 months ago)
Well atless it good for the world tho
Anil kumar Anil kumar (5 months ago)
More information
Yvette Fleming (5 months ago)
I have a coat and a long house robe of polyester. They are now beginning to have the fibers break down into "hairs" that remain on the surface. They can be picked off but don't fall off because they appear to have static electricity holding them. What is the life span of a garment that is worn regularly?
yobro manson (5 months ago)
How fucking dreadfully wasteful. Children in Africa would have KILLED Usain Bolt for a chance to eat that factory machinery.
Dr. Ronald Cutburth (5 months ago)
Very informative, educational.
Komer West (5 months ago)
Fast forward 10 years and the Chinese say keep you trash in your own country.
Iftemum Al Raian (5 months ago)
If this is a thing then why is there a plastic pollution problem?
Infinite Godaikin /Brent (5 months ago)
Wow! Why isn’t this done everywhere? Very amazing. I had no clue they could do that with plastic bottles.
Luzdivina Sánchez (5 months ago)
Do we have a way of contacting who sells this fabric?
Abdelrahman Khairalla (5 months ago)
Abdelrahman Khairalla (5 months ago)
how is it made
Ali Khan (5 months ago)
Ali Khan (5 months ago)
beloved child#Godislove (5 months ago)
Matt G (5 months ago)
Bpa clothing
Nathan Chang (5 months ago)
Here after the Chinese waste ban
Laurie Huntley (6 months ago)
It’s not the recycling. It’s the process to make Plastic into Valuable items. And they have the technology. It can be done. Look into Canada and the States of Plastic recycling! It can even be made into Fuel. The Problem.....☪️💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
super creation (6 months ago)
It's amazing.
Jaenuri Ahmad (6 months ago)
Do you have chemical liquid to remove the small label on the milled pet bottle
Uncool Guy Vague (6 months ago)
2:29 Dang that's satisfying.
Devanand Prasad (6 months ago)
how much cost to install such plant
Firoz Engineering works (6 months ago)
Please contact for this new grinder machine Delhi India 9650838423
NoSunBeach (6 months ago)
I guess I can say I am environmentally friendly cause I wear $3 shirts from Walmart. I think I read China charges us for our garbage. Somebody lives next to those exhaust vents at 1:55
Child King (6 months ago)
Very Informative Video... This Also Good Information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZjw7a4NGL4&t=6s
thefunnychanel n (6 months ago)
What's the name of the machine and its average cost
greatcurious cat (6 months ago)
I hope every plastic bottles are recycled
ateng lenon (6 months ago)
That's an amazing process.. But use it properly, and be aware about our health. Well, i feel bad for those worker.. hopely they get something worth in return.
呵呵呵呵 (3 months ago)
this worker atrully don't get anything "worth in return" because this is not harmful to helth at all When compare to the cotton industry.
Syed rabbani pasha (6 months ago)
Can anyone tell me where this factory is exact located, I need exact address of the factory. I want to visit the factory...plz help me....