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How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester

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The rather complex process of converting used plastic bottles into useful polyester for the clothing industry. If it wasn't for the cheap labour, is it still a profitable business?...
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ted1091 (1 day ago)
Repurposed, not recycled. It doesn't decay
SeeBoom Beatz Official (3 days ago)
isee money
Sara Tarek (8 days ago)
I need to know what machines are needed and how much does it cost to get them?
Durba Roy (8 days ago)
Good this is very nice method of preserving waste
Samel Kommu (9 days ago)
Very nice and I m interested i liked
Matt Kaczmarczyk (9 days ago)
Where can I purchase recycled material
River Sea name (12 days ago)
อื่อหื่อหล่อมแยกระรายใหม่ให้เป็นแบบเจลวุ้นแท่งเลย อัดเป็นก้อนไปตามขนาดบรอกและรอเอาไปแปลาภาพอีกครั่ง1
George Pierson (14 days ago)
How many here are aware that a lot of stuff that comes out of China is either a knock off or simply poorly made in sweat shops?
Justin Tackett (16 days ago)
Dinosaurs will kill Us after all.
moonspots01 (18 days ago)
I am by no means a raging "green" minded person, but I believe plastic should not be used for container packaging of any sort. Unless there is a chemical reaction reason to. Plastic one and done packages are steadily accumulating worldwide. Let's pay more and go back to glass as much as possible.
victory iyamu (23 days ago)
grate work 🙌💞💞
Apex Savariau (23 days ago)
Damn we need to sell china all the plastic bottles we have destroying this island Jamaica,can we strike a deal china cause ur selling us back the clothes an cloth anyway
Savage Activities (23 days ago)
Fuck this idea is Amazing
Aru Chinni (25 days ago)
Really Superb
Frankdude25 (25 days ago)
One man's trash is another man's treasure!
Shadoku Exia (26 days ago)
I feel bad for Chinese I must help them
Murtuza Bhabhrawala (27 days ago)
Sad Dad (29 days ago)
:30 so plastic wrapped in plastic
Ali Mohammond (30 days ago)
cotton is the real thing and natural, the left bitch about the environment but it ok to wash all the chemical dye into the lake after u wash plastic cloths, al Gore want more money then banned cigarettes. that would make more sense for the Paris agreement!
Alvis Cheng (1 month ago)
i wear bottle clothes.. band name by NIKE
Benji Palmer (1 month ago)
Yangsoo Song (1 month ago)
I was not aware that recycling demands these ridiculous amount of energy / efforts, not using plastic would be ideal for protecting our planet.
Plastic Monofilament Yarn Making Machine (1 month ago)
We are the most professional factory for PET Fiber/monofilament Machine in China, using recycled PET bottle to produce Broom, Brush, Rope, Net, etc. Whatsapp: 0086 18615607313, Email: sales1@zyamachine.com
Plastic Monofilament Yarn Making Machine (1 month ago)
I love the world, I love plastic recycling.
TD12KX (1 month ago)
Very cool!
J.W. Higgs (1 month ago)
Dont worry about it truck driver, just dump that anywhere.
Vipin Vijayan (1 month ago)
Must watch, join the antiplastic campaign: https://youtu.be/90hXZULGZIs
Alonzo Branson (1 month ago)
This is why if you see containers for bottles and lids, make use of them. Saves a metric tonne of time for a processor.
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Robert Kattner (1 month ago)
8 years ago they were recycled, now millions of plastic bottles are floting in the oceans, countries like China, India, Japan do not recycle, all into landfill, ocean?
Harad The Man (1 month ago)
Zayd .B (1 month ago)
I’m wearing garbage right now
Raymundo Lopez (1 month ago)
I open polyester fiber bales at my work lol... the fiber is used to fill pillows, backs, and arms for your living room furniture.
Ani Vai (2 months ago)
Get the fuck out of here! I didn’t know that!! Wow! 🤓
Goshi Ghumman (2 months ago)
I wonder when we will start eating plastic, instead of getting rid of it.
thesmoothone (2 months ago)
Now China doesn't want our shit anymore
thesmoothone (2 months ago)
Admiral Aladeen (2 months ago)
that explains why 'made in china' is cheap
Abdulahi Omar (2 months ago)
Wow 😂😂😂
Broken Heart (2 months ago)
Jajie Razi (2 months ago)
cj Christopher (2 months ago)
Can I know where this factory is situated
ANTIQUEFOTOS (2 months ago)
And...every country should do this!
ANTIQUEFOTOS (2 months ago)
No wonder I'm constantly itching 😛
Bass THA Sasquatch (2 months ago)
This is also what they make their rice from!
Nicholas Bloxxer (2 months ago)
If they raised the worth of recycling bottoms from $0.05 , go $0.10-15, I think a lot more people would be recycling
Nicholas Bloxxer (2 months ago)
That's so weird and cool
Guido Sillaste (2 months ago)
it is still trash.clothing marget 2nd highest waste
asjad firdaus (2 months ago)
from now i need to keep all my trash
Peter Tse (2 months ago)
Why all these works to be carried out in China! Can't they be made in their own countries where the plastic bottles consumed?
LetsWatch (2 months ago)
ராம் ராம் D (2 months ago)
super super good welcome to
Debbie Judd (2 months ago)
Wow impressive
pocketful of sunshine (2 months ago)
organize grocery plastic bags https://youtu.be/EVvsz37nOsM
Allan Love Jr (3 months ago)
The Chinese are smarter an Americans.
Cosmo Fitz (3 months ago)
Yup, There are those old American textile machines at work.
Jennie Hughes (3 months ago)
Then the clothing ends up in a landfill.
healthy option (3 months ago)
China tech i cant believe that they made, and with a short period, this is a country whose leader really loves its people
Reddcoin Group (3 months ago)
Only in China.
Nancy Baldwin (3 months ago)
Polyester clothing itself has to be recycled. If it lands up in landfill, then it won't decompose. Plastic bottles themselves should be recycles back into plastic bottles, instead of using new material. But industries have to cut back on their plastic use altogether.
Ray Watkowski (3 months ago)
Katherine Richardson (3 months ago)
it's actually pretty tough against friction. far food uniforms are made from it.
N H (3 months ago)
I mean you know all the children born from those employee's are basically gonna be named after some type of cancer.
N H (3 months ago)
I mean I really want the job using the giant pool cleaner to clean the labels out of a giant vat of acid that is harmful to the skin....I mean ..that guy looked like he loved his job...Really if you look you will see all the safety apparel and equipment he has to wear....I mean...that is a real OSHA compliant place...that is why it all takes place in Asia! :) :) :)
N H (3 months ago)
Yeah those countries looked like they cared about the environment and safety of their employee's.....actually that looked like the best most non-dangerous jobs you can ever have...I mean you know "NONE" of those people are ever gonna get cancer.
N H (3 months ago)
So I am noticing all the horrible,dangerous,environmentally harmful procedures is done in Asian countries......
Sarah Dunn (3 months ago)
I hate polyester clothing. refuse to put it on my kids and it's hard to find just cotton things.
France WCC (3 months ago)
Where is this?
alwayslovehere (3 months ago)
Karen Dos santos (3 months ago)
I recycle and I have all ready $700.14 cents with bottle recycle ♻️
Phlegethon (3 months ago)
Down vote. Poorly made video, it makes hazardous recycling (for both humans and the environment) look like its so safe. "To the Chinese textile industry this waste is a valuable commodity" LOL not in 2018 when it's banned from China. Hope the UK builds up its recycling infrastructure like a responsible country.
PETER DEE (3 months ago)
Wow never knew they did this , very cool.
al35mm (4 months ago)
There is some bull shit going on here. Polyester is a type of plastic, but plastic bottles are made from a different type of plastic called polyethylene terephthalate or PET. You can't just convert PET to polyester by melting it!
Movie Clips (4 months ago)
people Say Its dirt.. becouse it is a recycle materials. how about mneral water you drink.
Andy Dawn (4 months ago)
But really, we should be using glass bottles
Ronald Toh (4 months ago)
It’s better if we eliminate plastic altogether
Flower (4 months ago)
Whoever invented plastic doomed the earth. Oh well, good thing I won't live forever. I don't want to see the ocean drowning in plastic. Someone else will see that.
KRS KA (4 months ago)
polyester is awfull matterial and bad to skin.. so im not sure if I want to recycle separately anymore ..
Pogula Rajakomuraiah (4 months ago)
Vijayan Aranmula (4 months ago)
Mike G (4 months ago)
So glad I'm in the USA. This looks like a shitty ass job and you can assume they frequently get injured.
utkarsh shah (4 months ago)
Hi utkarsh d shah I like by the machine what is the cost
utkarsh shah (4 months ago)
Utkarsh from India my number is 918072831874
jrco1010 (4 months ago)
Leader success ! (4 months ago)
Everything is recyclable even Trumps bullshit.
I Glitter Memes (4 months ago)
Leader success ! Fertilizes the tomatoes like a charm
Maui Rivera (5 months ago)
What happens to the stickers?
Achilleas Labrou (5 months ago)
Polyester clothing always make me smell better during hot summers.
Hoa Vo (5 months ago)
Pratik Deshmane (5 months ago)
I like this Idea and I want to do this, So how to do this ?
Songo (5 months ago)
So that's why when I slid across the basketball court in middle school, my pants simply melted.
dimpal singh (5 months ago)
Harleen Riyait (5 months ago)
I think that this is quite cool how plastic bottles are turned into clothing. Pretty cool!
Jade_ Playz_Gamez (5 months ago)
it isssssssoooooooooooooooo bad things
Kevin Howard (5 months ago)
So the UK exports its trash to China to get it made into clothes that then gets sent back to the UK? how the hell does that make sense? How lazy can people in UK be to make their own polyester and clothes. then again this isn't the 70s we don't wear Polyester clothing.
steve gale (5 months ago)
Not anymore. Chine has stopped imports. 'we don't wear Polyester clothing' you reckon? Read the materials label.
Firas Francis (5 months ago)
WTF ? ...